Thursday, July 11, 2013


The CrazySexyCool Pie


Ann Friedman keeps it on the down low.

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a runner in the garden

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll - the Afghan Whigs do a killer cover of this too: [link]


Also, "I've been creeping round this town because, well, creeping's just my way."


@yeah-elle ...but with a little wink i'll be there :)


@phthalocyanine I'll be excited for a week but then excitement starts to fade!


Also, the TLC Pandora station is a staple at home, at work. Sometimes at work "Red Light Special" comes on and it is hilariously, delightfully inappropriate.


@yeah-elle I got CrazySexyCool on cassette tape when I was 8 years old, and I listened to it endlessly. I knew every word to every song and ran around my house dancing and singing to them. "Red Light Special" was one of my favorites (I obviously did NOT know what it meant as a third grader), and I am floored that my parents never paid close enough attention to what I was singing to actually hear the lyrics.


@olivebee I think my sister and I both had this on cassette.

Why does your 6 yr. old need to this tape?! But I'm positive that my parents actually knew the lyrics/content of those songs.

T A@twitter

@yeah-elle I JUST made the connection. Boy was I dumb as a kid.


arrgh this has put the biggest smile on my face!!@n

Oh, squiggles

"Just keep it on the down low"


TLC was totally my jam in middle school, haha. Meeeemorieeees...


@Scandyhoovian A bunch of girls jumped me on the playground in 8th grade because I said I didn't like TLC.


The 22nd of loneliness and we've been through so many things


Please, go read RapGenius' hilarious explanations of this song.

From the about section "The lyrics are taken from the perspective of a woman who is aware of her boyfriend’s infidelity and in turn cheats on him in an effort to appease her need for affection."

oh, RapGenius - you are turrible.

Lily Rowan

I keep givin lovin til the day he pushes me away


...because I'm trying to get out of the wallpaper?


I seriously thought this meant "creepin" as in creeping on someone's photos or facebook profile... a sad reflection of my current mental state and my stalker levels of creepin' going on.

christopher hart

christopher hart - I am trying to get out of the wallpaper.


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Also, "I've been creeping round this town because, well, creeping's just my way."


Also, "I've been creeping round this town because, well, creeping's just my way.". Eid Mubarak Wallpapers 2014 HD

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