Thursday, July 25, 2013


The Arm's Length Pie

Previously: The 10 Minutes Away Pie

Ann Friedman deletes at least 25 for every one she keeps.

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I love you, Ann Friedman

My hairpin pic is a selfie.


TOTALLY THE ANGLES. Seriously, everyone I know, do a better job getting a downward angle on my face. IT'S LIKE THEY DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT MY DOUBLE CHINS (they don't)

Paradoxically, every nude selfie I've ever attempted has been a complete disaster. Def need an assist on those OVERSHARE ALERT

fondue with cheddar

@hallelujah The only time I'm successful at nude selfies is when they're close-ups of body parts. When I try to get my face in the picture it all goes to shit. Apparently I'm terrible at making sexy faces.


@hallelujah Ugh, the double-chin effect. I cringe every time someone shorter than me (most people unfortunately) is handed the camera. It doesn't make the pictures come out any better.

fondue with cheddar

@DianaPrince That sucks. Luckily for me, I'm the opposite—most of the people who are shorter than me are children.




@hallelujah There are just so many requirements! "It has to be sexy obviously. And I am certainly not putting my face in this. And having your phone in the frame is tacky. And you know I did not go to art school so I could take some ugly photo, this composition has to stand up on its own."


@RoxxieRae Yup, me too with the double-chin that doesn't exist outside of photos.

lasso tabasco

But but but IS Clarisonic worth the money?!


@lasso tabasco I just took a vacation selfie sans makeup and it's one of the best pictures of me out there. Clarisonic is worth it (eBay it!)


@lasso tabasco I have one and I'm not too impressed. I was at first but then experienced diminishing returns. Most of the time I just use a washcloth now.

polka dots vs stripes

@lasso tabasco @marrrrissa someone at the toast yesterday mentioned the sephora sale too


@lasso tabasco i'm not seeing the sephora sale...?

Sea Ermine

@lasso tabasco You can pretty much get the same results with a washcloth. Buy a couple 5 packs for $3 at Target. Once in the morning and once at night (or whenever really) wet the washcloth with warm water and use it to scrub your face in little circle motions. Feel free to use with cleanser if you like (I don't use cleanser, just water). Afterwards follow up with whatever face regimen you usually use (I just rub on some alcohol free witch hazel).

Just make sure to use a different wash cloth each time (I have 14 and I wash them on Sundays with the rest of my laundry) so you don't get old skin yuk on your face.

polka dots vs stripes

@allofthewine It's like a once or twice a year blowout sale. I have only recently become a Sephora regular, so that sentence is literally all I know about it.

lasso tabasco

@Sea Ermine That sounds like a good tip! I'll try that while simultaneously waiting and hoping for this blowout Sephora sale!

Sea Ermine

@lasso tabasco If you want something a little more vigorous once or twice a week instead of a washcloth use baking soda. This doesn't work for super sensitive skin (although if your skin is that sensitive you really wouldn't want a Clarisonic anyway). Basically take some baking soda in your hand and wet it to make a past and then scrub scrub scrub in little circles on your face. Then rinse of thoroughly with water. Baking is drying so you should probably moisturize or use a gentle alcohol free toner afterwards.

Some people like to mix a little raw honey into the scrub but I haven't tried that yet.


@Sea Ermine I want a clarisonic, but have decided to try to stop spending (lololololol). My alternate routine (alternate to: fall asleep with makeup on while eating ice cream in bed) is:

-rub Spectro Jel with dry hands on a dry face in a circular motion for a really long time, until it starts balling up, maybe 30 seconds to a minute

-in the meantime, put a facecloth in the sink and run pretty warm water over it.

-drape that cloth over your face for a few seconds, then wipe off the Spectro Jel, with maybe a bit of force, maybe in circular motions

-rinse the cloth out with warm water, and repeat wiping a few times.

-rub coconut oil into damp face.

I just rinse and sunscreen in the morning. My face is way better when I do this on the reg, but I don't.


Re: Angles. Sometimes I see the selfies my friends/acquaintances/internet strangers take and post, and I'm like yikes, I know you're better looking than that, why did you choose that picture? For instance, I have a friend who has the cutest nose ever, and she consistently takes selfies at this weird angle that make it look...not as cute, not like her nose at all! WHY?

Mostly this just makes me paranoid that I am misjudging my own angles. Three-quarters-favoring-my-left-side, don't let me down!


@yeah-elle We have the same angle! But yeah, that constantly makes me nervous.




I'm definitely a variant of the skirt-length one; sometimes I love an outfit so much that I want to show it off but feel stupid asking my BF to take a picture of me... and I hate having my picture taken.


@Hellcat There is a building I walk by on the way to work with super reflective windows - adorbs outfit selfie heaven!!


Mine's like:
50% I'm the only one who understands my angles
40% I'm bored and have a cameraphone
10% My hair almost always looks best when I don't leave the house

my hairpin pic is a selfie


@Scandyhoovian Hey, so is mine!

George Templeton Strong

@Scandyhoovian And so is mine!


@George Templeton Strong @Amphora AND MY BOW!


I take photos of myself so that if I die in a public way or I go missing, my family has a good photo to give the press.

fondue with cheddar

@QuiteAmiable Similarly, I tell everyone I know about my mysteriously crooked collarbone so they will be able to identify me if my skeleton is ever found sans head.


@fondue with cheddar My mom once mentioned that if I'm ever kidnapped she'll be able to identify me by the mole on my belly button. In case, like, the kidnappers send the police a picture of me with a bag over my head but no shirt on, I guess?

fondue with cheddar

@DianaPrince I guess you'd better not post nude photos on the internet.


I don't take selfies! But I did teach the BBs how to take them, because they love looking at their own faces when photos are being taken of them, and otherwise they will just run around to look at the screen.

Also, why is the camera quality so much worse from that side of the phone?


100% recently moved, don't yet have a mirror. (Skirt length affirmation encompassed therein.)


@ColdFinger (Also does not preclude "but it's kind of turning us on.")

Noelle O'Donnell

What about having a friend group that is terrible about taking pictures, leaving you with no choice but to have a lot of selfies for your OKC profile? Because ..that's me.

I mean I have 2 selfies, 2 of me doing things. That's a good balance right?


@Noelle O'Donnell Honestly, this is one of the reasons I haven't tried online dating yet.


Oh god my last selfie is of me eating a melted kit kat so that would be a terrible legacy


15% Futile wish to be able to recreate stylist-styled hair at home later.


Skirt length affirmation all the waaaaaaaay


My boss has had pink eye all week (gross I know but he has been working from home) and yesterday he went to urgent care because he hasn't been feeling any better... and sent me and my coworkers a selfie from urgent care. I mean, he looked terrible, poor guy (I love my boss), but it was REALLY funny.


Pregnant lady with a fat face. The only good pics I have of this time of my life are the ones I have taken myself.


100% Realized the only photo I have of myself from the past three years is on driver's license


100%: vanity I will not even try to justify. I'm just that fascinated by my own face.


50% Waffling on this purchase and need to document how good/bad it looks for later. Can always come back right?
50% Capturing Saturday and Sunday's makeup because I actually had time to spend on it, would like to replicate during the week (neverrrrrr happens)


40% wanting to show off the elaborate hairstyle you just created on a night when you cant be bothered to go out.


My forward-facing camera on my phone is so crappy and grainy, so I can't justify that I take better pictures of myself.
Are pictures of my manicure selfies? Because I take a buttload of those.


I take numerous selfies to make sure outfits are appropriate for the occasion I want to wear them to. (Date, interview, basic matching purposes, etc.)


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