Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Get This Look: Psychologists

1. Sigmund Freud

The father of psychoanalysis, Freud has fans and detractors of the “a cigar is just a cigar” variety. It’s thanks to him that we all glibly refer to our Ids, Egos, and Super-Egos. (Sadly, we have not yet developed the Super-Eggo, a kind of waffle I have often imagined that would be the size of a whole pizza. Thanks for nothing, Freud.)

Get This Look:


GTL: Freud

2.) Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a party animal who introduced a school of psychology dependent upon archetypes and the collective unconscious. This means that while Freud was kind of into dreams, Jung was more into questions like, “and what do you think the waterfall means? That shadowy figure represents sex!” Jung thought Freud’s take on the human mind was repressed and overly negative. Jung was all, “your mind is a lake,” and I was all, “Tell me more, Jung.”

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GTL: Jung


3.) Mary Ainsworth

Mary Ainsworth's work—particularly on attachment theory—has influenced educators and those working in the field of child development, with far reaching effects. She contributed to attachment theory with her “strange situation” theory, in which she left some babies alone in a room and then had their parents return to the room to comfort them. We all judge babies, Ainsworth was just the first to admit it.

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GTL: Mary Ainsworth


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I think this literally every time, but this one may be my favorite yet. HA. Also, taken together, these might be the most reflective of my own personal style.


Love it, but needs more tweed.




@JanieS I have a pair of Bass women's ankle boots that are a credible economy version of the Freud shoe! I can't find a screenshot on short notice but I think I got them at Zappo's a couple of years ago.


@JanieS I KNOW. They even come in my size, which is basically a miracle because I have giant feet, but I just don't have $950 lying around. ::shakes fist::


@JanieS According to Google Image search the Fluevog Jaffa is a close match, and they're only $120. They only have sizes 6 & 10 1/2 on the website though.


everyone's like "AYYYYEEEE!" Lol.@n


Never thought I'd say this but daaaamn that Freud is sexy.


@Gulf of Finland Wait, really? No judgment; I'm intrigued. I'm as prone to transference love as anyone, but Freud has never done it for me.


WHERE is Melanie Klein??? make a Good Breast/Bad Breast outfit and I swear to god I'll wear it. I mean I won't, but somebody will.


Man, I've been wanting those acid wash Vans.

And the cigar wrapper earrings are an A+.


No Zimbardo???


@lovelettersinhell Horizontal striped jumpsuit and ?


Yaayyyyy! Loves it. I need the Freud outfit*, but with pants. I guess I'm repressed that way.

*including the couch, obvy.


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The Mary Ainsworth skirt! I want it, but my waist left 22" a looooooooong way back.

Citizen Christy

@stonefruit 22"? Holy shit. I'm not sure my waist was ever there.

George Templeton Strong

We have the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch! We got ours at DWR:


We also have the Barcelona chair. Both of them look stunning. Neither of them is comfortable at all. The couch pillow is attached by straps and it rolls off the edge when you try to recline and put your head on it. Which you don't mind, because when in place it forces your head into this uncomfortable, almost 90 degree angle. When we have people over they instinctively shy away from even sitting on the couch. Someone once tried to lie on it, got a crick in his neck, the pillow rolled off and dangled awkwardly off the end, and he asked me "why did you buy this thing?" And I said, "Because my dog sits beside me and puts me into deep analysis."


Every time I find a new picture of my psychologist father with me as a baby, he's wearing an outfit he wore last week. I've never met anyone more immune to fashion.


Read Jung's 'Red Book' and he was genuinely insane, like a character out of a Tarot deck. Feel like his outfit needs a cloak and staff or something. (Also, Tarot cards would be good for Lookalike Looks)


@angelene That's fascinating. Was it "readable"? I imagine it would be difficult to get through.


@angelene YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It would be. Excuse me as I go off to draft the next installment.


Where's the Lacan outfit? :) Mirrored sunglasses would be a nice touch there.


I didn''t think the cheese one could be topped, but here we are. Also, brb going to go make a personal pizza with an eggo. (!!!!!!)

fondue with cheddar

Ha! I just came across those adorable baby clothes yesterday. And that denim skirt is totally something my high school art teacher would have worn.

Also, I need all these shoes, please.


I like the fact that the Freud shoe is actually referring to Lucian Freud, not Sigmund. Added nuance.


Hahahhaha,, Those pics really funny :)
But I can't believe that really some one that to in this 21st century would really wear those kind of maxi dresses.


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Thanks picture of my psychologist father with me as a baby, he's wearing an outfit he wore last week. I've never met anyone more immune to fashion xbox live code generator


@JanieS I KNOW. They even come in my size, which is basically a miracle because I have giant feet, but I just don't have $950 lying around. ::shakes fist. paltal.vn

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