Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Fiona Apple, "Hot Knife"

Here is the music video for Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife," off of 2012's The Idler Wheel. It's directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Apple's ex, and the song is powered along by a slow roll on a timpani drum.

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Oh good! This song is such an oddball on the album that I wasn't expecting to see a video for it.

Definitely filmed by someone who finds Fiona Apple very sexy. The way the camera lingers on her mouth. . . . !


@LiterarySara Is the rest of the album this good, even if different stylistically?

polka dots vs stripes

i'mma hot knife if he's a pattah buttah


Sometimes I forget just how jazz she is.

Damn, girl, you are talented.


I made an English muffin this morning and while I cut the butter, I sang this song. Coincidentally, as a chomped on my buttered muffing, I had the distinct thought, "This song is too good. It will never be a single." I was so wrong.


Fiona Apple is a goddess. My favorite memories of my after school to-work bus commute are fueled by her beautiful voice.


I love this song to pieces and now the video too.

E. Dimples

I've listened to this song a couple of times now and the end has given me chills both times. I love it and I love her talent so much. I still dig out Tidal Wave for an occasional Fiona fix. Her voice, her ability to convey so much emotion in her words, all of it is amazing. Gah. I can't form real thoughts.


@Kimmp Her albums are never boring, always does her own thing & does it very, very well. Great song & video.

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