Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Fifteen Centuries of July 9

Photo via ENOUGH/flickr

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Jia is 100% the best at Wikipedia. A national treasure.


I'm probably alone in being beyond thrilled that there is now a Tamerlane tag *and* that it will no doubt be used again. TAMERLANE + JIA = TRU LUV


@stonefruit I, for one, am hoping SKATEBOARDING OVER THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA will get more use in the future.

*Googles "rocket skateboard blueprint" *


@stonefruit oh yeah i totally dug calling everyone in kyrgyzstan named tamerlane "timbaland"


@j-i-a YES. I just loved how many dudes I met there named Tamerlane! It is such a badass name.


@stonefruit No no, I am with you. This makes me as happy at the ____ In Art posts.

Happy Independence Day, Bahamas!


@PistolPackinMama although the Bahamas website says their independence day is tomorrow?


I do this for my coworkers' birthday cards so that I'm writing something more interesting than just "HAPPY BIRTHDAY I AM BEING FORCED TO WRITE THIS." So it's like, happy birthday to you and the printing press! Or happy birthday and also happy feast day of St. Ignatius! Happy birthday and did you know that 4,000 people died on this day back in 1949?


@frigwiggin Ha! I would love that. I was actually just thinking how I wish Jia had done this yesterday since that was my birthday.


@frigwiggin Good idea! Turns out OJ was arrested (and chased, of course) on my 9th birthday.


@frigwiggin Oooh, I totally want to do this for people, but only with massacres!!

Rock and Roll Ken Doll

That is a great idea! Almost as good as my current office's idea, which is that we are all grown-ups and don't need bday cards from people we only know because we were hired by the same dude.


@Megasus My birthday is the anniversary of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France!


Keep up the good work!@n

miss buenos aires

I wrote one of my friends today to wish her a happy birthday and she told me that her grandmother passed away this morning. So I think I will wait until next year to send her a link to this.


This is perfect, I'm playing pub trivia this evening and always suspect that a couple of questions are pulled from wikipedia's this day in history.

Rock and Roll Ken Doll

Ugh today was C.'s birthday and I forgot to mention it first thing in the morning even though I thought yesterday about how important it would be to do that and so she was kind of miffed at me but I totally deserved it because really I should have put a reminder into my phone calendar or something jesus. I would share this with her but I don't think it would help my case.


This is amazing! Thanks to Jia, I learned way more than one new thing today, which is usually my goal.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose


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