Thursday, July 18, 2013


Briar Rose Yogurt Ghost

Previously: The Yogurt Ghost Fairy Tales, Part II

Natalie Eve Garrett has new prints of skulls and roses here for you.

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Every time I see a new batch, my mind is blown.


@Statham The skulls are all so perfect.

blueberry mary

This never fails to be inexplicably gross to me.


@blueberry mary I logged on to say exactly that. I just can't.


@blueberry mary Yes, this reminds me in a somewhat phobic way of that gunk around the neck of the ketchup bottle. I mean, I like yogurt and condiments and artistic expression, just not combined, smeared and glistening, on a kitchen worktop.

Heat Signature

@blueberry mary But also, for me, it adds to the appeal. It's weird and disturbing on a visceral level, and I kind of love that.


Yeah, in a way, I always get a creepy-crawly feeling (the "playing with your food" aspect comes to mind) but I don't really care because these are so ridiculously impressive. HOW


@blueberry mary Thanks for saying it. I thought I was a failure as a 'Pinner since every time I see one of these I get the urge to vomit.

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Whether or not that's what was used for the red, now I want something with a shitload of Sriracha on it. TACOS!


I love these! Are the red/brown/non-white parts also yogurt? Ketchup and balsamic vinegar?


I love these! Are the red/brown/non-white parts also yogurt? Ketchup and balsamic vinegar?

Neve Garrett

@eraserface yogurt-Sriracha-molasses. (Thank you!)


@Natalie Eve I've just found a French artist who does similar things (Bruce Lee in spilled milk, Yoda in chewing gum, Amy Winehouse in red wine...)

Neve Garrett

@[sic] Ahh, thank you! That reminds me a lot of Vik Muniz (though I think mine have a different flavor, heh ;)


Shine on, you crazy diamond.


It's really cool to follow the links back to the older yogurts and see the increase in yogurt skill. Seriously, these just keep getting better and better.

lucy snowe

^^^^^ this ^^^^^


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