Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Alan Thicke Has a Big D

Please enjoy this unholy, mesmerizing amalgamation of Thickeness, which The Hood Internet has created by mashing "Blurred Lines" with the Growing Pains theme song.

If these images cause you to experience any physical discomfort, take heart in the words of Jean Baudrillard. "To challenge and to cope with this paradoxical state of things," he wrote on Tumblr after reposting the "Blurring Pains" video this morning, "we need a paradoxical way of thinking; since the world drifts into delirium, we must adopt a delirious point of view. We must no longer assume any principle of truth, of causality, or any discursive norm. Instead, we must grant both the poetic singularity of events and the radical uncertainty of events."

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Well, that might be better than the original Blurred Lines. That song is at the top of my hate list at the moment.


@Jen@twitter I'm sure I'll get there, but right now it's at the top of my love list. Can't stop!


@angelinha I've avoided the actual song, but this genderswapped version (re-recorded with amazing vocals) by Mod Carousel is EXCELLENT.


@angelinha I bet you'd have no trouble stopping if "Trust me, I know you want it" were the words uttered by a former friend holding you down and raping you. No trouble stopping listening at all, most likely.


@wallsdonotfall hahahaha that's great!

Faintly Macabre

@wallsdonotfall That is AMAZING. The only inacurracy is that everyone in the parody video can dance 10x better than in the original.


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@Slutface *high five*


@PistolPackinMama They both ooze sleeze.


Its so disappointing that the actual Thicke video can be passed as commentary because it is sexism squared, which somehow equals empowerment? Its not this one video, its that women are objectified every day, every where, once you start noticing it you drown in it...


@Starlene ...women are objectified every day, every where, once you start noticing it you drown in it...

Queen Elisatits

@Starlene yea, the video isn't anywhere near clever enough to be a "joke". it's just naked ladies writhing around, how novel and new.


@Starlene The original video makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.


I really hope naked women doesn't become the new norm in music videos. I mean, I know it's happened before, but not so blatantly. Like, Enrique Iglesias had a brief nude woman in a music video, and there's been plenty of nude women in videos, but with parts covered. All of it bothers me, but this new trend of just brazenly naked women is making me incredibly uncomfortable. Just the juxtaposition of men in suits, therefore in a position of power with these naked vulnerable women makes my stomach twist.

Justin Timberlake has already jumped on the bandwagon too.

And I know there's some videos with men rolling around naked and women are clothed, and a lot of women find that empowering too...but I think either everyone should be naked and equal or clothed and equal. Maybe that's just me though.


That's definitely not just you. Sex =/= Power. Or at least, it shouldn't.


@MoonBat Exactly. I know there's a lot of genderswapping out there, and I get why it's happening. I also find it pretty hilarious when it involves comic book characters in "sexy" poses, like the Hawkeye project. I just wish it didn't have to exist.


@Statham I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Hawkeye Project. It's so hilarious. It totally highlights the ridiculousness of the original drawings which I enjoy so much.

and it's not even my birthday

I'd bet many here heard it, but Julie Klausner, on her podcast, said of this video (and its presumably enlightened, ironic pretensions):

"No erection is ironic."

I think I got that quotation right, and I feel like it's possibly the last word on "Blurred Lines."


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