Friday, July 12, 2013


A Brief Encounter With Jane, the Queen of Chicago



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Dav Yendler is an illustrator and director in Chicago. He draws Lady Puns and dances to beats both fresh and pickled.


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Man Chicago is awesome, I wish I knew the Queen of it, she also sounds awesome.


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One of my dad's friends that he's known since the 60s is nicknamed the Acid Queen of Drummoyne, for pretty much guessable reasons. I think my dad had a pretty good time back then.


Aaaaah! I saw your pieces at Dollop! I really like your stuff, dude!


I'm really enjoying this@n


hey dav


@j-i-a from school jia?


@LadyPuns sadly no (i don't think!) just heyyy


"Her favorite flower...is daffodils."


we all want to be big stars

@yrouttasight "She goes to college." "COLLEGE!"


@we all want to be big stars

"She likes...music."



Oh, barf. Sorry, I really hate "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud." If someone recited this to me while talking about life I would probably get up and walk away.

Ee Gads

@meetapossum I think I'd be willing to let them finish, if only to punch them once they smiled and winked at me at the end.


@meetapossum Under most circumstances, I agree. But under this particular circumstance, I think this poem actually is doing a job it is meant to do.

Ee Gads

@PistolPackinMama The poem, delivered as it was by his friend Jane, seems to have had a good impact on the author (unless his dropped jaw at the end is closer to "I can't believe you just said that shit to me.") But this gives me a little too much of the manic-pixie-dream-girl vibe. Am I being an asshole?


@Ee Gads Maybe because I hate the poem I feel like no one can have that reaction to it. I agree with you, but I might also be an asshole.

Ten Thousand Buckets

@meetapossum Try the second version of the poem (close to the bottom) in this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2002/04/rose.htm

I can never think of the actual poem without thinking of that article's version.


@Ten Thousand Buckets Oh. My. God. This is brilliant!

A hound, of golden imbeciles;
Beside the lamp, beneath the bees,
Fluttering and dancing in the cheese.

Heat Signature

@Ee Gads @meetapossum I love you guys.

Ee Gads

@meetapossum This describes many* of my evenings:

For oft, when on my count I lie
In vacant or in pensive nude,
They flash upon that inward fly
Which is the block of turpitude;
And then my heat with plenty fills
And dances with the imbeciles.



I'm not even the Queen of my own living room. Our lady cat, Kitniss, is way more regal than I am.


@C_Webb (I did not name the cat.)


It reminds me of the joke about accents in the north-east of England:

A woman walks into a hairdresser's in Ashington and says "I'd like a perm please". "Certainly, madam," says the hairdresser. "I wandered lernly as a clerd."


@tussock ooh, ooh, and THAT reminds me of the one about Glasgow accents!

Woman in bakery: "Is that an eclair or a meringue?"
Baker: "No, you're right enough, it's an eclair"


@dabbyfanny and THAT reminds me of:

General Custer to Geordie soldier: "The Apaches are playing war drums."
Geordie soldier: "The thieving bastards!"

Priscilla Peel

I will forever love the scene in Anastasia Krupnik where she visits her father's poetry class and he's teaching this poem: "I find it fascinating, Wilder, that you have selected 'futility of life' to be the theme of the work of, so far, Pope, Gray, Cowper, Blake, and Burns. Now Wordsworth, too?"

Li'l Sebastian

@Priscilla Peel Yes, Anastasia Krupnik was exactly what I thought of when I read this poem.


I'm grinchily pleased to find others who share my unshakeable dislike of Wordsworth. He's the novelty wide-mouth singing bass of Romantic poets.


@bluewindgirl I regret that I have but one like to give to this comment.


Lit people!


Why is everything on this site about New York??


-am amused-

She seems like a cool lady!

(I get really excited now every time I see a comic on here because it might be yours)


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