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Cheese for Girls

At Sociological Images, a cheese company called "Precious Stringsters," whose brand features a boy string cheese on the regular packaging and a girl string cheese on the reduced-fat. I would never eat reduced-fat cheese and I sort of hope that Precious Stringsters gets the BIC For Her treatment if they try to take this pernicious assumption any further.

Also, if you're ever in the mood for something like this, I highly recommend sorting Sociological Images by subject and really getting in there; just on the first page, the gender and femininity tag includes a series of Victorian breastfeeding portraits, an analysis of the hula girl, vibrator ads from the '30s, and more.

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I got sucked into Sociological Images the other day and before I knew it was reading about the sexualization of Strawberry Shortcake.


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Quinn A@twitter

Also, "Monterey Jill", a kind of reduced-fat Monterey Jack.

I actually do like reduced-fat cheese for cooking with, but it's not because I'm a lady and am worried about cheese making me fat. It's because I don't like huge amounts of grease on my food.

(If I'm just going to eat the cheese as is, then it's full fat all the way, baby)

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Quinn A@twitter Oh my god, you're such a Monterey Jill.


the last time somebody tried to thrust low-fat cheese on me, it was a dude. I obviously assumed he was trolling me. but no, he just likes low-fat cheese. what on earth even!

fondue with cheddar

@redheaded&crazy Not only is it low-fat cheese, but it's marketed as a snack in and of itself! I could see using low-fat cheese in a recipe, MAYBE, but when all you're eating is cheese you need flavor, man.

Does my cheese look fat in this userpic? Yes, it does. Damn right.


@redheaded&crazy "I obviously assumed he was trolling me"

This is the only appropriate response to reduced-fat cheese. Why does cheese even exist? I mean come on.


@redheaded&crazy I'd like to make a big passionate rant that I'd never in a million years eat low-fat cheese but I'd be lying because, in reality, I'll eat all the cheese (and even "cheese") put in front of me with little protest.


I really like it@n


I had to send those breastfeeding Victorians to my mom. She collects breastfeeding images. To be honest I'm surprise I wasn't more humiliated by the art in our house growing up.


@RNL I was really fascinated over the weekend with a diaper commercial I saw. The first scene was a woman who was breastfeeding her first child and trying to do the whole blanket/cover everything thing, and the second scene had the same woman breastfeeding her second child, and they just showed the whole thing (I mean, no nip, but no blanket or shawl or anything either). It was during the day, and I don't even think it was on a lady-oriented channel. Given that some people still think it should be illegal for women to breastfeed in public, I was surprised that they would show it.


This reminds me of the time I was thoroughly scolded by my British housemates for buying medium cheddar (when I doubt, I always go for the middle option). They struggled to explain what sort of character deficiency this indicated. "It's like... something a geography teacher would buy. Or what you would make sandwiches with for a church picnic." For two years they never let me forget the Cheese Incident.


@stuffisthings I take a lot of shit for my personal failings when it comes to those kinds of choices. For years, I labored under the misapprehension that cargo shorts didn't make me a scornful pariah. The tastemakers don't CC me on their declarations, unfortunately.


@Emby I own a couple suits with pleated trousers. And you can pry those pleats from my cold, dead thighs.


@Emby My husband still wears hand me down cargo shorts he got from my brother. It's almost five years- I think it's time to buy some new ones.


@Emby I find them fine and dandy* on guys (and girls and whoever feels the need); in fact, I've got some cargo capris in the closet because I'm not much of a shorts girl...though when I am, it's trashy, faded, usually a bit too big cut-off jeans complete with dangly strings! Haha, no one will take them from me!

* When they're well above the knee, however, I find it kind of odd.


At least the female string cheese is just as active as the male one? No but seriously, it's pretty bullshit.

fondue with cheddar

As a lady, I am offended. As a person who demands fat in her cheese, I am also offended.


@fondue with cheddar Way Back When, my husband and I tried the Zone diet when it was big. I quit after following a Zone cookbook to make an egg-white omelet with non-fat mozzarella...which doesn't really melt because it has no fat in it. Never again.

fondue with cheddar

@Bittersweet What? The whole point of mozzarella is the melting!

Oh, squiggles

But where is the cheese for the ladies who want more fat put in? Like...is there an extra fat cheese? Where do they put the fat they take out of the low fat cheese?

It kills me that fat has plenty of good nutritional qualities, and frequently accounts for flavor, but when it is removed, they have to make up for the flavor deficiency by adding salt and sugar...which is not healthy. I hate that companies are still shilling 'low-fat' junk as if it was a healthier option.


@Absurd Bird - The fabulous idea of taking out the fat and adding it to our cheese reminds me of when I went on a tour in the Celestial Seasonings factory. They were talking about how they make decaf tea, and basically they caffeine comes off in little crystals which they can then add to other teas to make them EXTRA caffeiney. Unfortunately I have yet to find the extra caffeiney version in a store near me.)


@KeLynn Us tea-drinkers are suffering from the cultural assumption that we're all calm, zen people who don't need extra caffeine because we're so in touch with our inner selves or whatever bullshit, when the truth is that just because I don't have a coffee maker at home doesn't mean I don't need to be just as wide awake.


Ok, ok, this is only marginally related (in that it's about the way we socialize boys and girls and gender and stuff), but I could only wait so long since this morning to post this interview, Liin which Dustin Hoffman cries (!) , sharing the realization that he had been socialized to be a jerk while dressing as a woman for Tootsie (!).

It is the best. THE BEST. (As is "Tootsie" itself.)


@ColdFinger Sorry, guys. But I might share this again. BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST.

up cubed

@ColdFinger: I just watched Tootsie this weekend! It made me love him so much more.


@upupandaway i'm not sure if this says something about me, my parents, or what - but Tootsie and Some Like It Hot were two of the first American movies I ever saw as a child. (Hm. Maybe it says something about repressed Soviet sexuality?) I still love both to death.


So, I think I'm developing a mild lactose intolerance. Like, I feel queasy after having a caprese salad, etc. This makes me almost as depressed as the existence of low-fat cheese. Which, even if I liked it, I would now have to consume with some sense of moderation.
Why, GI tract? Why do you hate me so?

up cubed

@RubeksCube: Do you have a local Trader Joes? They have "yogurt" cheese. It is low/no? lactose, a bit expensive, but SO GOOD.


@RubeksCube My friend who is lactose intolerant, can eat goat cheese, which is really the best kind of cheese...


@ColdFinger Goat cheese really is amazing. I'll have to test that theory... :)
@upupandaway Yes, I think there is a Trader Joe's nearby somewhere, so I'll have to check that out, too! yogurt-based cheese sounds interesting.


@RubeksCube If it's just a mild intolerance, pop a lactaid pill before you eat dairy and you'll probably be fine.


@darklingplain I'm lactose intolerant and generally can eat yogurt - no fat is best for me, probably because it's nothing to do with milk :(, and so are all the kinds of greek yogurt - as well as harder cheeses.


@theotherginger Me too, and I get along fine with many cheeses. It's the ice cream and milk that kill me (not that I drink milk because I hate it, so no loss there). I do sometimes feel sad that I could never take part in any kind of summer-fun spontaneous ice cream outing though (not that I do that either really).


Reminds me of this cheese that I saw in the grocery store this winter: http://instagram.com/p/Vk5hAFjD3D/ Ugh!


TECHNICALLY, the company is called Precious (they make ordinary stuff like ricotta in tubs and mozzarella in hunks) and the product is Stringsters. So dumb but not as dumb as naming a product Precious Stringsters.

Also, is that really a girl string cheese, or is it possible it's a femme-y guy string cheese with cheesy dreads wearing a half-shirt?


Jia! Your'e just the best, goddammit. I'm so glad you're here.


I got sucked into Sociological Images the other day and before I knew it was reading about the sexualization of Strawberry Shortcake.

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