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When Killer Whales Actually Kill

Via VultureBlackfish is a documentary about Tilikum, the Sea World orca that's been involved in the deaths of three people. Call it a Grizzly Man for fish. Those orca moans, man.

Blackfish is out in late July.

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Everyone who has watched Planet Earth and/or Blue Planet should know that orcas are the worst.


@OhMarie I don't know they're no dolphin.

Though I have a solid loathing for most marine mammals anyway. They smell like rotting fish so bad.
Except manatees. Manatees are okay, though annoyingly stealthy.


@Onymous They are, in fact, the world's biggest dolphin. They're not whales, they just want you to think that.

hahahaha, ja.

totally unrelated manatee gif



Christ how did I forget that. This is what I get for not living in the northwest for a decade.


I great way to waste spend an afternoon is researching killer whales in captivity / their attacks on humans. Not that I would know, just like I don't know that there is an entire wikipedia page for Killer Whale Attacks on Humans.


As Neko Case says, people got a lotta nerve. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXl870NoF4E


@bot fuck yeah, Neko Case!


Everyone should watch this documentation. It is unbelievable what these people are doing to the whales. Please share and open as many peoples eyes as possible!@a


Oooh the book about this case Death at Sea World is an absolutely fascinating read, and a pretty damning account of all marine parks.


My heart was pounding.


Getting into a wetsuit and jumping into a holding tank with a bazillion pound wild animal and letting him launch me into the freaking air? I will pass, thanks.
There are so many negatives in that, starting with "wetsuit", I just could go on FOREVER.


Killer whales! They used to be my favourite animal. They're still up there. I mean, they're super intelligent, they live in family groups, they're freaking gorgeous, and some groups are matrilineal! Some of their feeding practices are kind of tortuous, but they're still not as bad as us so whatever.

Is it weird that we still have performing whales and dolphins? And seals? Like what other big mammals do we have perform- elephants, tigers, bears in circuses, I guess, but that feels less common and accepted to me than "hey everyone! Let's go to seaworld!" though maybe that was just my whale-obsessed childhood...hmm..


@avidbiologist they're super cool! I think everyone (including myself) has a kneejerk reaction about how they hunt because... y'know, they're real good at it, and a lot of the animals they hunt are "cute" (seals, penguins) while they themselves are not so stereotypically cute. but fuck, they're so crazy intelligent. so impressive!

(and yeah, I do think it's weird. hopefully this doc will shed some light on the completely awful things done at marine parks. and again, I think it comes down to most people being able to empathize more easily with cute [terrestrial] mammals than fishy-type things.)


On some level, it is in fact trainer error: the grotesque mistake of putting a pelagic animal in a fucking tank.

Oh, squiggles

Let's see...take an intelligent creature out of its natural habitat, away from its social group/family, put it in a severely confined space, then force it to perform...it's surprising that there aren't more attacks


Orcas are my favorite animal, hands down. They're so beautiful! And they're so smart! I have loved them ever since the day I learned what they were.

There's no force on this earth that could get me to give money to a place like Sea World, I think it's awful and ridiculous that we confine them in tiny little tanks that are a microscopic fraction of the size of their natural habitat and then demand they do tricks for us, and then act surprised when they lash out at us. We treat them horribly. I mean they show physical signs of the toll of the stress that we put on them by doing this -- dorsal fin collapse (when the top fin bends over instead of sticking up straight) is almost exclusively a captive orcas issue. It just doesn't happen in the wild.

Please, people, if you want to see orcas go whale-watching in the sea on a boat, don't give your money to Sea World.


@Scandyhoovian I went to the Georgia Aquarium a few years ago not long after it opened (I had made a huge mistake), and they had a little tank there with four beluga whales in it, just swimming in circles, all day. A couple of them were blowing bubble rings to amuse themselves, but all in all it was one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

Small fish, maybe. But we have no business putting cetaceans in tanks.


@Mira Yeah, I've been there (I live nearby). That beluga tank is so sad. They're adding sharks, too, which I think is just as troubling. Even the whale sharks they have... at least they're in the hugeass faux ocean tank?


@Scandyhoovian The whale shark tank didn't seem...as bad to me? It at least has room to move around and other animals to interact with and stuff, I guess. The beluga tank doesn't even have space for them to swim in a straight line!

I was there with my parents, and after we watched them for a while my dad shook his head and said, "That's a goddamn shame. They don't even have room to work up enough speed to kill themselves."


I was, unfortunately, that kid who wanted to go to marine parks, when I was a kid. But ultimately, they made me really sad. Mostly because this is the marine park we have in Canada: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2012/10/18/marineland_killer_whale_bleeding_for_months_trainer_says.html


@Megasus Oh, my god. That is so sad. :(

the rat lady

@Megasus I loved whales as a kid and used to beg my mom to take me to Marineland. She always refused because she didn't think whales belonged in tanks. I was furious at the time, but in retrospect, my mom is a badass.

fondue with cheddar

@Megasus What a horrible story. :(

I went to Marineland once and the whole place struck me as really sad. Maybe it was new (this was maybe 1990)? It just seemed like it didn't know what it wanted to be. There were a lot of non-marine attractions, like a petting zoo with goats and deer, and a completely terrestrial dragon-themed rollercoaster.

you're a kitty!

“They like you very much, but they are not the hell 'your' whales.”

Oh, squiggles

@you're a kitty! SPOCK QUOTES 4EVA!

J Walter Weatherman

@you're a kitty! PLEASE let Voyage Home be the next Abrams reboot. I would kickstart the SHIT out of that.


Thank you so much for posting this, I have just booked tickets for the nearest film festival (though, I can see I'm going to end up a bit teary!)

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