Wednesday, June 5, 2013


"When Kid Art Goes Wrong"

From Screwy Decimal:

Tween: "I'm going to draw you Tim Burton-style."

Me: "Oh boy."

Tween: "If I draw you weird, it's not personal."

Me: "No, of course not."

Tween: "I'm going to give you weird hair, like you're in an asylum. That's what I see when I look at you."

Me: "....."

I won't spoil the reveal. Click here.


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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

"I'm going to draw you Tim Burton-style." - tweens, but also lots of adults

fondue with cheddar

The bloodshot eyes are a nice touch.

fondue with cheddar

And the right hand hiding something behind the back.

fondue with cheddar

Is that a goatee?


I don't think I have it anymore, but my first stepmom made a drawing of fifth-grade "me" at one point that was fabulously weird--it was this sort of foxy lady with a heart-shaped torso and glamorous hair and in general looked nothing like a fifth-grader, much less fifth-grade me. But it had YOU!!! and a little arrow pointing to it, so...who knows. This was before she got married to my dad, so maybe she was trying to butter me up?


Omg love this song! @a


I am loving that gawker article.

I almost wish I had a story about some demented drawing I made as a child, but mine was just sad. When I was in grade two or something, I found a tiny ladybug that I named Boots, and I kept it in a little open jar with a twig in it, and some grass. One day I checked the jar and Boots was gone. Thus, while sobbing, I drew a giant picture of me with tears flying around my head and wrote "BOOTS FLEW AWAY", then gave it to my mum. Who probably still has it.

Judith Slutler

@lora.bee Oh my god. Parents of the 'pin: how do you not die laughing at this kind of thing? Do you just wait till after bedtime, pour yourself a glass of wine, and giggle softly behind closed doors???


@Judith Slutler I was 100% imagining the HYSTERICS my boyfriend and I would have every night if we had kids. I mean, we laugh and laugh both of our cats and they can't even draw pictures.


Anyone remember Tiny Art Director?


@Amphora oh god just went to look: " After completing the project I documented the two year old art director's instructions and reaction. She took offense at this and tried to erase my notes.
When I took away my eraser, she yelled "I don't like your notes!", and scribbled all over them with my pencil. She then ran to the bathroom and ran water over the piece of paper. "Look at them now Daddy!"


@iceberg Hitting too close to home, eh? I love her obsession with dinosaurs, though - a violent imagination much like my own at that age...


This reminds me: my nine-year-old nephew recently told me that I was fun like a kid. I am thirty (and pretty fun), so was delighted. He followed up by telling me that I "look like grandma." I said that makes sense, because she's my mom, after all, but he interrupted me to whisper, "No. OLD like grandma." So, fun like a kid, but with the appearance of a senior citizen.


@DoMark In the shower, my three year old nephew told me I had "tips" like his dad. (he meant I was flat chested I guess, because I said "you mean like your mum's" and he said "No. Like Dad's")

Also, once when I was about ten or so, after I had been drawing pictures at my mum's friend's house and my mum got a call from her friend that made her sit me down like "do we need to talk about anything?" because the friend had been looking through the pictures and FREAKED OUT because I guess she thought I'd drawn a lady with no pants on, but as I explained indignantly to my mother, I had just messed up the crotch area and had to sort of scribble-shade it in.

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