Thursday, June 6, 2013


Trash Is Art

James Dive's sculpture, located on the shore in Aarhus, Denmark, is made entirely of compacted debris from a demolished amusement park. It's very cool until it becomes a bit depressing. [via]

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Did it have to block the pathway? Is that part of the art?


@Emby "Ha ha, philistines, you'll have to walk around this shit!"


@Emby My first thought was, wow, how's that going to affect accessibility?


at first I thought it was floating in the air, now THAT would be some pretty boss sculpting skills


@redheaded&crazy Yeah, I noticed that, too. My first instinct was "!!!"


The article says it's constructed from the entirety of a demolished amusement park. Maybe it's because the amusement parks I am used to are more of the Six Flags ilk, but I cannot fathom how a whole amusement park would fit into that block. A whole rollercoaster wouldn't fit into that block.

It's probably one of those old, small-town parks that are more like a carnival with game booths and, like, two tilt-a-whirls.

ETA: It is really fun to look at.


i really like Ed sheeran's music style.@a

fondue with cheddar

It looks like the death of childhood. :(

fondue with cheddar

Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain
With the barkers and the colored balloons
You can't be twenty on Sugar Mountain
Though you're thinking that you're leaving there too soon
You're leaving there too soon

and it's not even my birthday

Where is commenter stuffisthings on this? I feel like she/he should have some special insight here.

nanny hii

Did it have to block the pathway? Is that part of the art?

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