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Nancy Drew Books You Haven't Read Yet

#1, The Secret of The Old Clock
Nancy finds a missing will in the back of an old clock, and sees a person die for the first time.

# 4, The Secret of the Lost Key
A neighbor asks Nancy to help find a missing key, and Nancy spends the book meditating on possible metaphorical meanings of the word “key.”  The neighbor finds the key behind a dresser.

#11, The Bungalow Mystery
Nancy asks herself why she feels compelled to spend all her time and energy solving other people’s problems.

#17, The Mysterious Crying
After Ned and Nancy break up after a fight about her hero complex, her father Carson Drew hears mysterious sobbing coming from her room late at night.  He decides not to address it and see if she works out her issues on her own.

#24, The Mystery of the Haunted Library
Late at night, flickering lights and creepy sounds come from the River Heights library – is the culprit a robber stealing a rare book?  A janitor discovers that Nancy has been staying in the library overnight to avoid her friends and family.

#27, The Ghost of Blackwood Abbey
Nancy decides to leave secular life and become a nun.  It turns out the only ghost haunting Blackwood Abbey is the Holy Ghost!  But one of the nuns is stealing from the abbey, which explains the missing candelabras.

#33, The Case of the Mass Text
Nancy tells her entire contact list never to text her again, because she’s seriously trying to manage a severe anxiety disorder right now and she can’t deal with little messages popping up on her phone non-stop.


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Blythe Roberson is a writer and improviser living in Chicago. Her twitter handle / how she explains her name to people is @blythelikehappy.

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Oh, Nancy! Can I just take a second to plug my two favorite unofficial Nancy Drew related things? If you read Nancy Drew growing up but haven't read Confessions of a Teen Sleuth by Chelsea Cain, then you need to get on that. It's a pitch perfect Nancy Drew tell-all that imagines Nancy's untold adventures as a teen, adult, and senior citizen & it's too perfect.

& then there's Tuscadero's perfect "Nancy Drew", a song about your parents cleaning out that attic and throwing away your beloved childhood possessions (I loved them, each and every one/What the hell have you done!)


@lookuplookup I want to listen to that song so badly right now, since my mother and I spent last month throwing down gauntlets over packing away my American Girl dolls, but I'm at work and shouldn't be crying here. Besides, I won.

cecil hungry

@lookuplookup I was just about to post a recommendation for "Confessions of a Teenage Sleuth," which is just satirical perfection in every way. ALSO: "Brown Harvest" by Jay Russell, which is Encyclopedia Brown by way of hardboiled noir, and is sometimes amazingly hilarious and sometimes really really uncomfortable.

Hello Dolly

@lookuplookup I'll have to check out the song; I just sold a bunch of Nancy Drew books (both old, and the reboot that came out in the 80s), as well as other beloved childhood books, at a garage sale. I had forgotten all about them & wanted to sneak them away. Thankfully, they were going to an 11 year old voracious reader, according to her grandma. Enjoy them, young reader, wherever you are!


@lookuplookup Confessions on my Kindle now! I love Nancy Drew so much, I read each and every one at my best friend's house. I have a Nancy Drew taxi wallet that will be my forever wallet, it makes me so happy when I pay for things.


@cecil hungry Oh, I'll have to check out Brown Harvest! I love Encyclopedia Brown (and also any mysteries geared at young readers, including Trixie Belden, the Dana Girls, etc.)


@lookuplookup Might I recommend! The Girl Sleuth, by Bobbie Ann Mason. Love her forever.


@lookuplookup Yes, yes, yes Trixie Belden!

maybe partying will help

Man, The Clue of the Black Keys was my jam as a kid. I will definitely work that one into my someday-journey across Florida via the pages of great and not-so-great literature.

The Nancy Drew Files book titles kind of pun themselves. Tall, Dark, and Deadly! No Laughing Matter!


Nancy. Nancy! Nancy.

Sister Nancy of Our Lady of Perpetual Kleptos?


"she’s seriously trying to manage a severe anxiety disorder right now and she can’t deal with little messages popping up on her phone non-stop" ha ha ha sob sob


I quietly, at-my-desk metaphorically died laughing. This is so great. For some reason I read basically all the Nancy Drew books.


#11, The Bungalow Mystery, seems eerily familiar, potentially because I lived that business for the last semester of college. And it was a bungalow mystery indeed.


Nancy Drew let out low whistle. "Why, this isn't an old windmill at all- it's a new windmill!"

Grey-eyed Athena

Anyone else reminded (ever so slightly) of Crazy Nancy from Hark! A Vagrant?


@Grey-eyed Athena I looooooove Kate Beaton's Nancy Drew comics! My boyfriend was quicker on the draw than me when we had her sign our books, so we got MacBeth drawn in one instead of Nancy.

oh! valencia

@Grey-eyed Athena Ha! I had never seen them, thanks. "I need to solve a mystery but this cat is in the way!"

Ned Nickerson

#72, The Key in the Wrong Lock
While driving her blue roadster to a visit with the boarding house caretaker whose name she helped clear last summer in "The Ingenue of the Red Light District," Nancy spots a young, darkly complected collegiate athlete enter the car of a older, distinguished-looking gentleman, but she thinks nothing of it. Her mind is occupied with a theory regarding her latest case.

Returning home from her short visit with the caretaker, the titian-haired detective is surprised that her father's car is in the drive during the middle of the day. Interested to hear her father's opinion of her hunch, she tries his study, only to find the lock is jammed with the wrong key. "Are you all right in there, father?" she cries, but in response she hears only moaning. Concerned that the high-profile lawyer may have been targeted in his own home, she kicks through the thin veneer door and into the small study occupied by her father, and his assailant, her boyfriend Ned Nickerson!

Black And Blue Man

What if...Don Pendleton (creator of The Executioner) wrote a Nancy Drew story? http://dochermes.livejournal.com/990618.html


I have definitely read all of those but the fake one. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE MY ABILITY TO READ ALL THE THINGS.


What ever happened to the Mystery of How to Earn Lots of Ca$h Working From Home? Or the Mystery of the Free iTunes Gift Cards? Or the Mystery of What Are All These Spammers Doing on My Hairpin? Someone get Nancy on the case, please.


@Emmettalie If I could like this to infinity, I would.


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