Thursday, June 6, 2013


Keep Drinking Coffee

"...animal experiments show that caffeine may reshape the biochemical environment inside our brains in ways that could stave off dementia."

Maybe this iced variety.



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Judith Slutler

That's right. Coffee will save my life, I tell you!

So about that iced coffee, who has tried what iced coffee experiments since seeing the article? I've started making coffee ice cubes (THEY ARE SO GOOD). It's not yet hot enough for me to actually start prepping cold-brew coffee for the next day, but I am seriously going to once it gets up to like 80 degree days.


@Judith Slutler I can vouch for this cold brew contraption. The smaller one works well too but the big one was cheaper when I bought it. It's super easy to clean and you don't have to worry about filtering or coffee sludge. Though the instructions are in Japanese and pictures.

honey cowl

@Judith Slutler We brew cold brew in the French press starting basically as soon as it gets warm. Warm in the PNW meaning like 55*. In fact I send an official announcement text to my BF that I will no longer accept hot coffee after a certain date so he should take that into account when making it for me.


@CinnamonSwirls OMG going on my wish list right now! looks like you can use it for tea, too.


@Amphora Oh, it would be great for tea. I'm drinking hot coffee right now and this is just making me wish it were iced.

Judith Slutler

@honey cowl That is hilarious.


@Judith Slutler I didn't comment on the previous article, but for anyone who's interesting in making iced coffee with far less work, I suggest using instant coffee--a declasse ingredient in general, but one that works fabulously in this context. I suggest Folgers for the best flavor (I've tried all the brands, since I've been making this every morning when I first get up since, ah, 1987). "Recipe" (if it can be called that): fill a tall glass half full of water. Stir in 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of sugar (experiment to find your preference). Stir in 2 teaspoons of instant coffee. Top with milk or milk substitute (I'm big into coconut milk these days). Stir and add a straw. That's it, and it's scrumptious. Not to mention cheaptastic.


@Judith Slutler I cold-brewed coffee for the first time the day that article was posted! (Or maybe the day after. Whatever.) I'm drinking some right now! I made a big jug of it that I'm slowly working my way through, and it's made me a bit buzzy because I'm not habitually a coffee drinker, but it's so delicious and I'm super happy with it. COFFEEEEEEEEE


@greatbleuheron Have you ever had a frappe? It's basically Nescafe, water, ice, and sugar blended and topped with milk. I've only had it at Greek places but it packs a huge caffeine-sugar punch!

@frigwiggin Back in the early-coffe days I started a twitter account and posted nonstop for five hours after accidentally drinking three cups of diner coffee one morning...


@Amphora YES! That's basically what my recipe from 1987 is! I saw it in a magazine, thought DAYUM I'M DOING THAT, and then went to Greece 15 years later and realized, "Oh My God this is a THING."


@Amphora This is weird, because growing up, "frappe" was the word we used for "milkshake." I'm glad to know it has survived!


@Ophelia I've never heard that! where did you grow up? It's a kind of instant coffee milkshake, like how a Frappuccino is an espresso milkshake. And it's probably the reason the Greeks can stay out all night drinking ouzo and still get to work the next day.

honey cowl

@Judith Slutler I am very serious about my coffee + also I make my boyfriend make it for me because ... feminism?


@Judith Slutler
oh yeah. Here in Boston, frappe=milkshake. Maybe in most of New England? It's a really satisfying word. Pronounced FRAPP.


@Judith Slutler

I made the iced coffee recipe from Simone and I love it and I'm obsessed and I'm drinking it right now and I'm MAYBE OVERDOING IT B/C I'M SO EXCITED AND OH SHIT WHY ARE MY HANDS SHAKING.


@harebell Yup, most places I've been in Massachusetts still list it as a "frappe" on their menus but will not throw you out if you ask for a milkshake.


@Judith Slutler Just so you know, "Instructions in Japanese and pictures" totally made my whole day.


@Judith Slutler Even I got it now. Not only delicious but also healthy and got +1 in my kitchen Education. i like it!


Aside from the fact that my grandma drank at least two cups of coffee a day and stil ended up with dementia.

I mean, I'm still going to drink all the coffee but more because I like it and less because health reasons. Well, it does stomp me from being constantly grumpy, is that a health benefit?


@ohmy Yeah, I'm not ever really convinced by these kinds of studies, honestly. Every other year they refute the earlier year's findings. I'll just keep drinking coffee 'cause it's delicious.

fondue with cheddar

@ohmy Yeah, mine too.

This is my new username

@Scandyhoovian I am not really either, but I find studies like this useful in the event someone is judging my coffee consumption and trying to tell me it's unhealthy then I can be like "studies have shown it helps prevent Alzheimer's" But really I just drink coffee because it's delicious!


@Scandyhoovian Ditto. No matter what studies they come up with, I will drink coffee forever.


"Hey fish, keep swimming in water!"


my prefere song!!!! :p@a


Pretty sure my brain has already assumed the shape of a coffee bean.

Briony Fields

These studies are always interesting to me because I know so many mormons who have lived to be like, a bazillion years old and people are always theorizing that it's the no coffee, no alcohol lifestyle. Although, that doesn't take into account the litres and litres of diet coke they consume, so maybe mormons are just hearty?


@Briony Fields Really? I thought the rule was no caffeine, of which Diet Coke has quantities. I don't understand, which is one of many reasons that I would make a bad Mormon.


@greatbleuheron Yeah, they eat chocolate too. That just confuses me so much.

Edit: But maybe it is just coffee then? idk


@greatbleuheron This is secondhand information, but from what I was told the Book of Mormon says no hot beverages, which has been interpreted to mean coffee/tea. God knows, I've seen my Mormon friend put away 4 energy drinks in one sitting, so it can't be no caffeine.


@greatbleuheron Diet caffeine-free Coke. Although most Mormons I grew up with were bad Mormons overall and definitely did drink caffeine... and alcohol. (Sidebar: I was at BYU for a high school trip and sure enough the cafeteria only had caffeine-free beverages. Like caffeine-free Mountain Dew and shit.)

And damned if I don't want a giant Coke right now.


@MilesofMountains So would cold coffee and iced tea be okay then?


@par_parenthese Ah! Maybe these Diet Coke fiends are just BAD MORMONS.

Briony Fields

@greatbleuheron I'm way late responding to this, but yeah it's something to do with hot beverages. Caffeinated drinks are otherwise okay, which is why mormons drink so much diet coke! Gotta get caffeine somewhere. Now WHY hot drinks are verboten and cold ones are not, is a mystery to me.


Okay, but what if I've been slowly losing my taste for coffee over the years to the point where drinking it makes me feel slightly nauseous? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME


@fabel try green tea?


@themegnapkin I do drink green tea! I don't know, I can't seem to become a person who Doesn't Drink Coffee? because I remember that I used to like it, it's just been souring for me gradually?

Caffeine pills? (jk) (I guess)


I prefer my caffeine in soda form, so I will assume without reading the article that the benefits still stand.

<3 u caffeinie, you have kept me alive through 3-hour feeding schedules, 4-hour feeding schedules, several rounds of teething, and currently the terrible twos. That psshhh as I open the first can of the day is sweet sweet music to my ears.

ETA you could say it's staving off dementia right now

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Yeah, I drink a lot of tea so I'm hoping when I read the article it will not be specific to coffee.

Coffee is gross.


@fondue with cheddar Coffee IS gross! I think I've mentioned before that I drink so much caffeinated soda ("This is Mummy's bottle, it's not for babies") that when the Bergy Bits see Coke they point and say "Mummy's! Mummy's!"

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Haha, that's great. I love caffeinated soda too but try not to drink too much of it because of all the HFCS. I drink it when I go out but I don't buy it to drink at home very much. But there's nothing like lounging on the couch with a tall glass of Dr. Pepper with ice. Mmmm.

fondue with cheddar

I don't know about this. My grandmother drank coffee all the time and she's got pretty bad dementia.


@fondue with cheddar I think, as with most science of this sort, that the operative words here are "may" and "could." The might as well have followed the whole thing up with "YMMV."

ETA: That came off a little snarkier than intended. I'm sorry your grandmother has dementia, I know from firsthand experience how hard that can be.

honey cowl

@fondue with cheddar Mine's got it too, but she's a tea-drinker. Dementia: equal-opportunity misery.

fondue with cheddar

@honey cowl Ugh, seriously. I really hope they figure out how to prevent it, because dementia is The Worst.

fondue with cheddar

@AnalogMetronome No, you're right and that's the way I normally interpret. But I just received news about how my grandma is getting worse fast, and you know...emotions.


@fondue with cheddar (((fondue with cheddar))) internet hugs, yeah? :)


@fondue with cheddar I'm so sorry. My grandfather who lived with us until he died in 2004 had it and it was such a hard thing to watch, even from the perspective of clueless, self-centered teenage me. I imagine it's even harder as an adult, when you're more aware. I'm sending good thoughts your way and internet hugs, if you're a hugs sort of person.


@fondue with cheddar Same here. My grandma is really not doing well right now (and she's physically quite healthy so I think we've got a ways further down to go), and I'm always like, "but she learned Russian when she was, like, 70!"

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg @AnalogMetronome Internet hugs all around! I AM a hugs sort of person. :)

It is a hard thing to watch, and it's compounded with guilt because she's been living 1,000 miles away for the past 30 years so I haven't seen her much, and...this sounds so horrible...but I don't really like her? It's not that I dislike her but there's not an ounce of warmth in her, and she's not one to display emotion besides amusement and annoyance. She's not a bad person but I just don't have warm grandma-feelings about her like I do my other grandparents. I'm as upset to see her suffer as I would be about anybody who is suffering, but I feel guilty for not caring more.

Li'l Sebastian

@fondue with cheddar That's a rough feeling. I totally get it about not actually caring for family members as much as you feel like you're supposed to. Whatever you're feeling is OK.

fondue with cheddar

@Li'l Sebastian Thanks. :)


I've been meaning to upgrade from these Starbucks Iced Via packets (where it's more like Coffee Drank) and to something more tasteful. Now to figure out this for a work setting.


@Jkizzlemurphy sometimes i just fill a re-usable bottle with whatever coffee an office person made that day, add some sugar, and stick it in the fridge for later, to be topped up with cream.




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@Judith Slutler I cold-brewed coffee for the first time the day that article was posted! (Or maybe the day after. Whatever.) I'm drinking some right now! I made a big jug of it that phu nu mang thai thang thu 5 I'm slowly working my way through, and it's made me a bit buzzy because I'm not habitually a coffee drinker, but it's so delicious and I'm super happy with it. COFFEEEEEEEEE


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