Wednesday, June 5, 2013


If This Catalog Could Talk: Anthropologie Girls

Meghan O'Neill's brilliant catalog series (please see the J. Crew Crew, all of it) continues with "Anthropologie Girls."

Girl. Girl. Giiiiirl.

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I completely missed J.Crew Crew, which is worth it just for the theme song.

A. Louise


"Alphonse doesn't speak English."


I used to annotate the Anthropologie and Urban catalogs that came to my house with speech bubbles saying absurd things (from both humans and inanimate objects) and then leave them for my mother to read and crack up over. <3 u mommy.

but the bottom line is catalogs be BONKERS


That went in an entirely different direction than I was expecting!!


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i feel strange about this... should i be worried for my life?


The rest of the J Crew Crew shorts are hilarious.


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