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How Has Waka Flocka Flame Changed Your Life?

The Source gathered this story from a woman known on Twitter as @WebDiva423, a 53-year-old from Florida who credits an internet bond with the rapper Waka Flocka Flame for giving her the courage to end her marriage and essentially turn her life around. Who needs therapy? From Dianne's posts:

Now, my ex-husband and I had always had problems. We were on a typical bad relationship roller coaster; good times followed by bad times followed by good times and so on. Finally, the good times were just too far between and although the bad times subsided too, we fell into a very polite and civilized existence. That is, until Waka came to town.


My ex NEVER liked rap, my interest in rap & rap artists, or my blogging about rap. When I knew Waka was coming to Ft. Lauderdale, my husband basically said he wouldn’t prevent me from going (as if) but he didn’t want me to go. When I didn’t immediately agree not to go, things got worse. He basically implied that (and I’m paraphrasing) “many black men would be putting their bodies in close proximity to mine.” Also, “since I was so enamored of Waka, if Waka asked, I might go out clubbing with him and end up doing something I’d regret.”


Then Waka came out. The crowd went absolutely insane, and Waka did too. Waka onstage had enormous charisma and magnetism, and you couldn’t keep your eyes off him. He had the same kind of Jim Morrison combination of sex, danger & unpredictability. Aside from a group of little white boys in their sisters’ jeans who told me “Hey, this isn’t Woodstock” and the jackasses who kept blowing smoke at me, no one cared how old anyone was or what they looked like.

I paid extra for my BSM T-shirt and a meet & greet with Waka after the concert. This meant you got to get your photo taken with Waka. I had DM’d him a few times before the concert to tell him I was coming & would be the old white lady with reddish hair in the front. When I got my turn for the photo, I said, “Waka, you follow me on Twitter.” He replied, “Oh yeah, you said you was comin’!”

(Waka Flocka Flame, for what it's worth, has a reputation for being particularly wonderful with fans. He regularly adds photos to his Instagram page of him posting with randoms with the caption #newfriends.)

...the experience with my ex of the Waka concert made my mind up for me. It was time to make that break, and live my life without looking over my shoulder or being beholden to an immature man who didn’t appreciate me or the interesting turns my life might take. We’ve been divorced for a few months now. I couldn’t be happier.
Sometimes I'll see an older woman alone at a rap show and, I have to admit, I'll sort of give her a curious side-eye. I regret that. Read the entire thing over at The Source.

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"a group of little white boys in their sisters’ jeans"

love this lady

Dianne D@twitter

@omgkitties lol thanks!


Aspirational Older Ladies Day on the Pin, lovin it.


@iceberg yes! I have this feeling that in the last decade my life has gotten better, and this trend can only continue. I have a sneaking suspicion the patriarchy doesn't want others to realize this.


@theotherginger Today is basically "People I didn't know I wanted to be when I grow up" the exercise version, rap version, and surviving a horrific crisis version (also the recently-bereaved daughter version).




Emma, you are killing it today! So many great finds.


@Blushingflwr Yessssss!


This made me very happy. Not that you need my silly approval, but you are killing it so far, Carmichael.

Also, let's add Dianne to our ever-expanding list of "people we want to write for The 'Pin".


As a future old lady at a rap show, Hell. Yes. This is great.

Oh, squiggles

Jeez, I almost teared up at the "#newfriends"...but seriously, that's so sweet!

Also, yay for her new happy start!


@Absurd Bird ME TOO. Blaming hormones/the weather.


@Lucienne It's just been raining on my face.


@adorable-eggplant I've been making a lasagna for one.

Oh, squiggles

@Lucienne I'm just a little sweaty today


This and the face transplant story are exactly what I needed after this morning. I love the "nice stories" tag, hope it gets lots of use!


Aww yeah. Wanna be friends with this woman & hang out at rap shows.

Judith Slutler

WOW. This is, I just don't even know. Lady, you are incredible.


It's funny she picked Southern coke rap of all the kinds of rap to be into. She does know what kind of bricks the Brick Squad deals with yeah?


I mean this lady is awesome, I just wonder what her cognitive dissonance re: this music is like compared to, say, mine.


@stuffisthings better than that Kimya Dawson / Aesop Rock collab, in any case. Anything but that, really.


@Danzig! Actually I just checked out her blog and aside from Waka it seems to be mostly a random assortment of young up-and-comers who are active on Twitter. I'm... pretty OK with that!


@stuffisthings This is only vaguely on topic with what you guys are talking about, but if anyone wants to talk about cognitive dissonance and the Rooster In My Rari video (here) I am here for this.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I'm sorry, I'm laughing to hard at the rooster in that video to form an opinion about the song. WTF?!


@Slutface That's about where I am too. Also, the following lyrics:
"Throwin throwin throwing dough
Throwing dough throwin dough
Throwing dough throwin dough
Bitch I said I'm throwing stacks"

Uh, Waka...?

Judith Slutler

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Ahahahahaha

I'm with this lady right here @ 43 seconds in: http://youtu.be/odAUGyNMZsk?t=43s

does it need saying

@stuffisthings in regards to the cognitive dissonance I an having issues with the Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines video/song. So catchy and sexy, then - you see the video :/


@Danzig! I really wanted to like that album, but it's pretty bad :( I do like the song about sandwiches, though.


53-year-old white ladies at rap shows is the path to less disrespect all the way around, I'm sure of it.


Also for other older ladies in the same situation, this might help.


She's basically living the life I thought I'd live when I grew up. Going to rap concerts, hanging out with celebs, washing men right out of her hair....

Dianne D@twitter

@Slutface its never to late to go hard in the paint!

and it's not even my birthday

My student teaching internship was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. Suffice it to say that I could feel my brain functions being heavily affected by completely new levels of anxiety, stress and dread. For some reason, Waka's "No Hands" emerged as the only thing that could consistently relax me for a little bit, and "Hard in the Paint" was my constant inspiration to "just power through." I also usually listened to Electrelane on the way to and from school.


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