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Get This Look: Dining Utensils

1. Spoon

A spoon is a tool utilizing for dining. It is mainly an aid in the ingestion of soups or other “liquidy” foods. Sometimes people will give you a spoon when you order a piece of cake at a bakery. This will be very confusing for you. Spoons have been around since ancient Egypt, when they were made of things like flint or slate. In Tudor England, people traditionally gave spoons as a christening gifts; each spoon had the mark of one of the apostles on it. They were also silver. These days, spoons are usually only given if you are about to eat ice cream, which is like being christened, but better.

Get This Look:

GTL: Spoon

2. Fork

A fork is a piece of cutlery used to hold food in place, and to put food into the mouth for chewing. It is usually made of metal, which is strange for something sharp you put in your mouth. If you are in America, it is expected that you will hold your tines so that they face the sky. In Europe, it is expected that the tines will face the table. If you do this wrong, someone will think you are a pig, but provided you are actually moving the food into your mouth successfully without stabbing yourself in the face, I'd say you’re doing it right. The word fork is derived from the word pitchfork, so when you're eating, you can pretend your food is a stack of hay and that your arm belongs to an eager farmer. The fork was really only first utilized during the ancient Roman empire, when people sought a better way of glutting themselves. Though they’ve been around for a while, they were traditionally the tools of the upper classes. If you had a fork in the 16th century it was like screaming, “I’m rich bitch!” Thank you, forks.

Get This Look:

GTL: Fork

Alex and ani jewelry

Rhinestone crown


3. Knife

Knives have always been around. We use them when we eat to chop up our food into little bits because we unfortunately do not have detachable jaws. In the culinary world there are enough different types to write a song about: table knife, butter knife, bread knife, oyster knife, chef’s knife, butcher’s knife, cleaver, electric knife, ulu—you know, an ulu. Once when I was a kid, my baby brother got upset with my sister and threw a table knife at her. It missed her, but it shattered her water glass.

Get This Look:

GTL: Knife



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fondue with cheddar

This is an especially shiny edition of GTL! Love the sheer bra, or whatever that is.

fondue with cheddar

Oh! And I almost forgot I've been waiting a week for another GTL to post a link to this HOT LOOK. "DREAMY"


@fondue with cheddar That's kind of amazing.

penultimate toothpaste squeeze

@fondue with cheddar Modify this dress for a sexy sidebutt look!

fondue with cheddar

@SarcasticFringehead I thought so. It makes a great sexy Freddy Krueger Halloween costume.

fondue with cheddar

@penultimate toothpaste squeeze ALL THE THUMBS UP RIGHT THERE


@fondue with cheddar I could not stop laughing at the "from day time to nightmare" bit when that was posted.

RK Fire

What about sporks?


@RK Fire You wear the pants and bra top from the spoon with the tiara and bracelet from the fork. So, you have the body of a spoon with the pokey bits of a fork.

RK Fire

@Mandalas What I would really love though, is something that gives the plastic look of.. well, sporks. It's not plastic, but maybe something synthetic like polyester or faux-leather?

RK Fire

Also a plastic tiara from a party store could work! Okay, slow work day, RK Fire OUT.


This song is siiiick!@y


ladies dressed like knives lookin' sharp as fuck, nahmean?

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Just remember that on major holidays you have to wear one of those monogram sweaters that were so popular when the "prep look" was big.


The knife swimsuit! The fork dress! Also,

"If you had a fork in the 16th century it was like screaming, “I’m rich bitch!”

brb listening to Die Antwoord's "Rich Bitch" for the eleventibillionth time




(even though I am shaped more like a very wavy spoon)


This is so beautifully absurd. I am trying not to laugh out loud and/or pee myself at work. Yes.


anyone else prefer to eat things A) with spoons and B) from bowls, even if the food items would be easier to eat with fork and knife from a plate?

RK Fire

@martinipie YES. Actually for a good part of my life I'd go out of my way trying to avoid using knives if possible, and so I'd spend time trying to pull meat apart with either a spoon or a fork.


Tutus should be a part of everybody's wardrobe, imo.


One of my proudest moments recently was The Quiet One instantly grasping and applying the concept of fork-twirling for maximum spaghetti-loading. The other two seemed to prefer hand-cramming.

That said, obviously I need the knife swimsuit.

Lily Rowan

@iceberg That suit is so amazing! I was all psyched to dress sharp like a knife! So of course I clicked through, and....yeah, no.

Lily Rowan

@Lily Rowan PS: No because of the price AND the side cut-outs.


@Lily Rowan but it's on saaaaaaaale (j/k, that price needs a decimal point shift to the left for real).

Lily Rowan

@iceberg But the side holes for real for real.


Circular shoes...?!?!

fondue with cheddar

@frigwiggin If I wore those I would constantly be looking at my feet, trying to encircle objects on the ground.


@fondue with cheddar It would be a good way to rescue spiders from the house.

fondue with cheddar

@Bloodrocuted You think? Because I see two problems with that. One: it would be too easy to accidentally squash their legs. And two: they're sandals, which means spiders might crawl on my feet, which is decidedly not okay.


@fondue with cheddar Oh, yes. I thought you could disorient the spider long enough to pick it up. If you never want to touch a spider, that is a bad plan.

fondue with cheddar

@Bloodrocuted Yeah, I'm cool with spiders as long as they never ever touch me or hide from me. I need one of those spider catcher things (I very much appreciate that they used a plastic spider for demonstration purposes).


brb, spending the rest of the afternoon on crowndesigners.com


LOVE. Those circular shoes, though... would anyone even be able to tell that they're circular once your feet are in them? Do you just stand with your feet side by side as a party trick?

fondue with cheddar

@Apocalypstick I would wear them to a pool party and spend the day making wet sandal-print designs on the patio/deck.


This is brilliant. What do Americans give instead of spoons at christenings?

fondue with cheddar

@missupright Money?


@fondue with cheddar That..is significantly more practical. I got a spoon- my littlest sister (on demanding to be christened because "everyone else is, why aren't we") got a silver hatpin. Because that's the right thing to give a four year old.

fondue with cheddar

@missupright A hatpin? That makes no sense whatsoever. I don't remember ever seeing gifts at Christenings except maybe from immediate family. But money can go into a college fund or whatever. Much more practical.

Valley Girl

Okay but are you really saying we're supposed to eat cake with a FORK?!? Dessert spoons or GTFO ;)


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