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Get This Look: Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network series that is quite popular on the Internet.

1.) Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess is, as her name would indicate, the princess of Lumpy Space. Though an unconventional beauty, shaped like a giant purple cloud, with a deep vaguely masculine voice, LSP—as she is known to her friends —is a bastion of confidence. Some might even go so far as to say she is overly confident when it comes to her looks, her personality, and her bravery. She’ll cut a bitch if she has to (or so she claims), but her interior, like her exterior, is truly soft and mushy. LSP often joins the show’s protagonists, Finn and Jake, on their adventures, and has an enduring, long-standing passion for Finn. Her valley girl drawl and her passion for inventing her own slang remind us vaguely of Cher in Clueless... only lumpier.

Get The Look:

Get The Look: Lumpy Space Princess

Formal wear dress / Chinese Laundry thigh high boots / Silver star necklace / Andrea Fohrman yellow gold diamond earrings / Jon Richard , $11 / Edited Cellphone by Brooke (: Use.

2.) Gunter

We paid a bit of an homage to Gunter last week, using earrings created in his image in our Hockey look (I fear I cursed the Pittsburgh Penguins, and and for that I am truly sorry). This mostly expressionless, curious, jewel-stealing little fellow is one of the oft-villainous Ice King’s penguin minions. Some might say he is the primary minion. They would not be wrong. He is also a girl. We know this, because one time Gunter got sick and then hatched a flying pink kitten. It was at this point that I bellowed, “WHAT IS THIS SHOW? ARE CHILDREN WATCHING IT? BECAUSE I HOPE SO.” Ice King and Gunter have a co-dependent relationship that often verges on abusive. While Gunter exists to serve the King, he also craves his love. When Ice King mistreats Gunter, the creepy little guy gets his revenge in any number of ways. He also loves to break things.

Get This Look:

Get the Look: Gunter


3.) Marceline


Marceline is a vampire, and she's over a millenium old—though you wouldn't know it, given her tendency to wail on her guitar, while singing out sad songs about her relationship with her father, who is basically the devil. While a tortured soul whose first appearance in the show made her out to be a bad guy, Marceline has evolved. She's now a good friend to Finn and Jake, and a badass rock n’ roller. She also knows the whole sad story of Ice King’s past. It's so sad. Even thinking about it makes me want to go lie down.

Get The Look:

Get The Look: Marceline

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fondue with cheddar

Okay, now I finally know what these characters are that I've seen around. There have been a lot of reminders lately of how I am Old.

Isn't there someone here using Lumpy Space Princess as their username?

fondue with cheddar

Oh, and while I would never wear it because it's way too girly for me, the LSP outfit is freaking fantastic.


@fondue with cheddar Right? I have literally never seen this show; everything I know about it, which is almost zero, comes from hairpin references.

Is it not a children's one? Someone explain it to me!


@iceberg It is a children's show, but it is deeply surreal and appeals to people of all ages with its bizarre humor and hints at a post-apocalyptic history behind the candy-colored surface!

Hello Dolly

@fondue with cheddar I am Old right there with you. I've seen bits & pieces of this show & just don't get it. Then I start thinking things like "I miss the Animaniacs", and "The animation on children's cartoons has sure come a long way since Hanna Barbera" and then I have to go lay down.

fondue with cheddar

@Spicy Bubbles I didn't even watch Animaniacs because I was in college at the time and didn't really watch TV. I watched the hell out of Ren and Stimpy, though (it started the summer before my senior year of high school).


@fondue with cheddar @iceberg @Spicy Bubbles Seriously you guys, just watch it. Watch more than one episode. At first you will be like, "WTF is this ridiculousness?" But then you will be like, "OMG, love forever." Just give it a chance. For realsies.


@fondue with cheddar It is a children's show, but it's a pretty amazing children's show! They basically created a somewhat surreal, post-apocalyptic world, but instead of it being full of despair and angst, it's full of weirdness, fun, and of course ADVENTURE! It's amazingly smart, and frankly has a more diverse cast of female characters than Girls so there is that.

fondue with cheddar

@VerityStandingStill "WTF is this ridiculousness?" does not make me not want to watch a show. ;)


@VerityStandingStill Oh I just don't have cable so will have to find *ahem* another way to watch it.


@fondue with cheddar Well, I have to admit that it remains ridiculous, but you just get invested in the characters enough that you don't mind. But not ridiculous like how some shows (Heroes is a good example) get all weird with too many characters and subplots and everything just stops making sense. More ridiculous like silliness, and risque jokes that make you think, Hrm, really not a kids' show.

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Of course you mean watching it at a friend's house, right?

@VerityStandingStill What I meant was that "WTF is this ridiculousness?" is not a turn-off. :)


@fondue with cheddar Damn your double negatives and my hurry to reply. :)

I maintain: WATCH IT. (Imaging me chanting "one of us, one of us" as I slowly dim the lights...)

fondue with cheddar

@VerityStandingStill I will watch it! Just don't turn me into a half woman, half chicken, okay?


@iceberg Some of it is on netflix instant! And if you google it, it's very easy to find the rest!


@fondue with cheddar "They're way existential."

fondue with cheddar

@SuperGogo Haha, that statement says a lot. :)


@cupcakecore@twitter there is a fair bit of despair and angst tho


@fondue with cheddar I am an old and I love it. It's bizarre in the best way. It's Spongebob-esque in weirdness but far less shrill + the voice of Bender from Futurama.

Lumpy Space Princess

@fondue with cheddar yes, there like, totally is!

fondue with cheddar

@Lumpy Space Princess I KNEW IT :)


MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Gosh, I love her. And her enormous sun hat.

A. Louise

OH MY GLOB these are great. Drooling over those LSP cloud/lump earrings.


I need a new Replay button :P@a


I've seen a grand total of like 3 episodes, including the one where Marceline played her song with the Ice King. ngl, despite not knowing anything about the show, I teared up.


This is fabulous. I'd also like to talk about the sexual tension between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, please.


@yeah-elle I just saw the episode where everyone's treasured item was stolen, and it turns out that at some point Marceline gave PB a rock t-shirt and PB WEARS IT TO BED!!!!!

There are some many moments in this show where I'm like, "Do kids even get that???" Basically everything Treetrunks says, for example.


@muddgirl Yes and then Marceline sings the "I'm Just Your Problem" song?!

Haha Treetrunks, that cheeky little elephant! When she said "I'm gonna sass those boys up NASTY" it killed me.


@yeah-elle Have you read the six-issue Marceline and the Scream Queens comic, because oh my glob.


@anachronistique I haven't, but something tells me that I should...


@anachronistique SO GOOD!


@muddgirl That's one of my favorite episodes. Really, I just love Marceline and anytime she sings.


@wee_ramekin Yes! Actually, nerd moment--I used to follow Natasha Allegri back in the day on Livejournal, when she was still in art school? She's always been awesome.


Right?! I texted my friend right then being all "Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are ex girlfriends!" I haven't seen all episodes, but from what I know this hasn't been mentioned again ... I really hope they bring it up again at some point.

Though, there was a weird controversy regarding a YouTube promo/recap made by the studio (but not the show creators themselves) (?) - did anyone else read about that?


THIS IS AMAZING. This is all I ever wanted in life and all of the commentary is so spot-on. I want to wear all of these to work and weird out my coworkers but who cares? It's mathematical!

Heat Signature

I really, really love this show (see my avatar and user name), and LSP is one of my very favorite characters. So obviously I'm dressing like this from now on.


Well, at least one child is watching it. It's my 5-year-old daughter's absolute favorite show.


@Jellybish Yup. My four year old daughter loves this and Regular Show.

Heat Signature

@MsLady REGULAR SHOW....my five year-old loves that one as well as Adventure Time. One time for a week straight we kept saying to each other "We know you're home Skips, pick up the phone Skips" over and over. Also, sometimes I'll say to my son (or vice versa) "I love you because you're an idiot. You make me feel like a genius!" in Lady Rainicorn's "old man" voice.


My 7-year-old niece got me hooked about a year ago. It's amazing and deep and ridiculous and irreverent. I don't have any kids, but I DVR it and watch when I don't have any "adult" shows to watch. The one with the Snow Golum....all the feels.


@bevrockin With the firewolves? ugghhh. my heart.

THAT is why I love that show. It is a silly little thing where something will happen like every 3 episodes and I'll go "Oh! My heart!"

Seriously, I cannot talk about the Ice King's back story. Too sad. Now I'm thinking about it. SAAAD.


Perfect lunch break post. I loves this show with all the loves.


"She also knows the whole sad story of Ice King’s past. It's so sad. Even thinking about it makes me want to go lie down."


Also apparently I already dress like Marceline. A+


Please tell me that Adventure Time is a better "kid's show for adults" than that My Little Pony show everyone on the internet loves and that I watched twice and was like, "no, this is basically for kids"


@cosmia SO MUCH BETTER. I mean, I like MLP but man did the fandom ruin the experience for me. AT is complex and definitely deals with more mature topics in an age appropriate way that adults can still appreciate.


@cosmia My 10-year-old daughter showed me an episode of both, and AT was definitely more promising from an adult-brain perspective. Although a few of the songs from "MLP: Friendship is Magic" were fabulous.


@cosmia omg no comparison. I am a grown woman who cries at this show CONSTANTLY. And laughs, cuz there are some pretty amazing not kid friendly jokes in there.


@cosmia Post-90's I tend to really look askance at anything that's "for kids but adults can appreciate" (read: Shrek) but AT is good. With a surprising amount of tame but not-really-veiled sexuality. If you've got a particularly fragile child, tho, I prolly wouldn't recommend it, because there are a few genuine horror moments that come out of nowhere and could be really upsetting.


This post is lacking in Peebles, Lady Rainicorn and Fiona outfits. Ladies of Adventure Time are the best ladies! I love all of them, but LSP is my patron saint, with Princess Bubblegum running a close second. I love this show, though I'm behind on episodes, I'm not sure I have the emotional fortitude for the Simon & Marcy ones.


@cupcakecore@twitter Watch the Simon & Marcy ones. They will make you sad, but in a bittersweet way. And of course, the Ice King remains his doofy, oblivious self, while Marceline accepts him and loves him for who he is. Gah! Tearing up just thinking about it.


What, no Huntress Wizard? Don't leave a sister hanging!


@JessicaLovejoy And BMO! I'm imagining pregnant BMO. Scrounging up a cup to tape to myself and put an egg in doesn't sound too difficult.


No BMO?!

A. Louise

@Mae I would LOVE a Lady Rainicorn Get This Look too!


@Mae oh snap, good call with Rainicorn and BMO guys! I will do some bonus looks on the tumblr for these!

A. Louise

@beeswrite@twitter Yes! I started looking for Lady Rainicorn for personal kicks and giggles and realized I'd put together an outfit I would really wear, sans the blond wig and horn accoutrement. Well, maybe with it. You never know.

But isn't this cute? Rainbow Dress!


@Mae Isn't BMO a boy?


@kingstitcher BMO is neither girl nor boy. Alternatively, BMO is both girl and boy, depending on the episode and who is talking. BMO is voiced by a girl, though (the same person who voices Lady Rainicorn).


Rebecca Jane Stokes! Either my sense of humor has grown more appreciative of these posts, or your game has gotten even tighter, because I have loved the past several of these so much. Yay!


Lumpin' perfect.

lucy snowe

I don't know this show. But now I want to.
Or at least I want to dress like it.

I like that vampire ensemble-- as in, i would actually wear that, instead of just appreciating the wit of it.


LSP has a huge cosplay following that is basically done just like this post. Its amazing. Google image search LSP Cosplay and enjoy the show.


@Biketastrophy HA! I love all the sneering, bored faces. So LSP.


@Biketastrophy Someday I'm gonna get me a giant purple tutu and be LSP for Halloween.


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Lumpy Space Princess

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