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Attack of the Yogurt-Ghost Bras

…is anyone ready for measurements like 1-30, 7-36 and 9-42?

Those are just three of 55 new sizes that a major American manufacturer has devised to address a lament as old as the bra itself: many don’t fit.

The undergarment industry, eager to sell its wares, has seized on the complaint, offering an ever-growing assortment of sizes and shapes — often at ever-growing prices — to entice women to buy that next bra.

-"A New Step in Wrestling With the Bra," The New York Times, May 30, 2013.


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I'm at the point where all my bra underwires are snapping, and Lane Bryant doesn't make my bra anymore, and every time I think about going bra shopping I want to cry. And the bras aren't even attacking me!


@anachronistique I'm down to two wearable bras and they don't fit at the same times of the month.


@anachronistique Underwire is actually pretty easy to replace and fix! I had a billion bras with popping-out underwire, which I never wore, and then I read somewhere about how you can literally just sew it back up (and if the underwire's snapped, you can get a new one at a fabric store, or online: http://www.sewsassy.com/BraProducts/underwires.html and just slip it in there and sew it up). Bras are SO expensive, though.





fondue with cheddar

@anachronistique Bra shopping is The Worst. They love to say that 8/10 of women wear the wrong size bra, and it seems like they always assume it's because we don't know any better. It's actually because, after hours of trying on every bra in the store in several different sizes, we tearfully settle for the one that is Least Bad. That is bra shopping.

@Amphora I'm down to two bras. One fits me sort of okay all the time but is stretched out and gross-looking. The other fits me fantastically 3/4 of the time but is itchy and chafes and has elastic straps (wtf is up with that) so I rarely wear it.


@fondue with cheddar @anachronistique @amphora @lizardjellybean

Is this where I talk about knowing The Way And The Truth And The Light when it comes to bras? Ladies, get thee to http://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits and avail yourself of the 'Start Here' information in the right-hand column. It is free, anonymous, and supportive (haha) and friendly.

End the tryanny of 32A-38DD! Having once been 'sized' at 40D, I am now supported and happy with pretty, non-boring bras in 36G thanks to the fitting guide there (and no, that is not an odd size, not do I have a particularly huge rack) and I am never, ever going back to poking underwires or quadboobing or only ugly bras. My band fits and supports me and my cups don't cut into my flesh or gape open at the top. It's time to spread knowledge about bra sizing and demand better lingerie.

(I really, really love that subreddit. Free yourself and go check it out!)

fondue with cheddar

@editrickster I'll check it out, but I'm skeptical as I've measured myself many times and had professional fittings. The biggest problem is that I have NEVER* found a bra that fits and is comfortable (just fitting is hard enough).

*At least not since I was young and my boobs were small (well, not small but averagely large, like a C cup).


@editrickster It's not so much that I don't know how a bra should fit or how to find my size for reals and more that clothes shopping is tedious and frustrating, especially if you're fat.

fondue with cheddar

@anachronistique That's true, if you're fat or any other "special" kind of fit, like short or tall. They have petite sizes and plus sizes, but I have never seen a petite plus. I'm not sure such a thing even exists. All short people aren't tiny little dolls!

I basically keep wearing clothes until they get embarrassingly stained/holey/faded/stretched out. I'm almost 40, but I still wear a t-shirt and jeans nearly every day because it's so much easier than real grown-up clothes.


@anachronistique Ugh, I hear you. I ride the line at being able to get bras at Victoria's Secret (which, I know, ugh, but they're the only ones that fit!) and I just hate the whole experience of it. I try to creep around by myself without anyone helping me, because it's bad enough doing this on my own, I don't need your judgey face judging my armpit rolls in this bad bra. THANK YOU.

fondue with cheddar

@anachronistique I wear underwires all the time and I've honestly never had an underwire snap. You mean the actual wire breaking, right? How does this happen? Or do you mean poking though the bra?

Bras are the worst. Why can't it just be socially acceptable for us all to go braless? They jiggle and sway a lot, and sometimes my nipples are hard. Deal with it, world!


@fondue with cheddar The actual wire breaking, yeah. I think it's just the stress of holding up the weight of my jugs! Usually they snap when I'm bending over or twisting or something, and this only has happened with bras I've had for several years.

fondue with cheddar

@anachronistique Wow. I must be really lucky then, because mine are pretty heavy too! Stretching out is usually what kills mine, though occasionally it's the wire poking through the bra. What the heck do you do when that happens? An underwire bra without the wire doesn't sound like it would even remotely be able to do its job.


@fondue with cheddar That sub-reddit is kickass. I finally went bra shopping, and instead of being a 38D- I'm a 38F/FF. I hate shopping for clothes, etc because it's the worst. When you have huge boobs, or are not a tiny size it's so freaking discouraging. At least when I went bra shopping, I finally found bras that actually fit me. I'd say it's best to go to an expensive store and get "measured" then order your bras online for cheap. British brands are fantastic, and there are several bra blogs that do reviews of them so you know how they fit before you buy.


@anachronistique @fonduewithcheddar I definitely understand about not finding clothes that fit easily. I'm at the high end of straight sizes and the low end of plus, and I cannot just walk into any store in the mall and get jeans or a top, for example. I'm also 5'2" and I've only found one store with petite plus (Talbots).

I was skeptical too, because my idea of reddit was a bunch of creeper dudes. But not everyone is like that, and that subreddit is really supportive and helpful.

fondue with cheddar

@editrickster I forgot to try this over the weekend, but it sounds like I've got the type of breasts that don't measure accurately, anyway. And besides, my measurement doesn't change the fact that I live in the US where bra sizing sucks. And the buy/try/return cycle of purchasing clothing online is a huge pain in the ass so I don't see myself shopping online for UK brands. I tried going to Nordstrom for a fitting once but they ignored me, which didn't really make me enthused to try again, but maybe I should.


That second one accurately depicts how I feel about the 55-sizes initiative.


Is it safe for me to read that NYTimes article at work? I'm intrigued, but a bit hesitant.

up cubed

@stonefruit It was disappointing. You can pay $20 to have some plastic bra cups mailed to you, then you put them on your boobs and see which one fits the best. Then pay $60 for the bra that fits the cup. I don't think they make mixed size bras (L/R not the same size?). The "experts" said they should go with the Warby Parker model and mail you the plastic cups for free.


amazing album, its been a long time that i love the entire album@a

Setec Astrology

Is there some way to prevent yogurt from decaying? Because these call for such a scientific advance.


These are beautiful.

hahahaha, ja.

@smidge: I never knew active probiotic cultures could be so ... expressive.

Oh, squiggles

God, I am loving all the alt-text for the images on the 'Pin lately.

Mlle Mlle

I don't particularly need the support of a bra when I'm not working out and hate feeling constrained in one (wrong size maybe?) so I was kinda giddy that french researchers suggest that my boobs probably won't be droopier in 15 years for not wearing one (vanity). I wish I were more comfortable being nipply in public...everyone IS staring disapprovingly right???


@Mlle Mlle If the American Apparel mannequins I walk past every day are any indication, nipples are in this season. Or you could wear those little pasties they sell for backless dresses.

fondue with cheddar

@Mlle Mlle I feel really self conscious about being nipply, but they don't like to make padded bras in big sizes so I'm stuck with being nipply whether I'm wearing a bra or not. For me, the bigger issue is how much my boobs move around when I go braless.


@editrickster Amazing! I am desperate for new bras and determined to find the right size this time.


@lobsterhug Then that subreddit is The Business for you. Get a measuring tape or some string and a ruler and you will be amazed. You'll learn what to look for in a well-fitting bra and not to settle for less! I could evangelize about this for hours. Don't be afraid to post and ask for help/advice!

lucy snowe

I wish I had money to buy new bras and underwear-- better quality than TJ Maxx or Target (but I don't even have cash for that, ATM.)

fondue with cheddar

@lucy snowe I hear that. Most of my underwear is stretched out, period stained, holey, and/or too small. And I wear the same bra almost every day.

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