Thursday, June 6, 2013


"The mystery of the vanishing bird penis is actually an important question." Oh, go on?

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SO... I now have a new phobia: pissed off emus with 6 foot corkscrew erections.

“Evolution has likely come up with more than one way to lose the penis,” wrote Dr. Brennan, the University of Massachusetts bird genitalia expert, in an accompanying commentary.

How long do you think Dr. Brennan has had that line written down waiting, just waiting for the day she'd get to say it to a journalist.


@Onymous Ok, well, there's a slight chance this will make you feel worse, but I think it'll make you feel better. Because cork-screwed or not, this penis isn't exactly... firm.

(This one belongs to a Muscovy duck. WARNING: THE VIDEO IS GRAPHIC.)


@Onymous zounds! I was about to post that exact quote.

fondue with cheddar

"The problem is all inside your pants," she said to me
"The answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free
There must be fifty ways to lose your penis."


"Birds and mammals use many of the same genes to assemble penises, and evolution has tinkered with their interactions for millions of years, producing all sorts of strange results — including penises that self-destruct."

including penises that self-destruct

Way to bury the lede.

does it need saying

@cee Agh! right!?


"In other lineages of birds, however, the penis simply vanished. Of the 10,000 species of birds on Earth, 97 percent reproduce without using the organ. “That’s shocking, when you think about it,” says Martin Cohn, a biologist at the University of Florida."

Duuuuude expand your horizons. Haven't you seen that slug mating video? Now that's some shocking evolution. No penises seems pretty quotidian.




I was happier having never encountered the phrases "genital tubercle" and "cloacal kiss," actually.

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