Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Vampire Weekend, 'Modern Vampires of the City'

The new Vampire Weekend album is streaming on iTunes, and it's called Modern Vampires of the City, so to play the SATC game, I guess Ezra would be Carrie, Chris T. would be Samantha, Chris B. would be Miranda, and Rostam would be Charlotte? Steve Buscemi would be Aidan — maybe. The album's officially out May 14. It's great.

Also: There is an "explicit" new David Bowie video.

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Steve Buscemi is everything, he contains multitudes, he cannot be limited to a SATC character, yes I am taking this too seriously.


@PatatasBravas "You're the wedding singer right? Awoooo"

fondue with cheddar

It's not the pale moon that excites me,
That thrills and delights me,
Oh, no...
It's just the nearness of Steve Buscemi...




So, is this the space where I can talk about the new Mariah Carey single?

I think it's actually kinda good and I'm so surprised that it's not trash that I've been telling everyone I know about it and people think I'm nuts. Someone listen and verify if I have gone crazy? TIA


Dances With Nerds

@funfetti It is totally charming! A+, would listen again (preferably while drinking margaritas on a patio, or something).


I listened a few times yesterday and liked it a lot more than I was expecting to. I didn't care for the single when it first came out but in the context of the album it works.

Rostam seems more like a Miranda to me.

Lisa Frank

If you guys don't read Ezra Koenig's Twitter please start now.
Some gems:

"Champagne for my French friends, sparkling wine for my CALIFORNIA BROS"
"game of thrones stans are called stannises"
"Careful, Pip!" she cried. "Mr. Twitterham is a strict master. Always quick with a cruel reply and seldom a Fav or RT!"

It's brilliant


@Lisa Frank
"if u think i'm pretentious now, WAIT TIL U HEAR HOW I PRONOUNCE THE WORD "PRETENTIOUS" - it's like the dad from downtown abbey plus FRENCH"

"I once was a fanboy. Now I'm a Fan Man. you once were a fangirl. now ur a beautiful Fan Woman. we used 2 read fanfic. now we read fan nonfic"

I have no idea what half of this stuff means, but I want to have a drink with this man. Or smoke weed. Whichever.


@Lisa Frank I was particularly inspired by this tweet from last August: "back 2 school advice: DUNK DURING UR FIRST GYM CLASS. IT WILL BE HARD & U MAY HAVE 2 JUMP HIGHER THAN EVER B4 BUT THE RESPECT WILL BE HUGE"

Also: "i once untangled the necklaces (mostly chanel) of a very powerful women...it was a very...powerful experience"

He's better than Kanye.


@Lisa Frank "reading to my abuela. only time in my life that i'm glad I don't understand spanish"

Would a Carrie do that?

you're a kitty!

That Bowie video will be the actual death of me




@you're a kitty! I think I love that Bowie video* but I also think it traumatized me?

* Not as much as "The Stars."


I forgot which album review mentioned that "Diane Young" is a pun on "dyin' young," but it all makes sense now! /slow


@mermaid this and ra ra riot's beta love/better love have made it a punny year in preppy college pop music.


My boyfriend and I saw a poster for the album on the Tube at the weekend. He was very excited and pointed it out to me. I had to explain that it was a band, and not a role-playing event.

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