Friday, May 3, 2013


"The only reason I'm on here is to plug my hamburger blog": Dudes on OkCupid

"I like to create worlds."

Emily McWinter and Janet Manley sometimes go online.

And 'Dudes on OkCupid' is also on Twitter.

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

biggest fear is ending up on one of these.

biggest dream is ending up on one of these and parlaying it into minor internet notoriety .


I hope that Sexual Tyrannosaurus line is a reference to Predator. The Schwarzenegger movie, not To Catch a Predator.@l


but...."what does cheese say when it has its picture taken" is funny :(

fondue with cheddar

@mynamebackwards I like dudes who like to create worlds! As long as they still live in this one.


@mynamebackwards I think an anarchist sitcom sounds pretty good!


@ColdFinger On second thought, I'm not totally sure I'd like to date someone who's making one. Hmmm...


@mynamebackwards TOTALLY AGREE. Also the guy licking the cheese is the cutest.


@ColdFinger Didn't somebody already make The Young Ones though?


@stuffisthings A+ Response


@cminor "I can't write my MP, I'm an anarchist."

"Well then write to the lead singer of Echo & the Bunnymen."


I mean, my "about me" section on OKCupid was cut and pasted from the Wikipedia article on Thomas Pynchon, so I'm not really one to talk here. (ETA: BACK WHEN I WAS ON THERE I'M MARRIED NOW, sorry ladies)


Idk I'd fuck the bamboo guy with his own bamboo.
The guy in the blue hoodie looks like someone I would love to hate.

fondue with cheddar

This is fantastic.

fondue with cheddar

...until 2/3 of the way through when I realized Janet is my dude's ex's doppleganger.

Legs Battaglia

i wrote a message to the hamburger blog guy! (why??)

fondue with cheddar



@Legs Battaglia AND?


Sexual tyrannosaurus? Tiny arms that can't reach important spots and bites a lot, likely to die young: no thanks!


@parallel-lines Sounds like my ex, AMIRITE? AMIRITE?

Showing myself out.





because wading through OKC is like this:


@PatatasBravas <3 <3 <3


@PatatasBravas I love this, but it seems more appropriate for ... Plenty of Fish. *puts on sunglasses*


@zamboni I can't believe I missed that! Good catch.

fondue with cheddar

@PatatasBravas Disappointed by the wilderness, this young person fled back into society.


I don't think I'd even blink if I came across most of these. I've seen some shit, man.

I came across a profile of a guy holding huge chunks of weed in most of his pictures, and his last picture was of a nugget and a stack, and in one of the question explanations he called children "crotchmaggots."

And that was just in the past week.


I guess some of these lines were pretty funny, but man that was unlistenable.


@mustelid I wanted to laugh but I also did not want to listen to it.


@mustelid Yeah they really couldn't sing. I'M SORRY BUT IT WAS PRETTY BAD IN THAT RESPECT. Otherwise great tho.


I really enjoyed their voices! The "sexual tyrannasaurus" part made me like yeeeeah!
Now I feel like I don't know shit about singing :D


"I really hate feminists." Leon laughs. "I'm not even kidding. I just want to be barefoot and pregant, for real. They fucking ruined that for me. Fuck feminists. You should know that upfront," said a lady met on OKC to me on the phone, a night (wednesday) before our planned first date (last night) which she bailed on at the last minute.


@leon s Wow. I think you dodged a bullet there.

ETA: Not because of the pregnancy thing. But because of the implication that Feminists can't be barefoot and pregnant. Or that wanting to be barefoot and pregnant makes you not a feminist. You get my point. Hopefully.


@cminor - Hahaha oh yeah totally. I mean, my mom was a stay at home mom until me & my sis were in middle school, but still considered herself a 'feminist' - I don't see any issue with being a stay at home mom at all.

To me - and honestly, I think to basically every "feminist" I've ever spoken to - it's not "Ladies ought to be CEOs, not staying at home with babies!", but more "Ladies ought to be able to be CEOs OR stay at home with babies OR switch back and forth between the two, and so should men," which, ya know, seems like a no-brainer obvious good thing to me but just sadly isn't the case.


@leon s This morning I received an unsought mansplanation about how feminists weren't responsible for my legal right to vote.

Aaaaaaaaaand block.


but did you tell her you are a frequent commenter on a women's website


@PatatasBravas - haha. I mean, we hadn't gone on a date yet, I can overlook horrible political viewpoints for a month or two if somebody is really fun to get drinks with (i'm sorry i can be the worst)


@leon s No judgement, we've all done that.

Well, I've done that. (I have really fun stories if you'd like to hear them! :D)


@leon s "nothing like having degrading dirty sex with a feminist" said an okc man to me after I stopped responding to his messages. :\

somebody else said they wanted to hate fuck me because i'm a feminist



Last night I was out with my (newish) boyfriend and we met up with our friend Mallory who was on a mini set-up meet thing with this guy and a few other friends.

We're all talking, everything's nice, the dude is cool, and has interesting stories about his job (he's a mortician). I'm staring at this guy trying to figure out where I know him from, and it hits me that he's messaged me on OKC once or twice. I don't remember it being anything untoward, so I mention it and we all start talking about OKC, and how weird it is, and how OKC makes smallish cities (Cleveland) even smaller.

Sometimes OKC isn't all terrible.


Wow, this Twitter feed is amazing.

"I'm an aristocrat pirate on the ship of life."

"i have warm memories of my mom reading "the happy prince" to me and i want to do that with my kids someday. so please try not to be barren."


I think the "girl who looks like a bag of money" might be a quote from this. (NSFW) http://oglaf.com/reward/


@Bootsandcats I LOVE Oglaf.



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Oh my God, this: Favorite food...Vegetables, Fruits, Vagina. Those all must be cleaned first.

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