Friday, May 10, 2013


Princess Problems

Previously: Easter Greetings

Jim Behrle tweets @behrle.

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Jim Behrle! These are amazing and perfect. "that's not why"


@iceberg That was my favorite one.

ayo nicole

Jim, you are the best.

oh! valencia

@ayo nicole the absolute best! I'm pretty sure that I have these exact same stickers in my house somewhere. I am not nearly as creative as Jim Behrle, clearly.

Madeline Shoes

I want to print these out and mail them to my friends.


#2 is my wedding night.


@TheclaAndTheSeals Fun story: I didn't drink at my own wedding because the idea of maneuvering that dress into and out of a bathroom stall was just to overwhelming.


@SarcasticFringehead I peed twice in 10 hours, and had at least three glasses of water and three drinks. I typically go halfway through a single glass of water. I felt like a college freshman refusing to break the seal.

sarah girl

Actual LOL at the last one


Just, yay.




@KeLynn I realize that didn't add much to the conversation, but sometimes when things are great on here I want to comment just so thehairpin knows it's appreciated, even if I don't have much to say about it.


@KeLynn Sometimes I wish I could just thumbs-up posts. Like, "this made me LOL/think/cry! Thanks!"


Based on the top comic, this princess clearly need lessons from Morris Day


ahahahaha "she just died of the plague, you are the fairest again!" Effing Thisbe, she is just the worst.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@stonefruit was the worst, sadly.

RK Fire

@stonefruit Does "Thisbe" rhyme with "frisbee"?


@RK Fire it absolutely does!

And how can you poo in one of those huge skirts anyway? Are you just out of luck until the end of the night?


@Amphora At first, I read it as "I still hang to poo...", so that could be a possible solution? Sort of... wedging yourself in there, and letting gravity works its magic?

RK Fire

@Amphora Maybe there's asian-style squat toilets and the hoops underneath the dress create a protective perimeter around the toilet to keep your dress and undergarments from getting soiled?


@Amphora Princesses don't poo, silly.


@Amphora We need one of the many Hairpin PhDs to answer these question. I want answers!


@Amphora Squat toilets, plus there were no underpants as we know them.


@thatgirl TBH I might wear a hoop skirt if I could give up these goddamn panties. FREECOOCH


@RNL Don't have to wear a hoop skirt to give up panties. Be free!


@Amphora I think you physically can't while wearing a corset. I heard once that they had to be very regular, because once you were trussed up there was no going back.


I feel like there was a missed opportunity for an insomnia joke?



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Your mom is dead. #princessproblems


<3 u, behrle

Oliver St. John Mollusc

Is it weird if I go get stickers and construction paper and make my own? IS IT, JIM???


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Umair Afzal@facebook

had at least three glasses of water and three drinks. I typically go halfway through a single glass of water. I felt like a college freshman refusing to break the seal.


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We need one of the many Hairpin PhDs to answer these question. I want answers!
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Justin Haiway@facebook

Well I was going to say--besides sadness, it sounds like LW2 needs to let herself feel a little anger as well. If he was flirting with her for an entire summer before this encounter when he finally is bubblegum casting legitimate


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