Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Kelly Rowland, "Dirty Laundry"

Kelly Rowland: underrated or overrated? I vote perfectly rated. The former Destiny's Child who is not Beyoncé and who is not the subject of constant, irrational torment has quietly been releasing singles from her next solo album, Talk A Good Game (née Year Of The Woman), for the past eight months or so. First there was "ICE," a song with Lil' Wayne about sex, and then there was the great "Kisses Down Low," a song about oral sex.

"Dirty Laundry" is the album's third single, and it's nothing like those other releases and her past hits, which tend toward overt sexuality. It's a straight confessional–Rowland sounds almost as if she's doing homework here–about her feelings on Bey's solo career and an abusive relationship with an old boyfriend. You probably won't be hearing this one at The Club, but give it a listen now.

Talk A Good Game is due out June 18.

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Nice music


lets do this dirty laundry..hmmm...!!!@t


i mean, if you had followed this up with a post about how good the song "dilemma" by nelly ft. kelly rowland was/is, you'd have to retire for being too good at this. careful not to peak too soon it's your first day!

Emma Carmichael

@yeshelloiamnater I can have 5,000 words on that by 10:30.

Angry Panda

@yeshelloiamnater Thank you for reminding me of that gem.


@yeshelloiamnater @Emma Carmichael

any love for the song she did with eve?


@Emma Carmichael "play my position like a shortstop", the jilted boyfriend in the video is played by Larry Hughes--lots of directions to take this in.

Claire Zulkey@twitter

I am feeling this. Good for her.


That "Poor Michelle" blog could honestly be renamed "Tina Hates Michelle," because she really did have the worst clothes for every big performance.


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