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Bad Haircuts From a Friend's Good Hairdresser

What do you tell your friends when they recommend a restaurant/dentist/etc. and you have a bad experience?Case in point: two of my friends go to the same hairdresser. Their hair always looks great. I decided to also go to that hairdresser. But now I have a poorly done version of The Rachel. It's not just that the style the hairdresser gave me is bad, it's totally uneven and kind of awful. I actually phoned the salon owner to ask if someone else can fix it, which I have never done before.

Of course, I take this experience as no reflection on my friends. Maybe the hairdresser was having a bad day or maybe she is only good at adorable Carey Mulligan cuts. Overall, the situation ranks as "pretty annoying," but I'm not making a huge deal of it to my friends who recommended her.

Still, there is an overall aura of "feeling bad" around the experience. My friends feel bad that I don't like the cut and then I feel bad that they feel bad. Nobody should feel bad in this situation except for the salon owner who has not returned my call or email.

Maybe the answer is that my friends and I just have to get over our Canadiana niceness, because I'm not sure there's much else I can do in this kind of situation except say, "Your hair always looks amazing but I think she just had an off day when I saw her," and then move on. But do you have any advice or sage wisdom for when this situation comes up again? Is it just one of life's unavoidable unpleasantries?

I am also really hoping that I didn't make their respective relationships with the hairdresser weird by bringing the bad haircut to the salon owner's attention but, I suppose there's nothing I can do about that.

Brenna Killeen draws comics in Virginia. You can follower her on twitter @Brenna Killeen and read more of her comics here.

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penny dreadful

Definitely 100% on board with this new column!

And I agree with Aileen; Jeff Goldblum can get it.

Lily Rowan

@penny dreadful Oh yeah. A new friend and I bonded over this many years ago. "I think Jeff Goldblum is.....kind of maybe sexy?" "HE CAN TOTALLY GET IT!" "!!!!"


@penny dreadful Alice In Wonderland pictures for the win!

fondue with cheddar

@Lily Rowan I just did a GIS for sexy jeff goldblum to find a picture to post here but I can't decide!

fondue with cheddar


Lily Rowan

@fondue with cheddar THERE, SEE?!?!


@fondue with cheddar Clearly this is THE sexy Jeff Goldblum photo:


@Jinxie But then again, this one ain't half bad either:
get it gurl


@Jinxie Guys - my brain actually can't compute that anyone would think Jeff Goldblum ISN'T a total hunk.
Like, when I try to think that, my brain says error 404: not found.


@Jinxie That is the background on my laptop. It occasionally gets some odd looks, but I have found Jeff Goldblum loving kindred spirits that way.



Lumpy Space Princess

@penny dreadful THIS MAKES MY DAY GIRLS! No joke, I just finished my thesis, and used a whole bunch of imagery of Jeff in The Fly in it, in part because I am in lurv with Jeff Goldblum. The audience laughed a lot at my public presentation but it was so WORTH IT.


I totally logged in just to "like" that photo.


@penny dreadful I think he's sexy! And I have Jeff G story: a friend and I were walking down 57th street, and we saw him walking toward us. Suddenly, he is no longer walking in our general direction but clearly walking straight toward me - intently staring, moving a bit faster. He got within arms reach, I said (very quietly) "Hi Jeff Goldblum" and he suddenly veered and went around me. Our theory was he was not wearing his glasses or contacts and mistook me for someone else.

It was great.


@Jinxie I think I have turned a corner on Jeff Goldblum.


@penny dreadful Last week I had a weird dream about Jeff Goldblum when I was sick. And even though it was not a sexy dream at all*, ever since I have been like "Is Jeff Goldblum sexy? I think yes?"

*In the dream, he threw out my single serve ice creams because I "clearly am never going to eat them"


@penny dreadful I think I spent every waking moment from age 12 to age 13 thinking about Jeff Goldblum's arms. That picture brings back a lot of memories.

Lumpy Space Princess

@brenna If you watch Earth Girls Are Easy you will swing right around that corner!

fondue with cheddar

@Jinxie Yeah, that is definitely THE sexy Jeff Goldblum photo for US, but if you're trying to convince someone who doesn't already believe that I'm not sure if it's the one. The best thing to do in this situation is probably to post a whole bunch of them. :)

@Kulojam I love that story!


@Lumpy Space Princess Oh my GOD, Earth Girls Are Easy. I have always loved me some Goldblum, but after that particular viewing, I had to, like, be alone for a while. Plus, hot young Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey. Can we have a Hairpin movie night and watch this movie?


@penny dreadful WAIT I know I'm late to this party, but Jeff Goldblum <333. I proposed to him once when I was 17 (I saw him in The Pillowman on Broadway, and he signed autographs after). He SAID YES but then asked me how old I was. When I told him, he said, "We'll wait a few years." And then he walked away.

fondue with cheddar

@skillzworth !!!


fondue with cheddar

@chnellociraptor Sorry, I got so distracted by @skillsworth's story (which I read immediately after looking at those hot young Barry photos) that I couldn't think coherently enough to write a sentence.

Anyway, I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen Earth Girls Are Easy. I KNOW, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Hairpin movie night sounds like fun. I want to have a slumber party with all of you!


@skillzworth I LOVE THE PILLOWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily Rowan

I just thumbed-up this entire thread!

Also, a hundred years ago, I saw him doing a talk-show thing at Joe's Pub, and our seats were right up against the stage, and we totally interacted with Jeff Goldblum!! But there was no talk of marriage.


@Lily Rowan Oh helloooo Jeff Goldblum!

Lumpy Space Princess

@chnellociraptor YES to a hairpin movie night sleepover. Nothing has ever made any more sense!

@fondue with cheddar It's on Netflix instant! Get on that! It's a goofy hour and a half, you will chuckle, and also feel some warm feelings...

That movie also totally proves that Jef Goldblum has been THE Nerd-Hunk, right from the start!

fondue with cheddar

@Lumpy Space Princess IT IS?! I just signed up for it to watch Arrested Development, and I thought I went through everything when I was adding stuff to me queue. I'll look again! I've wanted to see it since it came out!


@Lumpy Space Princess The only sad thing is, last I checked, Earth Girls Are Easy is the ONLY JG movie on Watch Now :(


@penny dreadful I just logged in for two reasons: 1. Jeff Goldblum is a stud. 2. LSP IS MY FAVORIIIITEEEE. She's the wallpaper on my computer at work. Heh. So, thanks for that.

Lumpy Space Princess

@Jinxie Looks like there are a few of his there (they come up if you search just his name), but really not sure if any others are worth watching. Ugh just borrow The Fly from the library you guys, totally worth it for glistening muscles and 'spicy eggplant!', and then disgusting parts falling off (ok that's not sexy, but it is nasty-entertaining).
But hey! Looks like there are a few JG things to check out on Hulu, too!!

@cocokins :D "oh muh gawd you guys, I know I'm like totally bangin', so it makes sense that I'm like, your wallpaper or whatever."


@Lumpy Space Princess They have a bunch, yeah, but Earth Girls is the only one that's "Watch Now"; all the others are disc only. Which would be fine, in theory, but I'm a one disc at a time plan and I've had that one disc sitting on my desk for a few months now. (I really want to watch "Shame", but I'm pretty sure it's going to depress the hell out of me, Fassbender's ween notwithstanding.) I'll go check out the stuff on Hulu, though!

Lumpy Space Princess

@Jinxie I like the cut of your jib, Jinxie!

fondue with cheddar

@Lumpy Space Princess I found Earth Girls Are Easy on Netflix! I don't know how I missed it the first time through. I will watch it this weekend!

I kind of want to see Transylvania 6-5000 again even though it was terrible.

Lumpy Space Princess

@fondue with cheddar Someone also please watch that thing on Hulu - The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish and tell me if it's bad-good enough to watch! JG plays a Jesus model(?!) soooo.... maybe!


@Lumpy Space Princess Guys, thanks to all of you I entered a JG internet black hole of truly epic proportions yesterday, but I DID learn a couple of things:
1) His marriage to Geena Davis didn't work out, according to JG, because they were both free spirits. "I don't feel the need to possess anyone. And I don't want to be possessed by anyone. I am, as you say, free, in all sorts of ways," he said to People, with a chuckle. What kinds of ways, JG? ::cradles head in hands, looks up at him with moony eyes::
He continued to see Geena regularly, presumably for sexytimes, long after their divorce. Random fact: she is in the MENSA club.
2) JG started up a thing with Laura Dern after they were done filming Jurassic Park. He had been "shooting her looks" across the lot all during filming. When talking about his fling with her later, he said, "What can I say? I am easily stirred [when it comes to romance] and she is a remarkable woman." "Easily stirred." Mmmm. You can stir MY pot of soup, Jeff Goldblum.

fondue with cheddar

@BoozinSusan Jeff Goldblum, let me show you how remarkable I am...

Lumpy Space Princess

@BoozinSusan Why does this not surprise me? It's a little closer to his gross mathematician character in Jurassic Park than I'd like it to be though.... "Dr. Sattler, I refuse to believe you're not familiar with the concept of attraction."

Lumpy Space Princess

@BoozinSusan TO BE FAIR THOUGH, Geena Davis and Laura Dern ARE BOTH remarkable women and I want to both watch them on screens and be them! Laura Dern in Inland Empire AHHH so good. Girl Crush on her.


@Lumpy Space Princess I actually think he was being genuine! They're both remarkable people. He has probably found hundreds of other "remarkable" women in his lifetime besides them, too ;). And I wouldn't mind being one of them.

fondue with cheddar

@BoozinSusan Surely, we are all remarkable enough for JG.


@Lily Rowan WORD. I can't deal with the hotness.

fondue with cheddar

YOU GUYS I finally watched Earth Girls this weekend! It was ridiculous and awesome. JG was sexy as hell, Jim Carrey wasn't too annoying, and Julie Brown YAY! I knew she was in it but I didn't know the blonde song was from that movie. My mom used to watch Just Say Julie with me all the time. :)

Lumpy Space Princess

@fondue with cheddar Like Like Like! It's a great cheer-up movie. :D

fondue with cheddar

@Lumpy Space Princess It was a great cheer-up movie, which was exactly what I needed. :)


@fondue with cheddar My mouth is making that sound Homer Simpson makes when he looks at doughnuts. Anghgnghggghhhhhhhhh.


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If I write in can I be Young Ruth Bader Ginsburg too please???


LOLOLOLOL brilliant@k

The Lady of Shalott

Oh my god this is relevant to my interests. I went to a new hairdresser today that was recommended by a friend of mine, and the cut was fine, but she gushed about Redken products and tried to upsell me on a lot of shit and tried to SELL me a ton of shit, and the salon was really insistent about booking me to another appointment and I had to be like NO, THANK YOU, NO like a dozen times. So I won't be going back there, even though I did like the haircut.

ANYWAY also I may be moving two weeks from tomorrow so the odds are good I'll have to find an entirely new hairdresser two provinces away anyway lalala.

Count Chocula

@The Lady of Shalott Oh man, I hate getting the really aggressive product sales pitch too. I mean, I get that (especially at big national chains like Super Cuts or whatever) it's part of the job and they probably have quotas to fill but I reaaaallly don't wanna buy $40 mousse. Sorry.

The Lady of Shalott

@Count Chocula UGH YES. I understand totally that it's part of the job and all, but I don't have $34.95 to spend on heat protector or $39.95 mousse or whatever. For that price it better come with someone to come to my house and do my hair for me. Even if it does last "a whole year" like she claimed or whatever.

Better to Eat You With

@The Lady of Shalott I told my current stylist that was one reason I left my last salon during our first appointment, and she's never done it, despite the fact that I know they do with most clients.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@Better to Eat You With Ugh, yes. I had a hairdresser who kept trying to sell me things (and made it sound like getting a sample was some kind of special treatment). She gave me worse and worse haircuts, and tried to sell me an expensive shampoo to make up for everything that didn't work about the previous expensive shampoo I had bought from her (during an appointment where she also told me she was trying to make more money, when I knew from Facebook that she had a higher disposable income than I did, oh and also she tried to sell me some Mary Kay.) That was the last straw.

lucy snowe

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
I just had to part ways with a hairdresser who used to be my lady I could trust to be given a target length and then just go to town.

She kept thinning the snot out of it. Which, when I had short or semi-short hair, looked great-- choppy and swingy and sexy. she suggested I start growing my hair out again, which suited me fine. But as it got longer she wouldn't cut it out with the crazy thinning, so matter how often I told her I thought it was too much. It was looking tortured.

My new hairdresser gave a little cry of alarm, as she was combing my hair after the wash-- apparently my old hairdresser had cut actual thick locks of hair almost down to the scalp behind my ears. The fuck? I'd wondered what that sound was...

I've had a lot of bad haircuts.


@lucy snowe Yesssssss. I have very thick hair and I've had hairstylists on two occasions assume that I wanted it thinned. Because having inch long frizz on the top of my head is sexy?

The last bad one was where I said "I don't want a bob", and got a layered bob that only looked good straight. Argh.


@flimflannery The same thing happened to me with every hairdresser, expensive and not, until I finally noticed the budget haircut place around the corner. I have very thick (shiny, healthy) hair and they would always act like it was somehow animalistic or something and needed to be contained in a civilized way, which meant thinning the hell out of it even though I didn't want them to and told them so. It also meant giving me the most typical sort of shoulder-length "professional" woman's hair cut with extreme layers that always meant that the top part would be curly and poofy (which is what happens when my hair is short enough) and somewhat frizzy, and the bottom part being much straighter because the length and extra weight had made it reach that straight threshold. I would tell them every time that I only want very small layers and I don't straighten or even blowdry, and when I asked them how to deal with the dual-texture thinned horror-show hair, they'd always say, "just straighten and blow-dry every day and you should be fine!" My current hair cutter is wonderful--not only are her haircuts $17 but she gives me EXACTLY what I want (only two inches maximum off my almost-waist-length hair with just enough modest layering to keep it neat). But why is it so hard for them to do what you want? I've lived on three continents and it was always the same until now. I don't get it.

lucy snowe

@flimflannery Yeah, I don't get it. My hair tends to be like siniichulok's (I think)- shiny, straight when it's long, and a lot of it (although mine you wouldn't necessarily know how thick it is if you weren't brushing it.)I went through most of my twenties pretty much never cutting it at all, except a trip to supercuts every so often to clean up the ends. And it was so easy to take care of- just step out of the shower and let it dry, and it would somehow just fall into a good shape.

But with all the thinning, I HAVE to blow-dry it, or it looks awful. And my old hairdresser kept acting like she was doing me a favor: "Now you probably won't even need to dry it." What?? I guess if I liked my hair looking stringy and greasy even when it's clean...


I'm pretty serious about my restaurant and drink recommendations though. If a recommendation I made turned out to be not perfectly matched to the person I made it to, I'd probably have to commit some kind of seppuku or something. #dudeperspective

(ETA: I hope I spelled seppuku right, Chrome spellcheck wanted me to change it to Giuseppe.)


@stuffisthings I think you did because (and this is totally unrelated to anything) we have a tattoo place near us called Seppuku, which my BF and I think is a strange name for a business that basically jabs its clients with sharp things.


@stuffisthings Definitely spelled right - at least according to the most commonly accepted rules of Japanese romanization.


@stuffisthings I think that's right - I mean, you can't commit Giuseppe without a lengthy legal process.


Okay, I loved this but was also reminded of "The League of Ordinary Ladies", WHERE IS SHE


@fabel New York?


I would like to say, as one who objected to advice columnists answering questions in the noncomittal "oh, damn, that sucks, I have had that experience and tangential ones too" way, that I rescind my former opinion in all instances where the advice columnist in question illustrates said answers in a delightful fashion.


Aaaaaah, this was GREAT!
And yes, I've been on both sides of that type of situation, and it is a sucky place to be. But, speaking as one Canadian to another, yeah you are being too nice (I would be, too, it's hard programming to break!)
Maybe don't expect to go to those 2 friends if you want a bitchfest about how the hairdresser did a bad cut and then the salon owner left you to twist in the wind, but you don't need to pretend to them that you love the cut you got, either. Just go with a neutral, "yeah she didn't really work for me. Oh well. *shrugs shoulders* " kind of response. It's hard to go wrong with neutral.


Oh god, this is like when you love a movie and you sit down to watch it with a friend, and you keep looking over at their face to see if they're laughing at the right parts, if they're getting it, and you laugh louder to overcompensate and telegraph just how much you love this movie, and it gets to that one part and you realize, which you never realized before, that that one part is kind of racist/ableist/sexist and you're laughing and it's awkward and it reflects badly on you, like now your friend things you think this bigoted thing is funny but you just never noticed and you oversold it and they're going to think you're a freak and you go to the kitchen under the guise of getting drinks before your heart stops.

No? Just me?


@frigwiggin Once I ruined Knocked Up for a friend this way. She just wanted to enjoy Seth Rogen's goofy Rolf voice and I was all GRUMP GRUMP just get an abortion already, Katherine Heigl!


@frigwiggin Every time I recommend anything to anyone, I over-sell it. Also staring at their faces to see if they're _getting_ it.


@frigwiggin This is exactly why my wife has only seen one episode of The Wire. Er, except for the racist/ableist/sexist part, BUT STILL.

Tape Recorder

@frigwiggin You just summed up all the feelings I had when I (foolishly) introduced a friend to Strangers With Candy without preparing her beforehand. It did not go well.


@frigwiggin RIGHT? I was really nervous about going to see Louis CK with my husband because if he hadn't thought it was funny, well, we probably would have had to get a divorce. (but then I could marry Louis, so, hmmmmm)


Brenna! I met you at the pinup and you were hilarious and I'm so glad that you did this!


@mmmcheese YES. Brennaaaa! You are awesome! (Everyone, she does actually have that adorable haircut too IRL!)


Oh god this happened to me. I recommended my friend go to Blo to get her hair blown out for a party. I've only had great hairdo results there. Hers was a disaster. She has really thick, dark hair and she asked for curls; she got poodle-esque ringlets and she had to fix it herself at home.

I felt TERRIBLE that she blew $40 on a blowout that was so awful. And I feel this overwhelming sense of guilt whenever I go back to Blo, like I'm betraying my friendship solidarity by returning.

Canadian Shame Spiral ftl.


Let's do an 'Ask a Canadian'.

"Someone cut me off the other day getting out of the elevator at work, and I apologised, but I think a bit too profusely? I'm worried I made them uncomfortable. Next time should I apologise for apologising, or maybe just silently hand them a cookie? Or is that too forward?"


@RNL Don't worry, the other guy is probably asking himself the same questions! This is an easy one because next time, he's going to say "After you" with an elaborate hand gesture. In this case what you want to do is "No no, after you," and then after a back and forth of at least 2 minutes ensues, you may leave the elevator first (after all, he cut YOU off, not the other way around). Don't forget to say "excuse me" and "thank you" on the way out.

Also, a cookie never hurts.


@redheaded&crazy Oh thank you SO much for your kind response! If it's not much trouble, could I ask one more question? I'll totally get it if you're too busy to answer, though, and I really don't want to impose.

How elaborate should I make my "no, no" hand gesture? If mine is too elaborate I'm worried he'll think I'm mocking him. But if it's not elaborate enough it won't appropriately convey my sincere desire for him to go first. I thinking it should last .6 seconds TOPS, but I really don't want to get this one wrong.

Sorry again for all the follow up questions, and I really hope I wasn't disturbing you. Thank you, and I hope you have a really nice day!


More like Hairdon't.


@Jizzcliner Hairpun thread?


@Jizzcliner What a follycle.


@Jizzcliner Don't twist yourself in knots over this, just brush it off, it'll fade in time.


@whizz_dumb What if she's conditioned to feel that way?


@Statham Then my advice is frayed, she probably needs something more therapeutic.


...more therapeutic in tone.


@whizz_dumb Nah, ya'll are too nice. She clearly needs to be straightened out!

(And... apparently I become Southern when I'm trying to be punny...)


@Little_Lakes The situation has layers, though. It's all about (face)framing.


@Little_Lakes I wasn't expecting puns when combing through these comment threads.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@angelinha I'm split on this whole issue. (and also my ends.)

fondue with cheddar

My problem is that I'm too nice to see a different hairdresser in the same salon when I get a bad cut. Two haircuts ago I got a bad cut (not bad, just not what I asked for), and I went back to her again and the same thing happened (only different). I was very specific about certain things and even brought pictures. It was like she was TRYING to get it wrong.

And now I have the same problem with my chiropractor. There are two in the practice, and it's become apparent that one is better than the other. I feel like if I saw the other one I would be getting better more quickly, but the not-as-good one is the one I saw first and also she's an acquaintance of my boyfriend. I'm suffering because I'm too nice.


This happened to me. I went to this hairdresser that a bunch of my friends go to, and they always look badass. And the first time, the hairdresser did a great job. And then the second time I went in with a picture of a significant change I wanted to make. And the hairdresser just gave me the same exact haircut as the first time BUT. BUT. She also managed to cut, color, blowdry, and flatiron HER OWN HAIR at the same time she was halfassing mine. I didn't know what to say. I tipped her, which maybe I shouldn't have. And I left, thinking "whose hair did I just pay you to cut?" and I never went back.


no, but seriously guys. KOMBUCHA. It's awesome.

Laughable Walrus

@allofthewine I love kombucha so much that I have an out of control army of empty bottles on my desk because I keep telling myself I will someday make my own. Then I'll need ALL those bottles for my never-ending spring of delicious, delicious kombucha! (it's nice to have dreams)

Miss Maszkerádi

@allofthewine I think I'm the only person I know who feels neutral about kombucha. It's okay! Nothing miraculous! Not horrible!


guh, Kombarfa.

up cubed

@Laughable Walrus There is a cooking class in my city for making this. Supplies include the SCOBY. Sorry, but my glass is already full of chia seeds.


So I love my hairdresser, and I recommended her to a co-worker. And now my co-worker looks really blah, but she keeps going back to my hairdresser, which makes me think she likes this blah look. This makes me sad because maybe she should try somewhere else. Or maybe she told my hairdresser exactly what she wanted (to look blah?) and my poor hairdresser is just cringing the entire time she's making my co-worker look frumpy.

It cuts both ways, people.


@blueblazes Ha. Cuts.


First Ask a Glutton and now this?

Miss Maszkerádi

Can we get more of an explanation on the no-shampoo thing? Do you just use....like, soap? Or coconut oil for everything?


@Miss Maszkerádi Oh, yeah, for sure. Rub a HUGE handful of coconut oil in your hair, and never use shampoo, and you will be so BEAUTIFUL.

ETA: One time I put coconut oil in my hair and it was quite the disaster.

EETA: I love coconut oil and put it on my face religiously.

up cubed

@Miss Maszkerádi Google "no poo" stuff and get a way better explanation than this- the rational is that after an awkward transition period, the scalp will make only as much oil as it needs and shampoo dries out your hair. This is my interpretation for long curly hair (usually too dry, easily tangles).
Clean scalp/hair a few days a week and usually not two days in a row with the following: conditioner, vinegar, or baking soda (not together=bathtub volcano). Try not to pile all the hair up on top of the head, but rather let it down (fewer tangles). Alternately, co-wash with shampoo and conditioner at the same time, or conditioner before shampoo. On alternate days some people use dry shampoo or do nothing.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@upupandaway I've started using a cleansing conditioner, which I like a lot. A girl I work with does this baking soda routine, and says it works.


@Miss Maszkerádi GOOD QUESTION. This is embarrassing but here is a very old blog post where I talk about just using conditioner (and also mention in the very first paragraph that my greatest dream is to write for the hairpin haha...umm): http://saybrennana.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/i-am-about-to-make-your-life-so-much-better-part-i/


@upupandaway Man, I tried co-washing on my usual shower schedule (every 2-3 days) and the itch was just too bad. I feel like a bad Curly Girl, but I still use my Head n' Shoulders -- I just put it on the tips of my fingers and wash my scalp only (flipping my head upside down as needed) and not my actual hair. It works ok, better than before I went CG.


@sophia_h I also have itchy curly head! I feel you.


@sophia_h I used to have really bad dandruff and itchy scalp. I was never able to control it with commercial shampoos - Head n'Shoulders did nothing for me, and Nizoral (which used to be prescription, now there's a version that's OTC) would work for a few months before the dandruff and itch would come back. I switched to baking soda and apple cider vinegar about a year ago (I still use conditioner after I rinse out the ACV), and while the dandruff isn't entirely gone, it's under control, and I hardly itch at all. YMMV.


@themegnapkin Do you just treat your head like a volcano project? Genuine question.

This is my new username

@upupandaway I kind of want to try and make a bathtub volcano now...

Sadly I can't remember who, but someone else on the pin recommended the curly girl method awhile ago and I tried it and I looooooooooooove it. So thanks whoever that was, my hair is way cuter now!


@themegnapkin Do you use the plastic cup method? My friend just puts some baking soda in a cup on the back of the toilet, and then pours some ACV in right before dumping it over her head. I have been too lazy to try it but she says it works!


@Gulf of Finland I don't, but I'll try that next time! Sounds fun.

@sophia_h - do you mean your friend *does* treat her head like a volcano project? If so, I'm totally in awe. My hair isn't great - it's a frizz ball if I don't put things in it while it's drying, and I usually flat iron it. So the baking soda ACV hasn't had huge aesthetic results, except that my hair looks a little less dried out now. If you look online, you can see people whose hair looks drastically better after going off shampoo - mine doesn't. But the ACV has had a big effect on my dandruff & itch, so I don't plan to go back to the poo anytime soon.
I'm really lazy, so here's my lazy method: I keep a plastic cup and a box of baking soda in my bathroom, and a squirt bottle (the kind with a nozzle, like a mustard bottle) and a bottle of ACV in the shower. Before I get in the shower, I dump baking soda in the cup, and bring it with me into the shower. I wet my hair thoroughly, then add water from the shower head to the cup and mix the baking soda/water together with my fingers (hot water, although I just read that it's supposed to be cold, I'll try that next time). Then, I pour it over my head, massaging it into my scalp. I let it sit for a few minutes while I wash my self or shave my armpits or something, then rinse it out.
For the ACV and conditioner: while in the shower, I pour about 1/4 of a cup of ACV into the squirt bottle, then fill it the rest of the way up with water from the shower head, shake the bottle around to mix everything, and then hold the nozzle right up against my scalp and squirt it around/massage it in to distribute it evenly. ACV is drying on your hair, so it's probably not a great idea to saturate your ends with it. I let it soak while I wash another part of my body, then rinse it out, and condition with a standard conditioner. (too much detail?)


@themegnapkin I think, maybe ACV actually isn't drying, it's moisturizing? I have no idea. I don't use it on my ends, though, but I don't know why.


@themegnapkin Hmm, now that I think about it, the volcano thing does sound crazy, so maybe I misunderstood and she does it more like you do. I'm never quite sure how "shampoo free" I can call myself, since I guess it runs over the rest of my hair when I rinse off my scalp, but I certainly don't scrub my hair with it at all or let it sit. But I know my hair is less dry than it used to be, and the rest of my routine is about putting the moisture in (Deva conditioner and gel, just squeezing out excess water, no combing, etc) so my cheating method does give me nice loose spiral curls for a day and passable ones for a day or two after that (fine thin curly hair is tricky).


@themegnapkin Perfect amount of detail! I definitely want to try this.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

This happened to me when I went to the hairdresser that my sister and mom go to. Neither my sister nor my mom has anything resembling the unruly curls on my head, which should probably have been a sign that my haircut would not be as awesome as theirs.

It was terrible. I never got a haircut from her again, despite the possibility of my mom paying for my haircuts if I went at the same time she did, and woo free haircuts. The woman cannot cut curly hair. She is, however, pretty damn good at blowing my hair out straight. It looks so good that even she tells me not to do anything with it once it's straight (despite my telling her exactly how I want it styled.)

My sister and my mom get great haircuts from her, though.


One of the unforeseen benefits in a career in the cosmetological arts and sciences is that one gets to star as the antagonist (or, rarely, the savior!) in people's internet anecdotes. It's a thrill, am I right, cops, teachers, and doctors? We ARE a bunch of charlatans. I feel very free now.


@frenz.lo I mean, I am also a sneering barista, but that is at best a walk-on role. My point is, I drink your tears like wine.


OMG - Thank you! My name is Brenna, and roughly 25 years of the "Brenda, but with no 'd'" conversation has taken it's toll....ugh


@brennamania Brenna is my cousin's name! All of the women in my family have unusual names (including me). I think the name Brenna is particularly lovely, though.


@yrouttasight Thanks, I love it too! Sometimes when I get really cranky about explaining it, I just think about how badly most people butcher so-called "foreign" names and such, and realize I'm being dramatic.


@brennamania Be thankful it's also spelled like it sounds! I do not have such a luxury.

Lumpy Space Princess

@brennamania My friend Brenna's name is also Brenna and she is a lovely person and ONCE I accidentally said Brenda and she shouted, "Not you too!!!" I laughed and felt bad at the same time.


I accidentally ended up with the "Rachel" back when it was actually a Thing, but I was still pissed off about it & cut off all but the shortest layer as soon as humanly possible. I don't understand why anyone was so into that haircut (or why a stylist would recreate it now).


More comics, Brenna!! You are awesome. :-) Also, please keep me from cutting my own hair (even my bangs)!

fondue with cheddar

@SheriS One time in high school (late 80's, the days of big hair and Aqua Net) I decided to cut my own bangs. I kept trying to even them off, and they ended up being more like spikes. It was horrible.


That is a startlingly accurate cartoon of myself!


The Jerry Seinfeld hair!! I too have an adorable Carey Mulligan cut and I could never describe when it started bugging me behind the ears, but now it has a name! Thank you, Brenna!

Patrick Shroder

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