Friday, May 31, 2013


A Call for Food Art About the News

Hello! We're working on a post — Presented by the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 — that'll feature reader-created food art, and we're hoping you'd like to submit. The only guide is that the final product be loosely about the news (a la this cicada made of potato, dried cranberries, turnip, celery, and endive), ideally not too morbid, and mostly made of things that are edible. The idea is that it'd be an amusing project to do if you find yourself with an hour or two (or five minutes) to kill. The final product could be great, it could be terrible, it could be anything at all. Made as a collaboration, made in isolation — whatever works. The worse, the better. The better, the better.

Once you're done, please send one (1) photo of the finished artwork to edith@thehairpin.com (plus a title and/or explanation, with a link to the news item, and your name and website/Twitter, if you'd like — although anonymous is fine, too), and we'll put them in one big gallery, sort of like that "First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule" gallery from last year, and run it the third week of June. (No prizes, just fun, hopefully.)

The deadline is Friday, June 7, 2013. Let me know if you have any questions; I can't wait to see how this turns out.

In the meantime, here's a little how-to on making your own home friend/cicada.

Please send anything/everything to edith@thehairpin.com.


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Ohh this looks like so much fun! I wish I had spare time and also watched the news ever.


Heh, the citato is in yer bed.


wow, that is great@j


That's an endive, not escarole (God, excuse me for being that person).

Edith Zimmerman

@gtrachel Oh yeah :-/ Thank you! fixed. ashamed.

Creature Cheeseman

@gtrachel Wait what's the difference?

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

HOLD UP! It's impossible to tell if those leaves are frisée or not, leaving the question of the endive/escarole dichotomy as moot! No need for shame!

(and yes I have grown frisée by my own hand in my (parents') back yard, just fyi)

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

still not sure why edith just happens to have cicorium endiva (var ???) in her fridge to play around with for kicks

fondue with cheddar

I was horrified until I saw the smile and eyelashes. For some reason, that made it all okay.


@fondue with cheddar Me too! As soon as I saw the eyelashes/smiley I breathed a sigh of relief.


Oh! Could we please please have another first picture post? They were amazing!


Cancel all Friday night plans! I'm carving three DC Circuit Appeals Court appointees out of radishes.

Setec Astrology

@stuffisthings - Even a radish wouldn't get confirmed.


@Setec Astrology Ugh, you're sadly quite right.


@Setec Astrology "Look, we understand that you're a salad topping, but can you PROVE to this committee that you've never held an opinion about guns or abortion?"

Edith Zimmerman

@stuffisthings I feel like* you haven't done this yet.



Oh jeez, if I tried this it would turn out like Pictionary but with vegetables. "Is it...a Bigfoot? Donald Trump? Communism?"


@frigwiggin I want to watch whatever news you've been watching!

Edith Zimmerman

@frigwiggin PLEASE YES


@frigwiggin "It wasn't right the first time you said it, why the HELL would it be right the next ten times??"


what CAN'T I do with a potato and the news coming out of toronto ...


@redheaded&crazy I'm picturing a crackpipe carved out of a little spring onion.


@laurel this is going to happen sometime in the next week. It's not as if I have anything else important going on! ... aside from a couple exams. BYGONES.


Oh! This reminds me, I made an Alistair Darling Easter egg in 2010. I don't think he counts as being "in the news" anymore, though.




@FlufferNutter Angelhair pasta wig FTW!

Judith Slutler

Is there any asparagus-y news? I just bought like a ton of asparagus


@Judith Slutler You could maybe fashion them into a collapsing bridge or some other item of failing infrastructure?

Judith Slutler

@stuffisthings :( :( :(


@Judith Slutler Also, I just noticed your excellent username! Well done.


I need to assemble a team to create an edible montage of The Adventures of Florida Man.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher That is correct.


oh G-d what if cicadas were that big

I don't even know

brb off to collapse into my bed with the vapors


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