Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Get This Look: Cheese

1. The Cheese Ball

Happy National Cheeseball Day! Did you know there was a day during the year when we took time to pay homage to this spherical mass of cream cheese covered in nuts typically served around the holidays in the United States? Of COURSE YOU DID. Because you're an intelligent and savvy cheese consumer with an eye for style who knows all holidays with great panache! BONUS CHEESE BALL FACT: In Italy, they are called Bocconconi, which is both difficult and delightful to say out loud quietly to oneself.

Get This Look:

gtl – cheese ball!

2. Bleu Cheese

Bleu, or ‘blue,’ cheese can come from a sheep, a goat, or a cow: When it comes to which mammals gushes forth with the milk meant for its cultivation, it’s not picky. But don’t think this cheese comes without airs or pretense — it MUST have mold in it and it MUST smell so strongly that when your parents accidentally leave it in the back of your car you begin to quietly fear that you have developed a cancer that makes itself known through the power of odor alone. Legend has it that the discovery of bleu cheese occurred in a French cave — as the best things do. It was an accidental discovery when some lazy as ass person was all “Whatever, this mold prrrrobably won’t kill me,” which really makes a lot of sense. Thanks, that guy!

Get This Look:

GTL – Bleu Cheese


3. Manchego

In addition to being the best of all the cheeses that there are, Manchego begs you to put a second ‘n’ just before the ‘g’ whenever you pronounce it. Don’t do this, or your roommate will mock you, much in the way she mocked you when you, a pure heart wanting only to order tacos, pronounced ‘Oaxaca’ as though it were a city in Japan. You just wanted tacos. Manchego is a mild, buttery cheese cultivated in the La Mancha region of Spain. It can only be made with sheep’s milk, and only in this particular part of the country. So if you live in Buffalo and start “making your own Manchego” SPAIN WILL COME FOR YOU.

Get This Look:

GTL – Manchego

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I live in Buffalo and promise to be vigilant.


@Gulf of Finland But can you make buffalo mozzarella?


Wow. So pretty@m


No Brie? No Camembert? No cheddar???!!! THIS SHALL NOT STAND.

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg And now I've got "The Cheese Song" stuck in my head, which I cannot find online. It's a totally obnoxious kids song that I used to hear on my local public radio station's kids' show and it's awesome. Each cheese has its own verse.

Gorgonzola, gorgonzola, gorgonzolaaaa
The cheese that's good for your soulaaaa
It makes you say, "HOLY MOLA"
And that's why I love gorgonzola.


@iceberg Concerning Brie, where exactly do you expect Rebecca to find a dress made of angel-wing feathers and dandelion fluff, let alone slippers that are actually hollowed out cherubs?


@iceberg It's the single most popular cheese in the world!


@JessicaLovejoy I'm personally fully behind the recent ban on hollowing out cherubs.


@JessicaLovejoy i love you so much. come sit by me.


@Gulf of Finland it has put a damper on my expanded wine-glass collection, though.


Manchengo. Hi, it's me, parallel-lines and I want to talk to you about your pants. (points down) What's going on here? I love you. Get it together.

Judith Slutler

@parallel-lines Hey now, those pants are the only ones my thighs will fit in once I go on the all-Manchego diet I've been planning for fall.


@Emmanuelle Cunt Yes dear, but the drop crotch camel toe is really troubling. Confusing and troubling.


@parallel-lines Those are basically the real-world embodiment of my imagination's picture of what that astronaut stalker lady was wearing on her no-bathroom-stop drive to Florida.


@HeyThatsMyBike D:


@parallel-lines @Rebecca Stokes @Comme des Garçons

What is that drop crotch for???? Going to the bathroom in????


@Tracy Storing cheese wheels?


@Emmanuelle Cunt Hope you are saving up, because they are $595.00.


@HeyThatsMyBike ... I'm sorry, I thought you said "$595", but that is clearly a ridiculous amount of money to pay for baggy, creased shorts. Should I assume they're $5.95?

(Good god, that's £390. What is happening? Have I fallen into a parallel universe by mistake?)


@Verity You too can look like you had explosive diarrhea that stretched out your biking shorts for a MERE $600!


@HeyThatsMyBike What a bargain! I'm getting two pairs!


I LOVE THESE ARTICLES! Cracks me up so hard every time (and sometimes makes me hungry)-- and you really catch the essence of the object with the outfits you choose!

Judith Slutler

brb incorporating a cheese cleaver into all my outfits

lucy snowe

@Emmanuelle Cunt I've got my brassiere, I've got my cleaver. All set!

Wait. Forgot my beret...


@Emmanuelle Cunt I saw a cleaver incorporated into a cheese set (cheeseknife, cheeseboard etc.) the other day and was a bit taken aback - cleavers? For cheese? But it would really make a good accessory.


Mouse feets!

Can I be Jarlsberg? Creamy yellow with ill-advised cut-outs?


Holy fucking shit, this is amazing.

Also I found THIS: http://www.purpleanemone.com/cheese-cracker-purse-p-45.html


Yea! Rebecca's awesome outfits are back!!


I swear on the soul of the three servings of chevre that I just consumed, I'm putting together a version of that bleu outfit with a toile skirt I just got at Goodwill. THIS. IS. HAPPENING.


If I were a cheese, I would be a cotija.


I need those bleu cheese trousers and I'm lactose-intolerant.


@martinipie Accordingly, Daiya cheese: Designer knockoffs that are preeeeeetty good but only if you'd never actually seen a real Chanel bag.


@martinipie you captured the essence of daiya so well. and yet. when i eat cheese it is just unfortunate.


The cheese ball is wearing MOUSE SHOES! HAAAAA!


Now that the 80s are back, I'm going to dress like Easy Cheese and wear some flourescent orange leggings from American Apparel.

lucy snowe

Funny, a friend of mine just asked me to make him pants that work like a BabyBel wrapper. I guess that means red wax with a pull tab?


Cheese ball for dinner? DON'T MIND IF I DO.


@anachronistique My favorite bar has a pistachio-encrusted goat cheese ball (actually, balls. There are three!), so I know what I'm eating tonight.


@meetapossum WHAT WHERE IS THIS PLACE. You had me at pistachio.

lucy snowe

@meetapossum Oh, that sounds yum.


@par_parenthese Astoria, Queens!


@meetapossum A friend of mine just moved there! I'll have to check it out when I'm visiting her this fall (I hope I hope I hope I hope).


Needs more Gouda.

lucy snowe

@meetapossum Gouda is the cowbell of cheese.

and it's not even my birthday

I was thinking the same thing. Something bright red and waxy over a creamy off white could be a good look.




@JanieS "Well, at least you all didn't dream about that guy with the cheese. Don't know where the hell that came from."


So inspiring. I'm envisioning a cheese plate ensemble costume for Halloween.

Also, am I the only one missing the Deviled Eggs series?

honey cowl

I think I injured myself from silent-desk-laughing just now you guys.


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