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A Cheap and Colourful Meal for Four, With Leftovers

This unphotogenic yet rewarding marvel is largely based on a recipe I hounded out of a now-deceased cousin, and is known in my family as "the tilapia thing."

"I don't have much time tonight, I'll make the tilapia thing."
"Ugh, those peppers are on their way out, I'm going to slice them and put them on top of the tilapia thing."
"We need to finish these brownies stat, I want that dish to make the tilapia thing in."

You get the idea. It's special! It doesn't sound that great, but it's cheap and easy and delicious and super-nutritious. I usually don't serve anything with it except white wine, because I just like to dump a bunch of it in a bowl and then eat it while watching television. But you could probably use some little roasted potatoes. No vegetables or salad, though, or you'll be up to your gills in roughage. It's one of those things where you're eating it and you say "and it's so good for you!" with your mouth full. And I'm giving you my version of the recipe, which involves more fat than the original, which enhances both the deliciousness and the nutrition. Tell me quadrupling the feta was an expensive mistake. Go on.

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees, and oil or cooking spray a glass dish (I use one of these guys here.) There's no way to make that step sound conversational.

Now, you want a lot of baby spinach. The recipe calls for, like, a ten ounce bag, but I don't really think that's enough spinach. I usually use one of the big tubs, because you're going to wilt it, and baby spinach cooks down to a tiny fraction of its original bulk. It's like it actually changes states, or something. I just keep tossing it in and wilting it until I run out of space in the skillet, and then I have an handful of leftover spinach that eventually liquifies in my crisper drawer and needs to be sponged out with a paper towel. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

You may not have wilted greens before, it's great, and it smells amazing! Heat some olive oil in a skillet over medium low heat. I just use my nonstick for this, use the biggest one you have. Sometimes I even use a wok, so I'm not dropping half-wilted spinach off the sides of my skillet onto the burners. Again, the recipe calls for one tablespoon of olive oil, but I start with two or three and then add more as I go. Stir in some garlic. I buy minced garlic, and then I drop in a big spoonful, but it's probably a couple of cloves, if you want to chop your own. I read a scary book about someone giving their entire dinner party botulism with jarred garlic, so now I use the smaller squeezy bottles of minced instead of the big glass jars. Your call! Okay, cook the garlic in the oil until it gets brown and smells great. Now, just dump in one handful of spinach at a time, it'll become dark green and wet and small. Keep adding until you run out of space. Congratulations, you are done with the hard part, and it was totally easy.

Next, you want a cup of salsa (of your choosing!) Ideally, you'll want to take a second and dump the cup of salsa through a strainer to make it less watery, but sometimes I skip that part. Stir the salsa into the spinach, take it off the heat.

Spread half of your salsa-y spinach onto the bottom of your baking dish (it may not cover the whole thing). On top, you're going to place your fish fillets in a single layer. Right! The fish. Just some cheap-ass white fish. It doesn't really matter. Basa, haddock...I use tilapia. About a pound and a half of it, but you can squish in more or less based on how many people you're feeding. Put the other half of the salsa-y spinach on top. This is a good time to add random vegetables you're trying to use up (sliced peppers, mushrooms, or zucchini work best) if you want. Now douse the whole thing in chunks of feta cheese with a few turns of black pepper. Tons of feta. It'll brown in the oven and be gorgeous. Hand-to-God, the original recipe is like 1/4 cup of feta. Silliness!

Now, put it in the oven for half an hour, check to make sure the fish is flaky and cooked through, serve with the pan juices on top. Eat it.


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I love love love casserole-type food recipes, because 90% of the time that shit is so easy to make, and I hate making lunches to bring to work so usually I just make something like this on a Sunday and I'm good til at least Tuesday night, if not Wednesday morning. ...Is that gross?


@cosmia casseroles = the best.


@iceberg The best! You just throw things that you think taste good together in a giant dish and stick it in the oven.


@cosmia Not gross. I will only cook things that can be made in large batches and eaten for multiple leftover lunches. Like how I spent an entire summer living off of pasta salad.

Sea Ermine

@cosmia So I just found out what a casserole was this year and I was so amazed that so many things were casseroles. Like, I thought that there was just one casserole and there was one recipe for it and that was the casserole. But apparently this is a casserole and ziti is a casserole, and that gross creamy mushroom thing I saw once at a potluck was a casserole. I'm still amazed how you can just throw a ton of things in a dish and it comes out a tasty casserole.


@cosmia not gross. when I was single, I cooked both lunch and dinner on sunday and ate it all week.


@cosmia Not gross. Today for lunch I have the last leftovers of the casserole I made on Sunday night.


@cosmia Not even a little gross. That's called being smart and not setting your money on fire by buying lunch every day. Plus it makes me really look forward to lunch... people that don't like leftovers are weird. I'm all about lentils and rice made in my rice cooker with boullion, garlic and dried shiitakes... then supplementing that with whatever greens i have lying around, maybe cracking an egg over it and voila... slightly different lunch every day.


@cosmia Casserole is the best forever and ever, amen.


@RoxxieRae Bringing my lunch to work most days also means that when I do have to or want to buy lunch maybe one day a week - I can enjoy it as a nice treat and I'm not stuck trying to get the cheapest or faux healthiest slop I can find near my office. I brought veggie soup for lunch Monday through Thursday? Then Friday I'm getting that burger I've been craving.


@cosmia Not remotely gross. I'm single and I typically cook Sunday afternoon/evening for the whole week. And casseroles are the BEST thing.

I love the meat/beans/veg/randomshit + biscuit dough/corn bread batter arrangement. So, like, hamburger, beans, salsa, taco seasoning, peppers, onions + spicy corn bread on top. Or bacon, red onions, white beans, kale + biscuits on top.

Judith Slutler

@cosmia That's not gross, that's cookind efficiency.


@cosmia Uhhhhh, no, that is The Best Thing. I love not having to think about what I'm going to eat for lunch because I already have something delicious waiting for me that I made for a fraction of the price of what buying lunch costs - plus, I know exactly what went into it. I'm all about meals that are made by throwing shit in a pan/pot/cooker and being done with it. See the delicious curry I made and proceeded to eat for 3 days in a row - for lunch AND dinner yesterday. Also see the ridiculous amount of space in my freezer given over to homemade soups.


@MoxyCrimeFighter Okay you can't talk about your delicious curry and not share the recipe. Also does anyone know any good slow cooker curry recipes?


@smidge Ha, my delicious curry is a cheat, because it's mostly pre-made sauces, but they'd be easy enough to replicate from scratch! I usually slop a bunch of the Trader Joe's masala simmer sauce in a pan, glorp in their Thai red curry sauce, add however much coconut milk I feel like, and squirt in a lottt of sriracha. Then I go to town with chicken and veggies, usually cauliflower, peas, onions, and red peppers, and dump it over brown rice.

lucy snowe

@RoxxieRae That sounds delightful!




I make a thing that is basically a failed omelette with spinach, sauteed mushrooms, cheese, corn, fresh tomato,and garlic. I call it "egg mess".

Ragged But Right

@iceberg I love the things we call stuff we cook in our own homes. My Dad used to make my brother and I this potato thing which was basically potatoes, boiled, then smushed up a bit, then fried and covered in ketchup. He called it 'Train Crash Potatoes'. In college I devised a version with potatoes, mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes, and named it 'potato slop.' It remains my signature dish.


@iceberg I do the same and it is called "egg dump" in my kitchen! Because you dump everything relevant in the fridge into it, obviously.


@iceberg My favorite meal when I was a kid was ground beef browned in a pan with American cheese, mixed together with ketchup. Kind of like tacos without the shell, or the seasoning. My dad called it "monsterburger," and I actually just had to google it to make sure that he actually did make that name up. (As far as I can tell, he did.)


@iceberg My failed omelettes are basically me failing an omelette, and then someone sees me cooking and is all "lol did you fuck up the omelette" and I'm like "NO IT'S SCRAMBLED EGGS DUH OBVIOUSLY"


@Ragged But Right OMG the Bergy Bits would love that (ok they would love a bowl of ketchup for dinner, but however) - can you describe the process of your version?

@PatatasBravas @cosmia Right? OBVIOUSLY.


@PatatasBravas Word- fridge-cleaning dishes FTW.


@iceberg I made mashed potatoes by myself for the first time the other day for Shepherd's Pie and was like WHY DID THIS TAKE ME SO LONG THESE ARE AMAZING

Tragically Ludicrous

@Ragged But Right My mom has this sort-of-chicken-soup-and-sort-of-posole thing she makes that is absolutely delicious that she calls "fake Mexican." When I go home I always ask her to make fake Mexican and it's great.

Judith Slutler

@iceberg I love the egg mess style of cooking even more than actual omelettes. At this point I just make over-easy fried eggs, and put spinach or arugula under them when I flip them, and then grate a little parmesan on top. That + sambal oelek is killer.

Ragged But Right

@iceberg I see a 'Pinner's Cookbook in the offing! Egg Mess, Potato Slop, Monsterburger, Failed Omelette, Fake Mexican, Tofu Poop, Egg Dump...seriously.

Potato Slop, for the Ice Cubes: Take several small new potatoes. Boil, drain. Fry in olive oil, garlic and rosemary, smushing them a bit. Add chopped Mushrooms. Fry more. Add chopped cherry tomatoes (I say that, I mean sometimes (nearly always, and possibly because it's better with them)) drained canned tomatoes. Fry a bit more. Grate a huge handful of sharp cheddar cheese, take slop off heat, stir in cheese so it melts. Serve with lashings of ketchup. Eat in front of television.

Ragged But Right

@Ragged But Right Slumgallion! MexiChicken Cheesy thing! Chicken Goo! PLEASE LET'S DO THIS.


@iceberg Frittata! Quiche! Spanish Omlette! Migas! However you're fucking up your omlettes, rest assured some chef in history has already fucked theirs up the same way and invented a name to cover their ass.


@Ragged But Right Hahaha, tofu poop.

I don't even have a name for my egg-based (slash general) meals. This year has been the first time I've lived with a roommate who caused me to think about it. "What are you making?" "Uh, veggies with some...stuff. I don't know."


@iceberg I'm late to the party, but reading this comment string brought back childhood memories of 'Daddy Hash'...my mom was a nurse, so she worked crazy hours, so my dad would get home and make Daddy Hash...instant mashed potatoes, ground beef, peas, carrots, etc. all in a biiiig pan and voila! Balanced meal that takes like 10 minutes.


@iceberg because I am not remotely Mexican, anything I make with rice-beans-and-cheese is called "Fakexican." I don't even specify whether it is quesadillas or burritos or fajitas, etc.
"What's for dinner?"


Well, this is much more impressive than my family's "the bread crumb thing" recipe. (Actually: "recipe" in quotes is more accurate because it only consists of two ingredients.)


@fabel please explain?


@iceberg I'm going to assume at least one ingredient is bread crumbs, but what's the other one??


Oh, oops! I accidentally made that all mysterious. It's bread crumbs (like the powdery canned kind you use to decorate a chicken or artichoke heart or something) & egg. Mix & put into the frying pan. (It's really good, I swear)


@fabel when I make breaded chicken breasts and run out of meat, I mix the leftover egg dip and breadcrumbs and fry them in the chickeny oil. I've been afraid to ever eat it myself, but my brother loves it, and now I learn that your family has been making it intentionally. I guess I'll have to make one for myself next time.


Huh. I kinda want to try making a tofu version of this!

Hamburger Hot Dog

@werewolfbarmitzvah Report back! I was just trying to think of what to use in place of the fish, but I am not such a great cook and I do not trust myself to come up with a non-gross veggie version. I trust myself to eat a veggie version, though.


@Hamburger Hot Dog What about trying it with sliced cauliflower "steaks"? Cauliflower is THE BUSINESS straight out of the oven.


@Hamburger Hot Dog Do you like beans? 'Cause I think white beans would be delicious baked up with spinach, salsa, and feta. Though I'd maybe do that mess up in a smaller dish so everything was more smooshed in together. Hmm. Maybe I'll try this variation this weekend.




@par_parenthese RIGHT?!?!?!?!? @Jinxie- Agreed. I make a variation on that pretty regularly... Chickpeas with a bunch of smashed whole cloves of garlic would be pretty great with this application.


@Jinxie I've totally done that before! White beans, spinach, tomatoes, onions, garlic and feta. It was a hit, for sure.


@werewolfbarmitzvah ooo I would be curious about that, too. I don't have much experience with casserole-like things, but was wondering if this would work with chicken. Not that I dislike fish - but I think chicken (or a vegetarian protein) would be more likely to last for a week's worth of lunch and I want to maximize my laziness here.

sceps yarx

@RoxxieRae dude, roasted cauliflower with salt, powdered mustard, and hot paprika. SO GOOD.


@Jinxie I HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE WITH WHITE BEANS AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. I did it with some other kind of white cheese though (I think a mix of white cheeses actually? It was adapted from this recipe http://www.biggirlssmallkitchen.com/2011/09/potluck-parties-cheesy-white-bean-dip.html)


@cosmia Ooh, white bean stuff reminds me of this:

Dump can of white beans into pot. Add S&P, garlic powder (whatever, it's totes convenient), rosemary and lots of red pepper flakes.
Stir in a bunch of chopped kale and bring to a boil.
Put cheese on crusty bread. Broil until bubbly and browned.
Put cheesy crusty bread in bottom of large bowl.
Dump some of the bean-kale stuff over it.
Squeeze a little lemon on top, aren't we fancy?
Devour because OMG.
Eyeball other piece of bread and rest of bean-kale stuff.
Tearfully pack for tomorrow's lunch instead of eating all of it.


@par_parenthese WHAT I WANT THIS

Hamburger Hot Dog

@cosmia I had to stop reading these replies until I had eaten lunch because I want all of them.


@werewolfbarmitzvah I was thinking I'd give it a shot with some tempeh, sliced lengthwise and braised ahead of time in a little bit of sherry! But all these other ideas sound amazing, too.

Daisy Razor

Oh, bless! This will be perfect for this summer, when I'm trying to use up our CSA veggies. I'm also thinking of signing up for a fish CSA (CSF?) to force me to cook more fish (and make myself less nervous about the fish's origin/labeling), so I might be making this every week!

Pariah Carey

@Daisy Razor Community supported fisheries?! In what magical place do you live??! Is it Portland? I bet it's Portland.

Sea Ermine

@Daisy Razor How do you like your CSA? I really want to do one but the one in my neighborhood is sooooooooo expensive. And they have discounted one's but only if you make less than 15k a year, which I (fortunately) don't. It works out to $22 a week and even though I eat a lot of veggies buying them at the grocery store usually costs me way less than that (most of what I buy is 99 cents a pound or less). And the lists of what is in the boxes seems really small and you have to buy 26 weeks up front so that sucks. But I want one!


@Sea Ermine I had a CSA for a while and I just had to discontinue it. It was expensive but more than that, we got reeeeeeal tired of kale and frequently wasted food. Which was more than we could bear. So we stopped. It could be in part because of where I live (Northern New Mexico) so the growing season is shorter so the variety wasn't as good as someplace like California or Washington. Also, my CSA had this annoying thing where they would spam my inbox with volunteer requests on a daily basis. So...mixed results.


@Sea Ermine A lot of the farms near me let you either do a proper CSA or effectively get a farm-debit-card, in which you give them whatever amount of cash upfront that you want and then whenever you buy veg from them, they deduct it from your tab. You could ask about that! Then you'd not have to get stuck either with weird veg or with a $22 a week charge, since you could adapt it to your income.

Daisy Razor

@Sea Ermine I live in Boston so there's a large variety of CSA's to choose from. ours is $350 for 18 weeks, June to October. The farm we go to has a smaller box option, which we get. A lot of the CSA boxes seem tailored to people who are much better at freezing and canning than I am! The small box lets us stay on top of eating everything without feeling like we're having nothing but kale every week.

@pariah carey It's out of Glouchester, MA ( properly pronounced "Glostah") and they deliver the fish weekly to almost 25 locations in Boston and surrounding towns. I'm really excited to try it!


@Daisy Razor If you have access to salmon, either by subsistence fishing or a CSA, you gotta do it.

I subsistence fish for pink salmon (the not-fancy kind). Filet 'em, and drizzle with olive oil, then dump kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, wilted spinach, feta, and all of the pepper on top, and bake. I call it "Greek fish."


This sounds pretty damn delicious. Also, healthier and easier than my usual old vegetable disposal mechanisms of "bake into a frittata" or "forget about until it becomes a biohazard."


@TheBourneApproximation "vegetable disposal mechanisms" yup.


@TheBourneApproximation I'm a fan of Giant Stir Fry to use up bits of veg. (See also: Cover With Cheesy Bechamel, Top With Breadcrumbs, Bake Until Bubbly.)

Ali Khairat@facebook

@TheBourneApproximation I totally agree with you, it looks so delicious and easy to make, should give it a try! I always enjoy making cheap and healthy recipes.


I make a thing with tofu, frozen veg, soy sauce and peanut butter. I call it Tofu Poop.


YES I HAVE FROZEN TILAPIA IN THE FREEZER I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH. I am gonna make the shit out of this on Sunday!


Also IT IS SO WEIRD how spinach wilts to about 2% of its original size.

A. Louise

@PatatasBravas I read something somewhere that it's actually healthier to eat wilted spinach than raw because you can consume so much MORE of it in one go? Crazy.


@A. Louise Plus I think you absorb more nutrients?


@A. Louise Apparently adding olive oil helps your body absorb more nutrients from it, too.

Theda Baranowski

You had me at feta. You ESPECIALLY had me at TONS OF FETA. I will eat that stuff by itself. I toss it into tomato soup in an effort to recreat Pret's tomato and feta soup (THAT THEY STOPPED SELLING IT'S LIKE THEY HATE ME)

I have a lot of strong feelings about feta.


@Theda Baranowski Feta and spinach is the BEST greens/cheese combination. If you have not had a spinach, egg and feta quesadilla yet I heartily recommend it.

Theda Baranowski

@cosmia When I lived in Madison, the best local pizzeria sold a Fetalicious pizza. It remains the thing I miss most about my graduate school days.

fondue with cheddar

@Theda Baranowski When I was a full-time college student and working three jobs (don't ask me how I pulled off that shit because I still have no idea), I went out to dinner A LOT. At the time, Friday's had a spinach and feta quesadilla, and I would eat it a few times a week. And then they took it off the menu and it was the saddest day.

I never thought about putting feta in tomato soup! That sounds GLORIOUS.


@Theda Baranowski My late, lamented local pizzeria had a signature feta and pepperoni pie, and it was the best thing ever.

the rat lady

@Theda Baranowski The fetalicious is ok, but the Mediterranean is better - pesto, olives, tomatoes, and more feta than is humanly possible. I will eat you a commemorative slice the next time I have a Nickel craving.

like a rabid squirrel

@the rat lady @Theda Baranowski Madison! I haven't been to this place yet but I've already heard about this pizza from multiple people.


@Theda Baranowski FETALICIOUS!!!!! Oh how I miss it. And I found the mediterranean to be a poor substitute, but perhaps they have upped the feta level since then.:)

A. Louise

My mom's claim to fame is a little dish called "Chicken Goo", which actually gets better as it sits in our fridge.

She also made a broccoli, cheese & chicken casserole that I love/loved so much I used to eat it for breakfast in middle school. I feel like that says a lot about who I was in middle school.


@A. Louise
Please tell me more about Chicken Goo.

A. Louise

@carissadalloway haha, okay!

It's sort of a bastardization of Chicken Cordon Bleu now that I think about it - skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into 2 long strips each, wrapped up with swiss cheese into little spirals and set in a casserole dish. Pour cream of chicken soup mixed with a little water over the chicken cheese roll thingies, and then take some stuffing crumbs, melt some butter, toast them together in a sautee pan, and crumble over the lot. Bake @375 for 45 ish minutes? Until it's cooked through? We usually serve it over rice with a veggie.

It ain't fancy, but it's very comforting and the next day the sauce thickens mixed in with all that cheese and NOM. I've also done it w/ cream of mushroom soup & quorn veggie cutlets for a vegetarian friendly option.


@A. Louise
That sounds great! Homey and delicious. I need more swiss cheese in my life.

And I love that you ate broccoli casserole leftovers for breakfast as a kid, on a couple different levels. First, my middle school self would like to be friends with your middle school self, because I hope you would share. Second, the thought of my kid liking something I made for dinner so much that she'd eat it again for breakfast makes me (my present, mom self) smile.

Thanks for the recipe!


I made a delicious casserole thing the other day. It's polenta, ricotta, canned tomatoes, cannelini, and onion, all topped with parmesan. (Next time I'll be adding wilted spinach and garlic instead of the onion.) I called it "polenta al forno" on Sunday night, and for the rest of the week I've been calling it "lunch."


@cuminafterall Why "instead of"? Onions and garlic love each other and love you even more.


@anachronistique I feel like one time I heard that it's not "Italian" to mix onions and garlic in the same dish? Not sure why I believed that B.S.


@cuminafterall Could be! I was taught to cook by my Spanish-descended dad, who starts basically every recipe with garlic and onions, and I do the same thing unless I have a recipe specifically telling me to do otherwise.


@anachronistique And then sometimes you have friends who are allergic to alliums MY NORMAL APPROACH IS USELESS


@cuminafterall Blasphemy! My Italian grandma is rolling in her grave! All the allium you can handle, always! (I will concede that it is possible that this is sorta Americanized Italian cooking, but seriously, both my husband and I are of partial Italian heritage, and everyone in our families starts dishes with both garlic and onions.)


@MsLady I am of Italian heritage and both my parents and grandparents are not American Italianized at all, and garlic and onions are basically salt and pepper in their house.


This looks DELICIOUS

Legs Battaglia

I make a delicious thing with ground turkey and zucchini and tomatoes and ricotta and it goes by the unglamorous name Turkey Food. It needs a rebranding.


@Legs Battaglia I make "eggplant creation" - eggplant, tomatoes, sometimes mushrooms, basil, oregano, sometimes garlic all sautéed together in one pan. On particularly lazy days, I just use the eggplant and a can of "Italian-style" tomatoes. Sometimes I eat it with rice, sometimes pita chips, sometimes by itself.

I call it a creation because I am a terrible, horrible, no-good cook, and was soooo proud of myself for coming up with this! (It's the little things).


@Bebe I like to make "an Indian dish," which is basically onions sauteed with curry powder, add lentils, add water/stock, add chopped carrots/daikon, add salt, cook until thick, stir in some butter, serve over rice.


Back when I was a Young Jinx, Ma Jinx used to make a similar-ish casserole with chicken instead of fish and shredded cheddar (or Mexican Cheese Blend when she was feeling fancy) in place of feta (Mexican Cheese Blend was as exotic as she got with cheese in those days; feta was WAY too unusual for her). There may have been rice involved too? In any case, I haven't had the MexiChicken Cheesy Thing for probably 15 years but am now feeling a mad craving for it.


@Jinxie Yes, this sounds like a family friend's signature dish. She shredded the chicken first and served it as a dip! It was called...Chicken Dip.


My dad likes to make a lot of hearty rib-sticking stews and soups in the winter, and they are all collectively referred to as "glop."


@anachronistique My dad makes something similar called slumgallion - no idea how he would spell that - which is basically some type of ground meet, usually a tomato-based sauce, and whatever is in the fridge that is about to go bad. Always different, usually pretty good!


@Bebe Slumgullion! My dad used to make that, based on how his mother used to make it, which was hamburger, onions, green peppers, and elbow macaroni in a just enough tomato sauce to keep everything moist but not so much that it was like a stew.


@MoxyCrimeFighter So it's a real thing??? There's definitely elbow macaroni involved and he learned from a friend's mother when he was a kid - but honestly we all just thought he made it up because there was no recipe and no one else had ever heard of it. I can't believe it's actually like a thing!!!


I had no idea I was such a cultural purist in cooking, but for some reason I can't deal with salsa AND feta in the same dish. I'd either do a tapenade/olive salad in place of the salsa, or I'd use cojita cheese in place of the feta. Weird- I had NO IDEA I had that bias until just now!


@jule_b_sorry I had the same reaction - "those can't go together!" This is probably why I have like 8 different types of cheese in the fridge at all times.

dr. annabel lies

@jule_b_sorry I'm making the heck out of this tonight, but with cotija instead of feta, because feta and salsa sounds very odd to me too.

Jolie Kerr

and then I have an handful of leftover spinach that eventually liquifies in my crisper drawer and needs to be sponged out with a paper towel.



@Jolie Kerr So once I made beer and let it ferment in a pumpkin. Then we served it from the pumpkin and when the party was over put in our secondary outdoor fridge.

Fastforward 6 months...

Nicole Cliffe

@Jolie Kerr sorrysorrysorry


So when I was a kid my dad used to make a 'casserole' when my mom was at work. It was browned ground beef mixed with canned Campbell's vegetable soup (no water). My sister and I LOVED it. Maybe I should whip it up sometime soon and watch old Muppet Show re-runs.


My go-to casserole is called "What There Is", consisting of scalloped potatoes with whatever meat I have and whatever cheese I have. Always different, always delicious!

Chareth Cutestory

Will crappy pico de gallo work for the salsa???


FYI - I made this last night. My thoughts: 1. super easy. 2. It needed a little more salt. 3. I served it with crushed up tortilla chips on top (I live in Houston, everything has tortilla chips). 4. So tasty but not too heavy but still very filling. 5. As all my favorite foods do, it gave me gas.


@MandyMcAwesome I made this last night too! I didn't have salsa or feta so I used spaghetti sauce and provolone. And I made roasted potatoes on the side. It was tasty and was enjoyed by all!


@mannequinhands OH and I didn't have a ton of spinach so I threw a cut up zucchini in the pan with it. Yum!

fallopian princess

@MandyMcAwesome Chiming in to say I also this over the weekend and it was AWESOME! I served it with roasted veggies and it tasted / looked like something that would cost $16 a plate in a restaurant. Was thinking it would also be awesome to serve with corn tortillas & lime = fish tacos!

Nicole Cliffe

YAY!!!! Oh, I'm so happy people are making it and enjoying it! It is just a perfect easy adaptable dinner with all the vegetables and protein.


@MandyMcAwesome FISH TACOS - THAT'S WHAT I DID WITH THE LEFTOVERS! Seriously good. I had to eat it over the plate so I wouldn't have to wear the juice, but it was amazballs. It was even tastier the second day and, strangely, less gas inducing.


I just made this for dinner and my 2 boys (10 and 12) even loved it!!! I actually was shocked at HOW GOOD it really was!!

Ali Khairat@facebook

I totally love this meal, it looks so delicious, healthy and easy to make, i must give it a try! I always enjoy making easy and healthy recipes

Ahmad nagadi

Great and delicious meal!!!


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