Friday, April 5, 2013


15 Cats That Are Leaning In

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Lauren Bans is an editor at GQ.

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Chiara Atik@twitter

Socks Clinton!


@Chiara Atik@twitter Exactly!! Socks!!

fondue with cheddar

@Chiara Atik@twitter Because I adopted her during the Dubya administration, I did not realize until now that my Moo looks just like Socks. Same mustache and everything!


@Chiara Atik@twitter SOCKS! I also came to talk about Socks. My parents once went on a trip to DC and sent me a postcard of Socks- I was psyched.

Julia duMais

@Chiara Atik@twitter I like Socks's all-caps alt text. That's how I get about both my cats and most things related to the Clintons.


Absolute genius! @l


I'm so tired of these stay at home cats yowling about eating fancy feast. What about working cats? You think mice just catch themselves?

Also: that last photo is my nightmare. Can you imagine that litterbox? The person is probably like, "Oh, I got some new clay stuff you totally can't smell it."


@parallel-lines It is both my fantasy and my nightmare. Seriously, I can barely manage three cats.


5 in my apartment! (To be fair two were meant to be temporary fosters that are still here 10 months later.)

I scoop so much litter that I timed myself. I reckon I spend at least half hour a day just on scooping boxes!

fondue with cheddar

@parallel-lines I only have two, but one of them pees as much as six cats, so.

miss buenos aires

@parallel-lines I learned the hard way that every cat really needs his/her own litter box.


Look at Cat 13, kicking it with the old-school computer program. You go, Cat 13!

Judith Slutler

hahaha that cat at the lego laptop sticking its little tongue out in concentration as it makes sure all the text boxes in its new indesign template are properly linked


To the surprise of no one, I always enjoy a cat-centric post. And almost nothing amuses me more than when my two bowling ball-shaped cats sit like the cats in the first two photos above.

Lisa Frank

Is this the post for us to talk about Lean In? Because I really want to roll my eyes at privileged, white feminism, but I've been following the Facebook feed and it does seem like Sheryl and her people have a commitment to diversity? So maybe this is a step in the right direction?


@Lisa Frank Her talk on The Daily Show was pretty good, I thought.


@Lisa Frank
There was that Rebecca Mead bit on Gloria Steinem in the New Yorker the other week where Steinem says, of Sandberg, "Only in a woman would success be seen as a barrier to giving advice." I'm still thinking about that statement!


@Lisa Frank Me too, BUT I think she's definitely pushing for all women since she wants to see more of us in positions of leadership to make changes at the top and push for better work situations for everyone. I dig her.

Here's the clip from the Daily Show: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-april-3-2013/sheryl-sandberg


@Lisa Frank

I think the 'issue' a lot of people have is that her analyses of many of the problems are sound, but her solution is for women to be more professionally assertive. Rather than push for changes to the institutions that are barriers to even the most perfectly ambitious, assertive, leaning-so-far-in-her-chin-is-on-the-table-woman.

She puts the focus for change on the wrong party.

That said, I haven't read it - lol!!

Lisa Frank

@parallel-lines @Rock and Roll Ken Doll @Emby It's such a relief to have someone say in a very public platform that women face sexism in the work place. Because we do, and there's very little recourse. I had a hellish experience at my last job (sexual harrassment, being treated differently than my male colleagues, a (female) boss who was antagonistic) and despite seeing and experiencing it, there was little I could do. So I just really appreciate, that she's going out there and saying that women face challenges in the workplace because of ingrained sexism.


@Legal Isn't this argument sort of reductive? Women don't do things like sit at the table, ask for their own office, raise their hands, etc. because they don't want to be perceived as acting unfeminine/overly assertive? Which is a product of patriarchy. So if we start doing that, we're dismantling that system and normalizing those behaviors. We're getting more women in the seats of power, in order to dismantle the larger system.


@M. Ryan@twitter
"Women don't do things like sit at the table, ask for their own office, raise their hands, etc. because they don't want to be perceived as acting unfeminine/overly assertive?"

Mmmmm....I know there is *something* to this, but the fact is there are PLENTY of very assertive women in every sector of the workforce.

Fact is, it doesn't matter how hard one leans in, if the structural, institutional barriers are still in place. And are not challenged.

Also, I don't buy that a few more women CEO's / board members are going to necessarily be a force for change for women as a whole (see Marissa Meyer).


@Lisa Frank Have only read about it but I'm torn. In the past, I've found myself nodding at most of her advice, particularly the "don't leave until you leave" theme. But I recently read a really thoughtful piece (that I can't find now, of course) that made a point that I hadn't considered: Sheryl Sandberg works for a giant corporation and her advice is basically give more of yourself to your job. That really gave me pause because, if this weren't about feminism, honestly, I'd be the first to write off that kind of advice as corporate propaganda.

I still haven't unpacked all of my thoughts about this. I'd love to see more women as COOs, but I'd also love to have a society that wasn't so ruthlessly governed by capitalism. I think about female friends who, when their workplace got genuinely ridiculous, basically walked away, which was both frustrating because I hated to see talented, intelligent people just leave, but also intensely empowering to be reminded that that's not all there is.


@Legal But how are we supposed to challenge barriers from the outside? Sandberg's book is about encouraging people to get over their internalized oppression to effect change.

And just because there are 'plenty' of assertive women, isn't the better question to ask "Are there enough?" Why can't there be more? Why aren't there more?

I'm not asking for a 'few' more women board members/CEO's, I want a lot. Also, just because Meyer isn't a force for change doesn't mean that women like Hilary Clinton or Sandberg can't. Sort of like some men aren't going to be a force of change for others in leadership positions and others are.


@M. Ryan@twitter

"But how are we supposed to challenge barriers from the outside?"

The same way most large social movements effect change (civil rights, LGBT, etc), by agitation from the grassroots. The same way most women's rights have been won to date.

I also agree with dataless' ambivalence about the capitalist / corporatist system as whole. The same system Sandberg is a part of. Grossly overcompensated C-level people are a huge part of the problem, regardless of gender.

I think concentrating issues like child care, health care, living wages, pay equity, etc. etc. would do a lot more for advancing women in their careers and as leaders, should they choose.

Internalized sexism is a problem, no reason it can't be addressed too. But I don't think 'lean in' circles for a privileged few is going to do much to improve the lot of 99% of women.


@Legal The most frustrating thing about all this Lean In stuff is how wildly Sandberg's message is being distorted. Most of the criticism it's gotten has been totally straw-man -- attacking things Sandberg doesn't even say.

If you want to know her real positions without committing to reading the book, her Daily Show appearance is a good place to start. Jon Stewart says "aren't women equal yet?" and she says no. Jon Stewart says a couple of times "isn't that just because women are ambivalent about working, since they'd really rather be mothers?" and she says "let's work on actual institutional sexism, and let's work on the stereotypes that people have about women that work against us."

She acknowledges in the book that her advice isn't for everyone, and isn't meant to be some kind of feminist panacea. She's very specifically highlighting the fact that there are still very few women in the top corridors of power -- the house, the senate, the presidency, the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.


I have heard several in depth interviews. I liked what she had to say. Of course she acknowledges institutional sexism.

I just don't think 'lean in' circles are an effective solution to the dearth of women in positions of power, or to the problems women face in the workplace at more mundane levels.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Shrugs.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll See, I don't know how applicable that statement is here. If a black or Latino male CEO - even one that had worked hard to get where he was - wrote an advice book that explicitly tied itself to civil rights, and - while glancing at institutional racism - still talked largely in terms "not giving up", "personal investment" and "doubling your efforts", I can absolutely imagine a similar backlash. Maybe the outside media has used this as another "look at those broads tearin' each other down - no wonder feminism doesn't work!" thing, but I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss actual. substantial critisisms in this case.


Yeah, that's what I was ineffectively trying to say. She says "don't leave until you leave".

But many women charge ahead and DON'T leave. Yet, when these 'leaning in' women have a baby, or their vaginas are discovered in other ways by those in power, their careers are still damaged, or their full potential not realized.

I think there are some valid criticisms here. She is coming from a place of tremendous privilege that blinds her to certain things: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/112578/what-sheryl-sandbergs-acknowledgments-reveals#


The cat in 14 is either the most tolerant cat alive, or it has been drugged.

fondue with cheddar

@anachronistique It might be sleeping.


@anachronistique My cat would put up with this. My bf and I recently played "throw things on the cat til he moves" but he never moved ("things" = wool socks, panties, crumpled up post its, etc). We lost/got bored before he moved. That sounds meaner than it was. My cat just DGAF unless you touch his belly, and then watch the fuck out he will fuck you up.


@fondue with cheddar hahaha ouww it hurts to silence/suppress this laugh.

My cat looks a lot like 14 but she's probably smaller, and would not be cool with one of those things resting on her. Too much cat dignity, it's annoying.

fondue with cheddar

@whizz_dumb Aww, dignified cats are no fun. My more dignified cat isn't too bad, but the other one has no dignity at all. She doesn't even act embarrassed when she tries to jump onto the couch and misses. That is one great thing about dignified cats, though—the sudden grooming they do when they embarrass themselves. It's the cat version of the trip-jog.


@fondue with cheddar Another great thing, maybe more on the cute side (still annoying), is when it's obvious she's showing off for me. Check this out, I'm gonna jump from the top of this hutch to the filing cabinet, bypassing the plant stand, in a daredevil trick for the ages! WATCH! Woops didn't stick the landing LOOK AWAY I need to lick my crotch real quick before my next feline feat. *Takes off running into other room psychotically


@fondue with cheddar You will be awakened from this day forward, by a weight on your chest and a paw on your face. #fortunetelling

Count Chocula

#6 is taking a classy-yet-casual profile picture for her LinkedIn page!


I like Gingy in #10 being like NO it is my turn, no Pinterest for you.


@iceberg I get that same look after I have bought a bunch of stuff at Ross.


The first two cats are actually doing the polar opposite of "leaning in."


@Megasus doing the rockaway?


The last one is a picture of my own home. Except I don't have a desk.


Picture 7: Black Cat is unsuccessfully trying to convince Tabby Cat to stop doing her editing on hard copy. Ginger Cat has given up on the whole enterprise and is daydreaming about bird-flavored lattes.

sarah girl

@area@twitter "bird-flavored lattes" is killing me right now


@sarah girl "Uh, yeah...I'll have a medium wren, and my friend will have a lowfat robin, extra feathers. And could you put a chickadee on top?"


@area@twitter I'd like a half ground squirrel, half chipmunk with a shot of mouse, no whippet.


@PistolPackinMama I like to have a large crow with grated starling on top in the morning. Seagull with extra salt in the evenings. A couple of toasted nuthatches on the weekend.


@area@twitter Toasted nuthatches on weekends only because calories!


Picture 15: Weekly Cat Meeting gathers in desktop conference space. Topics: Update on catching feathery lure attached to fishing pole, meeting stretch goals for monthly hairball production, half-eaten moths left in kitchen, contributions to Catnip Club


@area@twitter HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA that is exactly what is happening. Tabled for next time: at what point is the human in the house no longer capable as kibble provider, and it instead becomes more viable to just eat them?

fondue with cheddar

Thanks for reminding me I haven't visited stuffonmycat.com in a long time.


Technically there are 25 cats leaning in (15 pictures of cats leaning in). It's this kind of pedantry that's going to help me rise to the top, I'm pretty sure.


Also we've all seen these already, right?

fondue with cheddar

@highfivesforall Yes! I love them.


@highfivesforall Annnnd this.


@highfivesforall OMG <3

miss buenos aires

@highfivesforall Slaying me at work: "I AM SUDDENLY FILTHY"

fondue with cheddar

@miss buenos aires


@fondue with cheddar
I mean, this thread would seem incomplete without Bobcats:

Also, I hadn't see all of those particular business cats. Business cat is by far the best meme animal.

fondue with cheddar

@ThatWench I've never seen Bobcats before. I will get very little done today...

You're right about Business Cat being the best meme animal.


@fondue with cheddar Sorry to interrupt this conversation but there's a moth in the room.





Here is Grumpy Cat at an office birthday 'celebration':


@PatatasBravas Grumpy Cat better get a slice this time. Last time they ran out.

fondue with cheddar

@MaxBraverman My dying wish is to see Grumpy Cat, Maru, and Lil' Bub all hanging out together.


@PatatasBravas Happy First Birthday, Tard!!!


This is appropriate, as tomorrow I am moving into an apartment with both a formal home office and a cat. I see many similar pictures in my future.


How this did not end with a screencap of Bill Pullman in While You Were Sleeping I'll never understand.


That sixth ginger kitty!! What a baller.


I still don't know what "leaning in" actually means.

Miss Maszkerádi

@frigwiggin Me neither. These major cultural moments tend to go sailing right over my head. I'll probably figure it out in about three years.


I work from home a lot now that I am freelancing, and I've given my cat the position of Office Manager. It's working ok, but sometimes there is conflict over management heirachy and the goals of the business.




Wow, cute cats folks!!!!

Mike, ItsCharmingTime.com


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