Thursday, March 7, 2013


Pineapple Milkshakes and De Koonings

"When I arrived in her room, my mother was crying. She cried a lot that first night, and then, the next day, she cried some more because she was certain Christopher Hitchens had done no such thing, and she was devastated at the thought that she might not be as brave as him about death."
—Jacob Bernstein's beautiful tribute to his mother, the perfect Nora Ephron, is so personal that one almost feels reading it is an intrusion. From what her fans know of Nora Ephron, she might have loved that.

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Well, now I'm crying too.


GAH. Dammit....


Is it allergy season already?


She was wonderful. I would not cry over Christopher Hitchens that's for sure.


A good death.


"everything is copy" - sigh. Love her.

conniving little shit

I cried a fair bit reading Hitchens's "Mortality". I guess if Nora Ephron had written her own account of her experience it might have made me cry too but this reads cold for whatever reason. It didn't even occur to me to feel sad until I read the comments, which is so strange!


Eyes wide open in a sandstorm, don't know what came over me...


Aw, I can't wait to read this in the magazine this weekend. (I hate how they publish them online so far in advance that everyone's done talking about it by the time I can actually read it in my paper edition as you are supposed to.) I love Nora Ephron (and am also related to her! I never met her but my dad did) and was so sad when she died.


This was beautiful and heartbreaking. It both captures the uniqueness of Nora Ephron, especially her marvelous wit, and the universal experience of losing a beloved parent.

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