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Get This Look: Household Appliances

1. Washing Machine

As late as 1886, many women were hauling water into their homes between eight and 10 times a day. And yet, we look back on those bygone days in our moments of laziness being all “Why do I have to shower three times a week, people used to perpetually marinate in their own filth!” This was apparently not for lack of trying. Fervent was our desire to be 10 kinds of clean — exhibit the birth of the washing machine! They used to just be mechanized scrubbing boards! Some people had to use gasoline powered ones! Regardless, each machine remained a wonder. Gone were chapped hands, in their place a slowly evolving agitation system that for some reason we have not gone all the way with, instead inventing a separate dryer rather than making just one machine that does both.

Get This Look:

GTL: Washing Machine


2. Toaster

In the history of this household kitchen staple, there are two periods — before pop-up, and after pop-ups. In early designs, toasters were veritable dragons, filling homes with smoke, burning fingers, and taking many lives. “I have created something beautiful,” wailed Alan MacMasters, its inventor, “and yet it brings me no joy!” This is because nobody had really worked out how to wire the damn thing without setting everyone’s house on fire. Cue the invention and subsequent patenting of the alloy chromel! Advance, o noble history, and take the toaster with you! In 1925, Charles Strite invented a toaster with a timer, dual heating coils — THAT WOULD POP UP WHEN THE TOAST WAS READY. Three years later, sliced bread became commercialized. Making toasters as we know them today ... THE GREATEST THING BEFORE SLICED BREAD.

Get This Look:

GTL: Toaster


3. Stand Mixer

As divisive a kitchen tool as ever there was. Some go their entire careers whipping up cakes and marshmallows without it, presenting their impressive biceps as proof that this is so. Others swear by it. “It washes my children’s hair,” they’ll say with a reverence usually reserved for discussing the appetizers at Outback Steakhouse. The stand mixer: It works really hard so you don’t have to. While some women spent their formative years assigning themselves avatars as dictated by the Sex and the City cast, others learned early on that they were Kitchenaids, not Cuisinarts — or vice versa.

Get This Look:

GTL – stand mixer

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Carrie W.

I decorated my entire house (all 1200 sq ft) around my fire engine red Kitchen Aid mixer. I love it so.

Dana J. Gipson

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@Dana J. Gipson With that kind of money, just imagine how many Kitchen Aid stand mixers she has! With bread hook accessories!

Carrie W.

@gobblegirl Maybe she could even spring for the pasta maker attachement!


@Carrie W.



@Carrie W. Mine is sour-apple green and having it on my registry was one of the top 5 reasons I got married.


@blueblazes I broke down and bought myself one (in persimmon) as a promotion present before Christmas and now I have no reason not to elope, really.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I had to look up what color persimmon is. I love it!


@blueblazes i think the main reason my S.O got me one, was so that i would have fewer reasons to bother them about getting married. it worked for a year.


@frigwiggin YES!! I was waiting for it! :D


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher mine is pistachio. My mater gave it to me i think because she thinks even if you never get married, you should still have a registry list. i love it.


@Carrie W.
wow that must be really cool.


it's so beautiful@t

fondue with cheddar



@fondue with cheddar
It costs $80,000!!!!http://www.polyvore.com/welcomeprojects_toast_bag/thing?context_id=75987143&context_type=collection&id=78154370


@mabellegueule I clicked through to the site and it actually 'only' costs $740, which is still... a lotta dough.


@allofthewine If I bought that, my savings would be toast.


@gobblegirl you butter start saving or else you'll be in a jam

Roxanne Rholes

@allofthewine I'm not saying this just to get a rise out of you, but sometimes you pay money for QUALITY, you know.


@Roxanne Rholes If you invest in that bag you'll be catapulted to the upper crust of society.


@allofthewine Crumbs! That's expensive.


@gobblegirl maybe someone could buy it for you as a Christmas crescent?

fondue with cheddar

@PistolPackinMama I think it's a waste any way you slice it.


@fondue with cheddar Thing is, red is a neutral, and everybody knows... so there are so very many options!


$21,720 (£14,307) for that metallic t-shirt. What.
I am just going to buy ten washing machines instead.


see above re: cost of toast bag.

This is not to take away from the awesomeness of this and all Get This Look posts.


It's $226 USD. I guess there's some error when it gets imported by Polyvore. http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/mm6-by-maison-martin-margiela-metallic-t-shirt-item-10340182.aspx


I, for one, am never to be seen in any outfit other than my lemon-yellow bathing costume and complementary jousting helmet.


@OwlOfDerision That outfit moved me more than any other GTL item ever. This whole post, too, was the best of the series, IMO. I don't know, I guess I relate to household appliances to an even greater extent than previously suspected.

Miss Dashwood

Actually, in the UK a lot of washing machines are also dryers. Or, should I say, "dryers," because at best they get your clothes hot and damp. So you then have to hang them out to dry on your clothes airer, which kind of negates the point of having a dryer in the first place. My first few washer dryer cycles as an expat were very confusing indeed...


@Miss Dashwood Yeah, there's a reason that in countries with lower population density aka bigger homes (but high enough GDP that they can afford washing machines), hardly anyone uses the 2-in-1s. I was looking to get a washer and dryer set for my apartment, but when I found out that I would have to rewire the whole place to allow a separate dryer, I looked into them.
But they don't dry your clothes well and (like all dryers) are pretty bad for your stuff. So I just dry everything on a wire rack, for free.


My KitchenAid is yellow! And I love it dearly - I fulfilled a lifelong desire the day I bought it on clearance at Williams Sonoma in Manhattan and carried it home on the subway - but, honestly, I use my Cuisinart food processor far more often.


@DianaPrince My parents are still using the Cuisinart food processor they got for their wedding in 1977. It's a BEAST.


My mom got a KitchenAid for herself. At Christmas, we were making cookies and my mom remarked "What are we going to name the KitchenAid?" (Because duh, we name all the major appliances/cars). We both went "GERTRUDE" simultaneously. It was creepy/wonderful.


@M. Ryan@twitter you rang?


@M. Ryan@twitter I have an inevitable class discussion about naming appliances, every year. I love my job. My cars have all been named after famous ships.

I haven't named my kitchenaid though... hmmmmm


I remember going to a laundromat in Germany with my mom and discovering too late that there's a separate wringing machine for a reason; the laundromat closed and we had to drag our hot, still-damp-from-the-dryer clothes back to the hotel and spread them all around the bathroom in the hopes they'd dry by morning. All of which to say: thank god for the spin cycle.

quamquam vivit


My grandpop lost part of his index finger in an old-fashioned laundry wringer when he was a toddler! Those things are terrifying.


@DIES IMMORTALES!!! Not for nothing did they call it a mangler. :(



GASP! My dad has a permanently, badly scarred index finger from getting it cranked through a laundry wringer! They must have been dangerous as hell. (2 anecdotes = statistics after all)


I typically do not wear skinny pants because they do not look great on me, but I might make an exception if I could wear all of Washing Machine.


I want to dress as a Stand Mixer EVERY DAY.

Mine is the classic white, because it was gifted to me by my 90-year-old great-aunt, so the thing is probably older than I am. I don't bake, so I've only used it once-to make slightly terrible Christmas cookies for my landlord, who refused them as it was his New Year's resolution to lose weight. (He did, however, take the Guinness that we gave him.)

quamquam vivit


I'm preparing to use mine in minutes when my boyfriend comes back with butter, and the Great Mixer shall cream that butter ICE COLD. It's got the power of one horse!


@TheJacqueline Wow, he refused a gift? RUDE!!

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

Washing machine! Get on me all of you!


A few Christmases ago, completely unexpectedly, my mom's partner got me a cream-colored KitchenAid stand mixer - which he had a friend of his who does automotive pinstriping decorate with swirly ornaments and my name in Plum Crazy Purple. It is the raddest appliance I, or arguably anyone, will ever own.


@HydrogenJukebox Suddenly I want a friend who does automotive pinstriping.


@HydrogenJukebox i want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Emotional rollercoaster: delight at "persimmon" and "pistachio" / sorrow over you getting "cream colored" / AS A GIFT / pity / you must be a gracious gift-receiver / joy and relief at pinstriping / all is well.


So...are you giving away a Kitchenaid? Because...well, I don't wanna have to get hitched and throw myself a wedding shower just to get one of those babies...


We have a washing machine that is also a dryer and it's the fucking BUSINESS. You just throw a load in and like five hours later pull it out toasty dry. Well sometimes not 100% dry but that's only if your husband NEVER sets the dry cycle for long enough. It's made a HUGE difference for us especially because we cloth diaper the Bergy Bits at home (daycares are not into cloth diapering, generally)

lucy snowe

I want a bra with dual heating coils and a timer.



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