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Get This Look: David Bowie

1. Labyrinth Bowie

Many of my generation were spurred out of our sexless youths and into adolescence at the site of Bowie as Jareth, the codpiece frontin', owl-turnin’-into, Gem-hairstyle-bogarting Goblin King who wanted nothing so much as he wanted to make Jennifer Connelly’s underage Sarah kiss him forever in an Escher-inspired room of stairs. Sarah, for reasons unknown, denies herself the carnal knowledge of Bowie’s splendor, and opts instead for saving her snotty baby brother. Also there are songs and Muppets.

Get This Look

GGTL – Labyrinth Bowie


2. Just A Gigolo Bowie

Remember that time David Bowie played a World War I veteran who turned to the sex trade upon returning to Berlin, and then had sex with Kim Novak in a graveyard, basically? Of course you do. As an aficionado of cinema, history, and David Bowie in uniform, this is a can’t-miss look. Additionally, Marlene Dietrich: my impression is impeccable.

Get This Look:

GTL – Gigolo Bowie

Resteröds Gunnar Boxer
$34 - nelly.com



3. Ziggy Bowie

He’s an alligator. And furthermore, a mama papa coming for you. Though he’d been skulking around the musical since the '60s, dropping such splendors as "The Laughing Gnome" and "I Dig Everything," it was the character of Ziggy, an androgynous, alluring alien savior destined to guide the youth of the age through the end of the world who really broke Bowie on through to the other side. Flamboyant, playful, and a fan of face paints, to Ziggy must we pay homage.

Get This Look:

GTL – Ziggy Bowie

Just cavalli jeans

Top secret


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Um, the Labyrinth one is good but you're missing the huge, distracting, very confusing to childhood parallel-lines and possibly fear inducing bulge.

fondue with cheddar

@parallel-lines Seriously, the codpiece is key!

H.E. Ladypants

@parallel-lines While at a friend's wedding reception, we noticed there was a costume party going on across the street and standing outside what a lady dressed in a spot-on Labyrinth Bowie costume. Of course, we all immediately ran out of the reception and across the street to see if she'd completed it with the appropriate bulge.

She had. It was magical.


@parallel-lines It casts its own shadow.


@parallel-lines Seriously, that shit became legend with my confused/fascinated friends when we first watched it at a slumber party in about 4th grade.


That was no codpiece.


@laurel oo_OO

fondue with cheddar



It casts a mighty shadow!


@laurel Holy cow, where did he hid that thing in the Ziggy picture?


@laurel Get this look. Get it NOW!




@laurel For finding and posting this, I will love you forever.

The Hyperbolic Julia Set

@parallel-lines I'm so glad you all agree! My sisters and I always refer to Labyrinth as "That Muppet movie starring David Bowie's pants" but I made that joke at work and got lots of confused-omg-we-work-with-a-perv looks. But srsly how can you watch the movie and not notice?!

fondue with cheddar

@The Hyperbolic Julia Set I'm pretty sure his genitals got billing in the credits.

lasso tabasco

My friends and I were just discussing going as different iterations of Bowie for Halloween next fall. Perfect timing!


@lasso tabasco I went as Ziggy Stardust for Halloween this past year. I made this costume: http://www.5years.com/Gall198.htm out of an American Apparel leotard and a belly dancing skirt. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to top it this time around... it was easily my proudest moment and so much fun, highly recommended.

lasso tabasco

@shumacumlaude AMAZING!



fondue with cheddar

@iceberg I would still have no idea what a bogan was if not for The Hairpin.


@cminor I love that show. I went to school with a lot of Ja'mies.


@iceberg It's so great! It's how I learned the word bogan.
My hometown was too bogan-y to have any Ja'maies.
(Not that there weren't other terrible people for teenaged me to hate.)


@iceberg WE CAN BE HEROES 4 EVA!!!

Are there any gifs of the twins from Dunt? They are bogan gold!


So timely!! I've been listening to the new album on repeat for about a week.


Anyone who wears the Ziggy Bowie outfit must become my best friend IMMEDIATELY.


@SarahP Does the space cold make your nipples go pointy, Bowie?


@Bittersweet And do you use your pointy nipples as telescopic antennae
Transmitting data back to Earth?


@iceberg Do you need my jumper, Bowie?


@SarahP - I have fallen in love w/ 115% of the ladies I have ever met w/ Aladdin Sane face lightning.


@iceberg Am I freaking you out, Bret? Is this a freaky dream?


**weep** i love you all

lavender gooms

@SarahP data back to Earth!

Faintly Macabre

@iceberg The nipple line was my little tagline on Facebook and I was so mad when Facebook got rid of those.

Leon Tchotchke

Get The Look: The Thin White Duke!

[Picture of a huge pile of cocaine]

ms. alex

(Okay, now I need to actually read the article. So excited! David Bowie!)

ms. alex

@ms. alex Oh, that was wonderful. I really want to be David Bowie for Halloween someday.


here, have a .gif.


@noodge ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaa i love you

fondue with cheddar

@noodge Would you like me to embed it for you?


@fondue with cheddar ah yes! you rock, thanks!!!!

(and ILY too icey ice!)


... i can't quite stop staring at it. his codpiece is hypnotizing me.


@fondue with cheddar Hehe balls.




This is great and all, but what if we just want actual David Bowie? I mean, where are the tips for fighting Iman off?

lucy snowe

@Lucienne Step 1- Release the tiger.


I actually clapped my hands in glee when I saw this.


Fave "Get this look" ever. Ever, ever, ever!

Valley Girl

Aaaah I'm late commenting but THE LOOKALIKE LOOKS TUMBLR brb reblogging everything

Face The King@twitter

Who in god's name WOULDN'T want to look like David Bowie? I'm gonna work on this right now.

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