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Avocados for Lunch

... 95 percent of the avocados sold and obsessed over in the U.S. are Hass avocados. That's one variety. One. Out of more than 900. There are so many avocados of so many shapes and sizes, textures, and even flavors. Hass is a pretty good one, to be sure, but maybe there's something else out there we might also enjoy. Differently? As much? Oh god: even more.

Writing for The AtlanticLeah Reich describes her love for avocados. She also opens this unexpectedly compelling avocado portal, which can lead to following Hass avocados on Twitter. And then to this more staid site for California avocados (also on Twitter), and this site for Mexican avocados, where a halved cartoon avocado wears what appears to be a denim miniskirt (even more followers). Chilean avocados snagged the "@avocados" handle, though.


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@Emby I just finished eating avocado, and then I saw this post! It was on otherwise boring salad, but the avocado made me happy.


@Ophelia Yayyyy, my people! (my username came into being because I had one in my hand while making an account)


@avocadosandwich hello fellow sandwich!!


@sandwiches Hello, cousin! What good company I am in.


loving this! @t


Seriously Haas, you could share the limelight with the Bacon variety.

Also, here's a great avocado recipe. And a gallery called Know Your Avocados.


@StandardTuber Also I can't believe you could write so much about avocados, but there you go. Time to start working on a banana article.

A. Louise

@StandardTuber You could write so much about bananas - they are basically going to go extinct (as we know them anyway, much like the Hass version of the Avocado) in the next 10-20 years because they are so inbred and weak to diseases. Banana Wiki Disease Wormhole

(Maybe that's what you were referring to when you mentioned them though, so I'll also contribute that I don't really like bananas and can only eat them if every bite is dipped in peanut butter AND nutella, which doesn't exactly make them a healthy snack.)

A. Louise

@A. Louise I would eat a (peeled) avocado, Hass or no, like an apple if it seemed acceptable though. HNNNG


@A. Louise Yes, that is what I meant :) Bananas and the fact that we only eat ONE variety, that unorganic methods are killing the very environment that keep them growing. And probably also mention the vodka banana recipe.

My only problem - where to publish this.

barefoot cuntessa

@StandardTuber I've actually been highly disappointed with bacon avocados. In spite of their name, they aren't as fatty and rich as hass. I'm happy to eat ANY kind of avo, though, if it keeps the hass variety around a little longer. I luz the avocados.


@A. Louise Just thinking about bananas going extinct makes my heart hurt :(


The title has convinced me, don't mind if I do.


I love avocados but the texture creeps me out sometimes. I don't know why!

de Pizan

@cosmia I have the same issue with both avocados and bananas. If they are even just slightly too mushy, it kind of nauseates me. It's like eating baby food.

Has anyone eaten the avocado spread at Subway? That is the grossest ever. I don't know what was involved in the making of it, but avocados should sue for libel.


@de Pizan Yes, I had it just the other day, because it was the only thing available that I thought would give my Veggie Delite (no cheese) any flavor. I was so wrong. BLEAH. I think it's made with a substantial dose of some kind of starchy filler to give it a "guacamole" texture while only having .05% avocado content.


@de Pizan @Lu2 I would not eat that if it was the last food on earth.


Passover starts tonight! For some people, Passover is Meat Week; for me, it's Avocado Week. I feel totally comfortable snacking on one every day during Passover.

oh good grief now I want an avocado.


if my grocery store sold not-Hass avocadoes, i would buy them, but alas, in the northeast, we take what we can get. oh, to live somewhere i could just grow them in the yard.

dj pomegranate

@karenb Growing avocados in my yard is my dream in life. It is all I hope for. When I have an avocado growing in my yard, my life will be complete.


@karenb I've noticed that all the supermarkets in DC sell Hass avocados, but some of the smaller bodegas sell other kinds. There's a corner store up the street from me that always has avocados from Mexico, and they're usually cheaper, bigger, and readier-to-eat than the Hasses from Safeway.


@karenb Yeah, I thought I didn't like avocados for the longest time. Then I realized that I only like RIPE, not terrible avocados. Visiting California pretty much changed my culinary world.


I grew up in southern California. My grandparents had a MASSIVE avocado tree in their yard. Its trunk and branches were thick and curled around each other, making it easy to climb. There was one bend that made a kind of chaise. I'd climb up there--it seemed like 20 feet off the ground but maybe it wasn't?--and read, the sunlight filtering in through the leaves.

It made those giant avocados with thin, smooth, glossy peels. We ate them all the time. I had no idea that was unusual until I read a book that took place somewhere else in the US where the sisters talked about avocados being an extra-special treat.


@karenb As someone who is living in the northern wilds, any produce that actually TASTES like something would be welcome. Especially an avocado.


@Kikimora Yes. Come and sit by me. We can gnaw on local artisan rutabegas together.


@MilesofMountains Hold on, I'm gathering other root vegetables to make us a stew.


Okay, what is a "serving" of avocado though? And who eats just one serving? They don't keep very well, first of all... (& don't give me any "leave the pit in it!" tips for preservation, because then I won't have an excuse to just eat the entire thing)


@fabel I'd say "a serving" of avocado is "however much guacamole I can stuff down my gullet without puking."

Lily Rowan

@fabel A serving is one, right? One avocado.


@fabel Exactly. Avocados are ready when they are ready, and woe betide any man who waits a day too long. Gather ye avocados while ye may, etc.


@fabel There is no worse smell than the smell of a rotten avocado. Jesus H. Christ.


@fabel weight watchers has decided that ONE QUARTER of an avocado is 3 points.
One avocado is like 55% of the RDI of a lady in my office doing the weight watchers program.
This is when I decided that weight watchers and I can never be friends because I am definitely a 6-points-per-day avo eater at the minimum.


One large butter lettuce leaf turned concave up on plate
Half an avocado sliced into spears alternated with half a mango sliced into spears
Juice of half a lime squirted on avo and mango
A pinch each of coarse salt and chile powder sprinkled on avo and mango
The ability of plants to convert soil and sun into joy


@laurel Oh my gooooooddddd. @laurel. LAUREL. I have all these things in my house. I AM GOING TO EAT THEM TOGETHER IN LETTUCE PACKAGE BLISS.


@PistolPackinMama Do it. In Mexico and sometimes in the southwest US you can get a mango, cut and peeled back from the pit so it looks like a flower, on a stick covered in lime, salt and chile from a street cart. It's how I got the idea.


@laurel Also in East Harlem!!! I fucking love that shit. <3 u, Puerto Rican neighbor friends for bringing your culinary treasures to the cold and bleak Northeast.


@laurel oh man, when I was in Guatemala I ate mango covered with lime and chile salt almost every day.


@schrodingers_cat It is like vegan ceviche... I am currently so wintered out that I have urges to eat all the summery things. San Fran pasta salad. Fruit. Citrus on avocado. Peaches, over the sink, with juice running down my chin and into my t-shirt.* Iced tea (I don't really drink that, but I would now.) All the summer, sprinkled in chili, salt, lime, and served in butter lettuce, YES PLEASE.

*it's lucky I am OK with this, since this is how most of my dining goes.


@PistolPackinMama It is gloriously sunny out today and I am stuck inside finishing edits on my thesis. But I'm going to make myself a peach-mango smoothie in a little while and sit in front of the windows.


Have you ever eaten them in the shower? Freedom!


@Inkling ... ... ... my life has changed in but a single moment. Also I want a smoothie now.

ms. alex

Someday I'm going to live somewhere where it's actually possible to locate more than one kind of avocado.


@ms. alex Allow me to recommend this http://avofest.com/


There was a guy in one of my college philosophy classes who would always bring an avocado to eat in class. He would cut it in half and then just eat it with a spoon.


I've done it. No shame.
Not in class, though. That makes it a little weird.

apples and oranges

@MissMushkila Euh this makes me feel like retching a little. I love avocado but I don't like them completely plain. Need a little salt/pepper or to slice them on some bread or something. But plain avocado with a SPOON? Nuh-uh.


@MissMushkila I dated someone who would peel and eat them like an apple. I cannot judge anyone for pursuing a more efficient avocado delivery system.


@MissMushkila it's fantastic eaten with a spoon! with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt!


@MissMushkila My coworker regularly brings as lunch: a whole avocado, an orange, a tin of herring, and sometimes a loaf of bread. I desperately want to know how those things come together for a meal (does he make a little herring 'n avocado sandwich? Eat them entirely seperately?). He always eats in his office with the door closed, though, so I am still in the dark.


@MilesofMountains Alton Brown recommends an avocado-and-sardine (maybe anchovy?) sandwich, so maybe herring and avocado work together as well? No idea how to involve the orange, though.

This is my new username

@cherrispryte The orange is clearly dessert :)


@MissMushkila You must burst in upon him mid-meal and then write a lurid expose.


You guys, I have a confession to make: I live in San Francisco, and I don't like avocados. I have learned to enjoy guacamole, when made well, but otherwise I just don't like the green stuff. It doesn't taste like anything!


@Jinxie I live in a very avocado-friendly area, is where I was getting with the SF thing. Saying you don't like avocados in this town is even worse than admitting to hating kombucha or food trucks.


@Jinxie I hate kombucha, and I live here too, if that makes you feel better :)

many things do not fly

@Jinxie Same here, but I live in SoCal. Not liking avocado was my secret shame until I conveniently developed an allergy to them (seriously, not faked). Now I can turn down guacamole without being harangued!


@Jinxie @stonefruit Seriously, fuck kombucha.


What is it about kombucha that people love? It's fermented mushroom juice, right? I'll just eat some caramelized chantrelles with a glass of sauternes, thanks.

Nellie, the Dickensian Factory Urchin

@StandardTuber I'm torn between describing it as "fermented battery acid" or "Satan's gallbladder juice".


@Mahoho Oh look - it's that time again. Time to vomit in my mouth.


@StandardTuber I thought it was fermented tea? Thanks, I prefer my tea to taste like tea, not like ASS.


@stonefruit "What we do is feed sugar to a mysterious blob of mucus that lives in our fridge. Then we drink the magical liquid it produces. It's blisssssssssss"


@area@twitter Ah, yes, I knew at some point the conversation would devolve into: I NO LIKE THIS THING THAT OTHERS LIKE, LET ME TALK ABOUT HOW GROSS IT IS TO LIKE IT.


@hotdog Normally I don't condone that sort of "Ugh, how can you eat that shizz it's totally gross I mean look at it, how foul!" talk, but c'mon - kombucha does look pretty weird/slimy/alien. I actually really like it, but I will never not be a little freaked out by the blobby bits at the bottom of a bottle.


@hotdog I feel no guilt about my creeped-outedness over kombucha. Should you stop drinking it because I don't like it? Certainly not! More power to you! I myself eat raw oysters, which is a position I find logically and visually indefensible. But I will stick to my right to be skeeved out by something.


@area@twitter Seconded. I have never had kombucha, probably never will. Do I stare coldly and judgmentally at the people who buy the stuff at the grocery store? No.
Well, not consciously.
Peace out.


I was having a conversation this weekend about what is the most delicious plant and most people decided avocados. I'm still waffling (there is a lot of great fruit) but it is extremely delicious and versatile.


A-VO-CA-DOS! *clap clap clapclapclap*

I am having avocados for lunch! Thanks to the leftovers from this recipe that I made for a barbecue potluck yesterday. (Recipe courtesy of @thebestjasmine, who has my eternal gratitude.)


@frigwiggin I just want to tell you how jealous I am of the entire concept of "barbecue potluck" as I sit here watching the snow.


I've got a ten-month-old who will eat avocado chunks until you stop putting them on her high-chair tray. That's a right-thinking kid right there.


@MmeLibrarian There are amazing pictures of my sister in a high chair green all over with avocado, looking wildly happy. My mom used to buy them in flats. Right-thinking indeed.

Claire Zulkey@twitter

I used to hate avocados and now I love them to the point where I know they'd probably make a decent baby led weaning food but I don't want to waste perfectly good avocados on my dumb baby.


@Claire Zulkey@twitter No! Dude! Give avocados to the baby! Mine has to be gently reminded not to stuff a new chunk in her mouth until she's chewed the last three (four, five). Don't stand in the way of love!

Claire Zulkey@twitter

@MmeLibrarian But what if he doesn't want to eat it and he just smushes it up and wastes it? Is that when I start spanking?


@Claire Zulkey@twitter This is EXACTLY where I was! Thrilled about the possibility of having an avocado-loving mini-me, unenthusiastic about sharing. Stupid baby didn't like them though, so everyone (me) wins.


@Claire Zulkey@twitter Yes, spank under those circumstances.


avocado + mint + sea salt, on everything. toast, tortillas, it really doesn't matter.


I know it's disgusting, but I love a halved avocado with a teeny dollop of mayo and worcestershire sauce plopped in the little hollow, eaten with a spoon. (She calls it a mayocado?)

Blackwatch Plaid

@sandwiches That actually sounds decent to me, although it probably shouldn't. Let's be gross together?


@sandwiches Are you saying "teeny" here because you feel like you have to? I would eat that, with a dollop bigger than "teeny". I also eat artichokes and fries dipped in mayo.

I like mayo.

Blackwatch Plaid

@RNL Yay, unapologetic mayo fans! It's not like it can be any worse than ketchup.


@Blackwatch Plaid *high-five for grossness all around*


@RNL Haha, no, I am an unapologetic mayo fan as well - I regularly get grossed-out looks from my sibling for the amount of mayo I put on sandwiches/eat (mixed w/ketchup & sriracha) with fries/etc - but for avocados I like just a little because otherwise I'm just uncomfortably aware that I am actually eating mayo with a spoon.


I wrote a 15-page research paper on avocados in college. For a humanities class.

I really, really like avocados. Eat them plain. Put them in the blender. Make guacamole. One million avocados for me, please.


He's right, you should eat avocadoes spread on toast with salt and pepper BUT ALSO WITH HOT SAUCE. Sriracha. Etc.


@RNL Avocado with Cholula all day every day.


@hallelujah Ok, that is literally what I had for breakfast this morning. Cholula and everything.


@RNL Sweet Jesus, how have I not been doing this for breakfast every day of my life?


@MmeLibrarian You've made a huge mistake.


I love avocados, but only when they're in the perfect state between unripe and brown/mushy. Any tips on selecting these perfect avocados? I feel like they're hard to find at the market.


@LooseBaggyMonster get them when they're still hard, and keep the on the counter with apples or bananas. They will ripen within 1-3 days, and you can eat them when they are at the precise best amount of ripeness.


Y'all! There are Monroe avocados in my local area! I was so excited to try them because they're, like, twice as big as a Hass. Well, the Monroe is full of disappointment so don't bother.

On the other hand, I ate one during summer and Wikipedia says that the Monroe avocado is in season in January and December. Hrmmm... Maybe I'll give it a second chance next winter.


Has anyone else seen The Fruit Hunters? It's about ALL the fruits and what we're missing in the grocery. trailer link It's from the same director that made Up the Yangtze and he makes me actually want to try a durian.


On a trip to Hawaii years ago, I picked up a 5x7 postcard at a roadside produce stand on the Big Island that was illustrated with a dozen different kinds of avocado. It bore the title "Avocados of Hawaii, Part II." THEY DIDN'T ALL FIT ON ONE POSTCARD.


Well there's no way they could find an avocado I would like less.


Okay, what is a "serving" of avocado though? And who eats just one serving? They don't keep very well, first of all... (& don't give me any "leave the pit in it!" tips for preservation, because then I won't have an excuse to just eat the entire thing)bridesmaid dresses


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