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All the Emojis, Drawn

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Kathy MacLeod's heart is brimming with emojis. She draws comics and posts them here. You're totally welcome to come visit her in Bangkok. 

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I just want a back tattoo of this whole thing


First of all: oh my god. I hope you drew these in chunks over a long period of time, because that would try my patience so much. Major kudos.

Second: my dad is a prototypical old-man-using-technology because he cannot send a single text message without using one or several emoji. All the cat ones are his favorites. He also ends all his texts with "Love Dad." Without the comma, it always makes me think of him as some sort of hippie - he's a "love dad."

Amber Stewart@twitter

@olivebee A discipline daddy??

fondue with cheddar

@Amber Stewart@twitter Do you have anything that says...leather daddy?


My favorites are the happy ghost and the sunglasses smiley. What about you??


@sophi ghost and poo and high five!


@dormilona For some reason the smiling poo disturbs me. My daughter has stopped texting it because she knows it freaks me out.

Hearts and smooches forever. (4eva?)


@Bittersweet Your daughter is a better daughter than I would be, because I wouldn't STOP texting the poop


@dormilona I would be lost without smiley poo. It's easily my most-used emoji, with thumbs up and martini tied for 2nd place. (Most commonly used combo: Monkey + air puff + poo.)


@Jinxie !!!!!!! I'll have to start using those three together. If I group emoji in a row, they usually are random. I also am a big fan of the flamenco/tango dancer. It adds extra ~flair.


The smiley poop!!

fondue with cheddar

@mollpants OMG WHERE IS IT

fondue with cheddar

I found it! I like the happy poop!

Dirty Hands


fondue with cheddar

@Dirty Hands First pic, 4th row from bottom, 3rd from right. SMILEY POOP!

Speaking of which, I saw the most bizarre Korean stop-motion animated short film on Netflix a few years ago called Doggy Poo. IT'S ABOUT AN ANTHROPOMORPHIC TURD, I KID YOU NOT. It is cute and bizarre and has a twist that's not meant to be creepy but totally is. I urge you to find it and watch it!


@Dirty Hands Underneath the row with the cat face emoji's. It took me like 5 min to find it.


@mollpants So there's a thing on iPhone that will allow you to highlight text and then have the text read aloud in a variety of languages and accents adn it works on emojis! I drove a friend crazy one day by making my phone say "smiling pile of poo" on repeat for ten minutes.

Speaking of cake, I have cake

@parallel-lines HOW DO YOU DO THIS I MUST KNOW


@Speaking of cake, I have cake Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak Selection > Toggle Speech Selection to ON, then pick your dialect/language the speed. When you want to use it, hold your finger down on the text and a prompt for "speech" will come up, click that and it'll read your emojis. Congrats, you now have the best bar trick for this weekend.


@parallel-lines Have to use this on super-prudish bf who can't even stand to HEAR the word poo out loud. It's not me saying it, darling, it's the phone!


@parallel-lines THAT IS THE BEST THING.

Speaking of cake, I have cake

@parallel-lines I can never thank you enough for this discovery...

Also it's fun to try it in the different dialects. My favourite is smiley poo in Australian English


I need a taco emoji.


@vunder The pizza slice one was a big addition to the team.


@vunder I don't have a taco on my emoji! :(

fondue with cheddar

This reminds me of those sheets of tiny fingernail stickers I loved as a kid.


;) The wink-smile is useful in making sure your jokey text is not taken seriously, which we all know could mean the difference between eternal love and a quick break-up.


Let's talk about all the emoji train cars!


I really like the horse-riding one—we always use it to mean "I'm on my way" or "here goes nothing"

ETA and I find myself using the ghost sticking out its tongue way more often than I ever thought I would.


I find myself feeling dissatisfied when I have to text someone who has a not-iPhone, because I can't use emojis and have to resort to :-),;-),>:-/. Way less cute.
Also, is there some way we could get these drawings as our emojis? They are adorable! Someone should really get on that!


OH MY GOD. Terrific.


@angelinha The emojis are terrific, and your picture is EVEN MORE TERRIFIC!


There's a Freddy Mercury emoji?


@par_parenthese OMG that would be awesome.

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Kathy, I LOVE your blog! It's hopelessly addicting. My favorite is the one based on your diary when you were 11. Makes me wish I could recreate my diary in drawings!


Is that a WARTHOG?

Ok, I must be getting old because I had to google "how to send emoji."

Pound of Salt

Real talk - the one between the wave and the heart box - what is that?? Is it supposed to be Oz?


@Pound of Salt I always thought it was a bunch(?) of lucky bamboo? It is green IRL. It is rather Oz-like, now that I look at it.

Pound of Salt

@mannequinhands Oh it does kind of look like bamboo. I always thought it was something on a cliff. Is Oz on a cliff?


I have a friend who looks exactly like the emoji dude with a mustache. The resemblance is seriously uncanny.


Protip - have a friend send you a text message with emoji in it and then have Siri read it out loud to you. Make sure smiling poop is included. This entertained my sister and I for about 2 hours (we are both adults, at least in theory).


My emoji addiction is well documented. I'm always disappointed, though, when I want an emoji that isn't there. Because, seriously, why is there not a puking emoji? That needs to happen


My gf and I have entire conversations with emoji - like yesterday when her car battery died after I left for work, she sent me [little blue car] + [battery] = [skull], then [crying face]. Two days ago I sent her [car][house][kissface][wine][plate of food][bathtub][tv][tongue+cat][sleeping zzz face] to tell her what I wanted to do for the rest of the night after we got home from work. (Sorry, tongue+cat is pretty dirty. Most of my emojis to her are NSFW.)

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