Friday, March 8, 2013


A Letter to Everyone I Know Regarding RuPaul's Drag Race GIFs

Dearest friends, family members, aquaintances, lovers, colleagues, and trusted confidants,

I come to you today to discuss an important matter in my life that you will need to be aware of for our relationship to continue. I have decided that moving forward I will communicate solely via animated GIF images from Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Simple words do not convey the nuance and emotion that can be encapsulated in a RuPaul's Drag Race GIF. Why am I even typing words right now?

In order to ease you, my loved one or potential communicator, into the process, I'm going to walk you through a few scenarios. See if you can't pick up what I'm trying to put down.

See, this would be me getting my flirt on at a local tavern or watering hole. Perhaps an OkCupid message? That's it, I'm only responding to OkCupid messages with Drag Race GIFs, and if that's too much for those fellows, well then, here's what I have to GIF about that:

Moving on. Let's try another.

That should be clear, right? No need for words there!

And, of course, there's no better way to express something so nuanced as "shade" than with a Drag Race GIF. I DARE you to describe the following emotions with words. You can't do it.

Therefore, in closing,


Katie Walsh is going to Seattle next week to stalk Jinkx Monsoon. Seriously.

PreviouslyFive Reasons to Watch RuPaul's Drag Race

Gifs from: gif-weenus.com, logotv.tumblr.com, fuckyeahdragracegifs.tumblr.com, fuckyeahrolaskatox.tumblr.com, st0rmkeeper.tumblr.com, and queenjadejolie.tumblr.com.

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@pterodactgirl (I am now looking through all these gifs on tumblr and they are AMAZING.)


@pterodactgirl Alaska is a comedic genius!


I kind of want to be best friends with Jinkx.

Ragged But Right

@Lucienne JINKX MONSOON FTW. That Little Edie was the best thing I've ever seen.

Lisa Frank

@Lucienne Have you seen the mini-documentary on YouTube, Drag Becomes Him? Amazing!

Katie Walsh

My obsession with Jinkx is starting to affect my life.

Anna Jayne@twitter

@Katie Walsh as soon as she described herself as Seattle's premier Jewish narcoleptic drag queen, I was on board. The Little Edie killed me dead.

Ragged But Right

@Anna Jayne@twitter Hairpinners for Jinkx Monsoon! I love the wig from her grandmother, and the way she responds to mean girls RoLaskaTox by saying 'Jinkx Yaaaay' when she arrives. Also I am developing a grudge against Michelle Visage for giving her a hard time.


@Ragged But Right I tend to cut Michelle some slack because she's on the panel to be mean and play favorites and her critique of Jinkx's makeup is definitely justified. BUT, I hear you. I also think they need to stop being so shitty to Alaska, who is my other favorite.

Ragged But Right

@Lucienne Alaska! "I'm carrying a fish that my grandfather caught in Lake Eerie. He would be so proud, and completely horrified."

The Dilettantista

@Ragged But Right BEST SNATCH GAME EVER. All those other girls can suck it.


is so beautiful <3@j


this show is PERFECTION. I wish I was a shade-throwing drag queen.



I basically want Latrice (Latriiiiiiiiice) to be my drag mother/lif coach.


@dormilona A-MEN. Seriously all time favorite of all life.


@dormilona RIGHT? I mean, this is perfection:


@dormilona JESUS IS A BISCUIT...


Oh yes honey!


I've never even seen RuPaul's Drag Race, but I love this post.


@SarahP It is seriously a great show. Excellent reality tv.

The Dilettantista

@SarahP Best reality show on television hands down, and one of the funniest shows currently on TV, reality or scripted.


I LOVE communicating in GIF form!




Regarding the fourth image (The "Ooh, y'all can't take me?" guy):

I see Alex Rodriquez has decided to move on from baseball?


So, about those real-looking boobs. I'm totally unversed in drag, other than what I see on RPDR, but I feel like those silicone boobs take something away from it. Like it's cheating somehow, taking the magic away from the cosmetics/styling/stuffing that all drag queens and women use.


@KeLynn The breast plates are a hotly contested item on the show every season. Michelle Visage hates them. I get that they have a use, but I feel they should be used sparingly, not with every outfit.


@KeLynn yeah I feel it's a little bit like those sharkskin wetsuits some professional swimmers use - an unfair advantage, and not in the spirit of competition!

nevernude cutoffs

All of this. I love this show SO MUCH.
RE: Alyssa Vs. Coco:
Last week I spent approximately 10 minutes out of my morning describing Alyssa and Coco's feud to my boyfriend, who just turned to me at the end of my explanation to say, "Do you hear yourself?" (Don't be too hard on him, he still thought Jiggly Caliente was still on the show, bless his heart.)
I might be obsessed. AND DISAPPOINTED BY THIS YEARS SNATCH GAME (with obvious exception of Jinkx)


@nevernude cutoffs I had high hopes for Coco the first couple of episodes but now she is so tiresome I was hoping she would sashay away this past week. I also find it interesting that either she or Alyssa (can't remember) refers to the other as "he." I wonder if that's the shadiest of all shade to throw a fellow queen?

And I thought Jade's Taylor Swift was going to be so good but it was so bland!

nevernude cutoffs

@dormilona Totally agreed. I found the entire game bland, or maybe just had much higher hopes based on last years episode. (Sharon's Michelle Visage probably can't be topped)

The Dilettantista

@nevernude cutoffs Coc has GOT TO GO.

Tragically Ludicrous

@dormilona Coco is SO ANNOYING, but Alyssa is starting to really amuse me. And she doesn't seem entirely aware of how amusing she is, which is kind of great.


@Tragically Ludicrous I love Alyssa. She cracks me up, and I definitely also side with her in the war against Coco. I think Coco's super talented, but she really has no grounds to still be upset about any of the things she gets mad about on the show.


I love Drag Race a lot lot lot, but I ended up reading an article the other day about how RuPaul does a lot of harmful stuff to the trans* cause, and I couldn't disagree with it, and now I feel weird and bad. (I know it's possible to like something/someone while being critical of it/them, but this was super-angry and super-scathing and I am impressionable.)


@frigwiggin I recently read similar articles. It sort of makes you look at Ru/Drag Race a little differently.

Did the articles you read mention how she has spoken out in support of Shirley Q. Liquor, the drag queen who performs in black face? Cause that one was just - whew.


@pajamaralls No, yikes. :(

Valley Girl

@frigwiggin Yeah, between trans* issues and a tendency to excuse racism from people like Q. Liquor and Sharon Needles RuPaul has some problematic tendencies.


@frigwiggin Yeah, it's very odd. The first article I saw about Shirley Q. Liquor - when I read "performs in blackface" my mind automatically went to more of a brown face image, maybe more Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder, but then I clicked the links and it was full on minstrel show blackface.

@Valley Girl I really liked Tatianna but she became so unpleasant as the season went on. However, that gif is priceless.

Ragged But Right

@frigwiggin Oh no! Do you have a link to the article? Because I would love to read it.


I LOVE RPDR, and Latrice Motherfucking Royale has changed my life for the better.
THAT SAID, BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS THE TURD IN THE PUNCHBOWL - I've read a lot about appropriation of drag culture and drag terminology, mostly written by members of the drag community, and it's kind of problematic.

So half of me is all "Noooo this is a bad thing to be doing" and half of me is "Where the HELL are the Latrice .gifs!?"

Katie Walsh

@cherrispryte I live for Latrice, but I limited myself to Season 5. Cause then it would just get too crazy.

Valley Girl

@cherrispryte Total agreement. I rewatched Paris Is Burning a couple of times the other day and no matter what I'm always gobsmacked by how much RuPaul has lifted wholesale from other people. I have to wonder why he doesn't at least have someone from those days of ball culture on as a judge sometime. It might not have the corporate synergy of a couple of sitcom stars but it would be a worthwhile thing to do.


@Katie Walsh I realized after I posted this that they were entirely Season 5 .gifs, so totally understandable!

The Dilettantista

@Valley Girl Ru came up in NYC during that time so he is aware of it. Mariah, on season 3, was a ballroom queen. The only ball queen that I know of who makes regular TV rounds is Benny Ninja, and I've only seen him on America's Next Top Model.

Ballroom culture, from my observations of it, wouldn't work as well with RuPaul since the focus is so much on the look and also the overall persona. These girls aren't voguers, they're personalities, and while some of them might have talents in specific areas (see: Alyssa's dancing, Ivy's singing) I don't think that a ball-focused challenge would work. Although it might be a fantastic mini-challenge.

It is frustrating to me, though, that so many of the queens are not schooled in gay history. When the older queens had to explain Stonewall to Jiggly last year, I was so frustrated, and from what I understand Chad and Sharon had to sit PhiPhi down and make her watch Paris is Burning. And this year, when no one knew who Little Edie was--HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO LITTLE EDIE IS. That was just infuriating to me. I think that's more a generational thing than anything else, however, and as it has been said many a time: This is not RuPaul's School for Girls, and it isn't RuPaul's job to school these ladies on history that they should already know.


@Valley Girl Tragically, many of the queens from the days of Paris is Burning are dead. AIDS was absolutely devastating. The 80s were the Plague Years, and too many didn't make it out alive. (Not even taking into account how many trans* folk and queens are the victims of violence.)
So my impulse is not to blame RuPaul for not including them, because I don't know how many are still around and wanting to participate.


@cherrispryte You should read this:

The Dilettantista

I live for Drag Race. I have watched this a good twenty times since it happened on Monday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSaJkO_2CNA -- Alyssa's hand motions while Coco's being all busted! Ivy's harmonies! Jinkx's crazy long belt! WHERE MY PEOPLE AT. This is EVERYTHING.

Regarding the comments up above: you could go on about that forever, but there was a trans contestant this season (a short-lived one, but she was still there) and all the queens, Ru, and the judges were VERY supportive of her. Also, while Untucked is usually all the queens screaming at each other (which is great), there are at least a few instances throughout the season where the queens talk about their experiences and struggles with coming out, and I think that these are important conversations to have and that, ultimately, RuPaul's Drag Race being on tv does much more good than harm.

Also, come on guys. WHERE MY PEOPLE AT. WHERE MY PEOPLE AT. I really live for this show, I really do. (And Jinkx and Alaska are the best this season right? I used to really dig Ro-Laska-Tox but Detox has been getting on my nerves a bit as of late).

Katie Walsh

@The Dilettantista Thanks for saying that so well.

Even though Roxxxy is mean girling Jinkx, she really is such a gem: where my people at! Sequinsed dress. Fishy daytime makeup dress!!!!!!! I. MEAN.

I'm also entirely delighted by Alyssa Edwards every day in every way.

The Dilettantista

@Katie Walsh Alyssa's really grown on me, especially when she starts pulling Norma Desmond faces in the mirror.

Sequinsed dresses forever--I like Roxxxy too, she's hilarious.

I want to be a drag queen, truly, but since I am a lady with great boobs I basically compromise by wearing a lot of makeup when I go out and sometimes throwing on a wig for kicks. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts, especially this week, when I've been prancing around the house yelping "WHERE MY PEOPLE AT?!" He thinks the show is funny but he doesn't quite get it, nor does he get my obsession with it. He said to me: "You are literally the only person in America singing the 'Can I Get an Amen' song right now," and I am going to show him this article and thread so I can be all: "NO. NO. I AM NOT. THIS IS NORMAL."

Valley Girl

@The Dilettantista I think the show's response on trans* issues has been mixed. The thing with Monica this season, in my opinion, was to make amends for the fact that until now there's been kind of an unspoken rule that trans women can compete only if they aren't perceived as being actively transitioning. They didn't make that an obvious rule but it was enough of a thing that India Ferrah was so mad at the perceived unfairness of allowing trans women to compete that to complain about it she outed Carmen Carrera as trans before Carmen had come out publicly. Now, this stuff didn't happen directly on the show but the competition environment had to contribute, and if you ever read the comments on Carmen's fb page you'll also see that there are plenty of drag "fans" that are ignorant or downright offensive when it comes to trans* issues. So all that could be improved.

That said, WHERE MY PEOPLE AT WHERE MY PEOPLE AT :) Roxxxy had really been flying under my radar until this episode but for some reason I thought that little singing improvisation was cute as a button.

The Dilettantista

@Valley Girl You might have said this above but that makes sense, especially in a competition aspect. This is about the illusion of being a woman and unfair advantages, such as hormone therapy and breast construction, should not fly in a competition setting. I know we're getting into iffy territory especially when looking at some of the plastic surgery queens have had, but someone who has been on the competition circuit told me that basically as long as there is something to tuck, the queen can compete. But, again, I might be wrong, as I am lady, with nothing to tuck.

Carmen wasn't one of the queens that really wowed me (she fell into the "pretty queen, blah personality" fold for me) so I don't follow her on Facebook, but I keep sort of a loose eye on her story since it is interesting to me, and occasionally I see her in the photos of the queens I do follow (particularly Manila).

Katie Walsh

@The Dilettantista YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. I have had Can I Get An Amen stuck in my head ALL WEEK.

Lisa Frank

@Valley Girl I think Sonique was asked to stop transitioning in order to go on the show? She mentioned that in an article I read. So yeah that's not cool...

The Dilettantista

@Lisa Frank How is that not cool though? I mean I get that asking someone to stop transitioning in normal life is not cool but this is a competition with rules and Monique would have had an unfair advantage. If you look at drag competitions like athletics, then hormone shots are the drag equivalent of steroids. They are a chemical enhancement that will give you a leg up from the competition that other people don't have (presumably). No one put a gun to Monique's head and made her audition for or go on the show. If what you are saying is true, she could have said: "No, transitioning is more important to me, so I'll stay off the show." Instead she said: "Okay, I want the opportunity to be on the show, so I'll put this transitioning thing on hold for a little longer."

Transitioning is a great opportunity for people who need to make that change, and trans awareness is INCREDIBLY important, but drag competitions are COMPETITIONS--not real life--where men--non-transitioning men, with testosterone and penises and stubble--dress up as women and compete to see who can create the best female illusion (while also displaying requisite Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent).

The Dilettantista

@The Dilettantista By Monique I mean Monica, because clearly I am now mixing up seasons and inserting Stacey Lane (Bryant) Matthews' turn as Mo'nique's character from Precious into the conversation.

Lisa Frank

@The Dilettantista Drag Race is not a female impersonation contest. Drag is about exploring gender and sexuality while being an amazing entertainer. Ru says that she's looking for Queens with "charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent." Hormones and plastic surgery can not give you those things if you don't have or give them to you if you don't. Should contestants (like Detox) who have had plastic surgery but not for the intention of transitioning be disqualified too? Drag is about demanding acceptance in a culture that is incredibly cruel to gay people; asking trans people to deny themselves goes completely against that ethos.

The Dilettantista

@Lisa Frank I think, much like Michelle and Jinkx's definitions of "glamor" are different, you and I have a different definition of what a drag competition is. So I'm just going to leave it at that.

Katie Walsh

@The Dilettantista Clearly, the definition of drag exists on a spectrum and nothing is going to encompass everything that drag is. I do think that Drag Race the television show has to do with female impersonation (case in point: Alaska getting read for performing the kiddie show in a boy outfit), and that it's not going to be all things to all people.

The Dilettantista

@Katie Walsh You are totally right and I think I worded my response a little strongly--obviously all drag isn't about female impersonation, just look at Drag Kings and yes there is definitely a spectrum--but in the context of RuPaul's Drag Race I think it is very much about female impersonation and, therefore, a contestant being on female transitional hormones would be like using steroids in sports. This likely holds true for the majority of female-impersonation drag including the pageants that start the careers of many a queen.

That said, Drag Race is all things to me, it is everything, and it makes Mondays worth living. Can I get an Amen (Can I get a, can I get an amen?)

Katie Walsh

@The Dilettantista Girrl, you know we are so on the same page, wasn't trying to throw shade on your response in particular as I was joining in on the convo. Wee are in agreement (about EVERYTHING). You can get an AMEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeennnnnnnNNNNNN Jinkx style

The Dilettantista

@Katie Walsh Man, if we lived in the same place, we could totally have Drag Race watching parties, and they would be the best parties. We see eye to eye (and no worries re: shade, I just wanted to clarify my language!) Amen!


@Katie Walsh Roxxxy's mean girl ways irritate me, but she is funny as all get out. I have no idea who/what Tamar Braxton is, but she had me rolling. And "Where my people at?" was inspired.

Princess Slaya

Ughhh. Roxy..! I used to be a huge fan of Roxy and Detox but they are driving me INSANE in a bad way this week. Their cliquey-ness has definitely left room for people like Ivyyy Winterrrssss to come through in competitions! (HER DRESSES ARE THE BEST DRESSES). I hope Alaska breaks free of that little threesome and does really well, though my money is on Jinkx ALL THE WAY!

Is anybody else super mad at everyone who picks on Jinkx, ESPECIALLY MICHELLE VISAGE. WHY DO YOU HURT MY POOR DRAG GIRLFRIEND'S FEELINGS ALL THE TIME?????????

This show is the best reality tv show ever invented EVER, and is the only one I watch.

The Dilettantista

@Princess Slaya Ivy Winters is gorgeous and makes amazing dresses but from what I can tell girlfriend has zero personality. We'll see I guess, though. Jinkx forever (if she can learn to contour).

Michelle is being way harsh this season (way harsh Tai) but Jinkx does need help with her makeup. I think that Michelle being harsh can be GOOD however, because if Jinkx gets her look correct she is going to be unstoppable. I actually do like Michelle though, because she is meticulous, and I think she looks STUNNING in those Absolut Vodka commercials.

Princess Slaya

@The Dilettantista I knowwww. I like Michelle too. I wasn't upset about the contouring comment. I think she was right, but every week she has been super snide to Jinkx. THOUGH it is entirely possible that they are editing it to make her look worse than she actually is towards Jinkx, I hope this is the case because I think it means that Jinkx might be the winner!!

I love those ridiculous commercials. THEY ARE ALL SO AMAZING.


@The Dilettantista I agree about Ivy; I think if she ever has to lip-synch she'll go down in flames. She's gorgeous and an awesome costumer though. ALSO: WHERE did the Iiiiiiivyyyyyyy Wiiiinterrrrrrsss thing come from? Because I want it to stop.


@The Dilettantista i am excited and need to share in this thread i'm going to go see the drag race s5 group + michelle visage 4/27~!!!! EEEEKKK!!


All the love for Jinkx makes me so happy. She is my favorite too!


This post has made me realize how much I've been missing by not watching Season 5! I'm about to break out the popcorn (Garrett) and the wine (Garancha) and have a FABULOUS Friday night.


I am super-obsessed with Alyssa's voice/manner of speech. Her accent+earnestness = perfection. The way she says 'Coco' gets me every time.


The gif I am DYING for is Jade from Untucked one or two episodes ago clapping for one of the girls with the MOST unimpressed bitchface ever. Anyone? It would be useful in so many Internet situations!


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