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Zinc and Liquor

"You can ask your fishmonger for the seaweed when you purchase your oysters."
—Here is a lovely guide to buying and consuming oysters, just in time for National Oyster Day, which is just under six months from now.


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Raw oysters are gross. Aphrodisiac =/= you may as well learn how to swallow gross slime.


@iceberg I heard some guys are into that.


*scrambles for the left-overs with @harebell*


@iceberg No, they're so delicious! Not slimy, just salty and slightly sweet and so fresh-tasting. Except I feel like a weird jerk for the alive/dead thing. Oh well, I barely ever get to eat them anyway.


Great info.! Thanks! :-)@a


One day I will learn to shuck an oyster, until nobody shucks it better.


@TARDIStime But seriously, where do I get these oyster knives/gloves?


@TARDIStime Every time I try to shuck an oyster, I'm always afraid I'm going to stab myself. Good thing I don't like raw oysters.


@TARDIStime My cousin used to shuck oysters but not like to eat them. It was awesome.


@TARDIStime I've always just used those leather and canvas work gloves you can get for cheap.


@TARDIStime My family shares a beach house on long island and we go clamming. Last year I found a ton of oysters and was so pumped. We couldn't open them with our puny human knives. We were also too stubborn to cook them. They spent the night in water in the fridge and in the morning I biked back to the bay and returned them, hoping I didn't commit oystercide even though I probs did.


@itiresias "oystercide" D:


@TARDIStime this product has stopped me from killing myself a few times: http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-112854/Dubost-Oyster-Knife-Set


@inglenook with a book + @parallel-lines AWESOME. AWESOME TO THE BOTH OF YOU.


Even more fun if you live coastally is to harvest oysters yourself. Go at low tide with a hammer, an old flat head screwdriver or chisel and a ruler (most places require oysters be 3 inches long to harvest).
Then you know they're fresh!

(Am I the only one who was raised by insane people?)


@BoatGirl No, I was raised the same way. Except for me it was mostly limpets and mussels


@BoatGirl I was raised the same way. I love collecting oysters, but I still think they're gross raw, and I've eaten pretty much every other edible intertidal thing.


@MilesofMountains Me, too. Hate them raw. Oyster stew for the win!


Wait, my aunt and uncle just bring them up from the lagoon in a wire trap at the end of the day!
Is this one of those things when you think you were doing a good job but then you realize your parents were trying to get rid of you for a few hours?

This is my new username

You know I have never had the desire to eat raw oysters. But I have been watching a lot of No Reservations lately and seeing Bourdain slurp up a bunch of freshly harvested oysters keeps making me want to try them.


RAW OYSTERS i would eat them every day if i could AHHHH THE OYSTER BAR IN PENN STATION

Tuna Surprise


If you go to the Chelsea market, there is a fishmonger (now I forget the name - Lobster something? You can't miss it because of the smell) that supplies restaurants in Manhattan. Super fresh oysters at cheap prices (usually $1-2 per oyster).

When I lived in the neighborhood I used to frequent it for my cheap oyster fix.

Ham Snadwich

@PatatasBravas - Sometimes I feel like Flying Dog comes up with the name first, then builds the beer around that.


@Ham Snadwich The name is pretty dumb, but the beer is so good!

(It made me feel better about my label-peeling habit, actually)

also @Tuna Surprise I don't live in the city but I do visit enough that this will be a good thing to remember!

Ham Snadwich

@PatatasBravas - Yeah, Flying Dog is pretty solid. Although I do hold a grudge against Raging Bitch after I blacked out drinking it. Had no idea it was like 9%. *shakes fist*


In a somewhat more comprehensible, sensibly worded comment: it always cracks me up that articles about food say things like "your fishmonger" and "your butcher" and "your purveyor of corned beef tongue" and "your ramps-pickler" as if it were feasible for everyone to have such relationships.

Living My Best Life Far Away from the Hairpin!

@PatatasBravas *looks down nose* You mean you don't pickle your own ramps?


@PatatasBravas Haha, I read these phrases and translate them to all to the same thing: "your local woolworths"


@PatatasBravas Right? I have none of these things. I actually sort of had a butcher for a little while, he was amazing but SO expensive it was a huge luxury to go there, and he went out of business this year.


@PatatasBravas Your fishmonger...uh, you mean the Fresh Direct delivery guy?


Every day should be National Oyster Day!

(I mean, probably not, overfishing etc. etc., but dang they're great!)

J Walter Weatherman

Ever since Tipping the Velvet, oysters just make me think about lesbians.

Atheist Watermelon

Ppl in NYC who love oysters- if you haven't been to Maison Premiere in Williamsburg yet, hie thee hence- amazing oysters ($1 oyster happy hour from 4-7!!!) and absinthe cocktails...!!! Possibly my favorite drinks in the city so far.


@Didldidi I visit often enough that this is good to know, so thank you!

Lily Rowan

I feel confident that they only made National Oyster Day in August to fight against the (apparently defunct?) rule that you don't eat oysters in months without an R in them. Hot-weather oysters, bleh!

Every-other-time oysters, yay.


ersters gimme a dozen nom nom nom

Ham Snadwich

Faidley's in Lexington Market has some gigantic oysters at their raw bar. Pretty fantastic.

RK Fire

@Ham Snadwich Ryleigh's in Fed Hill has oyster happy hours! <3 <3 <3

Ham Snadwich

@RK Fire - Mamas on the Half Shell usually has a pretty solid selection too. And they also make the most delicious sandwich in existence, the tenderloin tip.


In SF, Water Bar has $1/oysters from open to 6PM along with regular priced oysters.

space opera

Aahh oysters!! I have only recently discovered how awesome they are. Does anyone have restaurant and/or seafood market recs for Los Angles (esp. west side)?


@space opera Santa Monica Seafood on Wilshire - but they aren't cheap. There's also usually an oyster guy at the Saturday farmers market on the SM Promenade, and I'm sure he's less expensive. Oysters = YUM


how do you crazy kids 'season' them? i love lemon juice, tabasco, vodka, horseradish... or just lemon... there's also the mignonette [shallots, red wine vinegar, cracked pepper]

poke the peacock

OYSTERS! I could eat them all day, every day.

For any montrealer 'pinners - Maestro SVP is amazeballs. They also have a special on tue/wed/thurs a dozen for $16. AND all-you-can-fit-in-yo-belly mussles on sunday & monday.

I am hungry now.


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