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“WTF, Creation?” Works Just as Well

The geniuses behind WTF, Evolution? ponder the reasoning behind all creatures grotesque and slimy and parasitic and inexplicably mustached:

“You fixed it? What did you do, give the elephant seal more protective mucus? A better immune system? Stronger nose hairs?”

“Nope! That all seemed too hard. I just made a nose-picking bird.”

“A nose-picking bird.”

“Works great!”

We learned about the existence of horrible-looking snub-nosed monkeys (“Damn it! I ran out of noses. Maybe I shouldn’t have put so many on the fish.”) which is a phobia we didn’t even know we had. Kickstarter to put proper noses on snub-nosed monkeys, pls:

The impulse for mating starts with the female. She takes up eye contact with the male and runs away a short bit*, then flashes her genitals. If the male shows interest (which does not always occur*), he joins the female and they mate.

*Because, disgusting.
*Because, obviously.


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