Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"WTF, Creation?" Works Just as Well

The geniuses behind WTF, Evolution? ponder the reasoning behind all creatures grotesque and slimy and parasitic and inexplicably mustached:

“You fixed it? What did you do, give the elephant seal more protective mucus? A better immune system? Stronger nose hairs?”

“Nope! That all seemed too hard. I just made a nose-picking bird.”

“A nose-picking bird.”

“Works great!”

We learned about the existence of horrible-looking snub-nosed monkeys (“Damn it! I ran out of noses. Maybe I shouldn’t have put so many on the fish.”) which is a phobia we didn't even know we had. Kickstarter to put proper noses on snub-nosed monkeys, pls:

The impulse for mating starts with the female. She takes up eye contact with the male and runs away a short bit*, then flashes her genitals. If the male shows interest (which does not always occur*), he joins the female and they mate.

*Because, disgusting.
*Because, obviously.

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Aw be nice to the snubbies.


@Nicole Cliffe. NOSIST.


Nice Style Love It!!! :D@n

Lisa Frank

Those monkeys look like Michael Jackson. Is that what he was going for?


@Lisa Frank My first reaction was Joan Rivers.


@gobblegirl Charo.


Sometimes they have awesome emo 'dos!


ahahaha GLORIOUS. There goes work for the rest of the afternoon.


This is the best thing on the internet maybe ever.


@noReally SERIOUSLY.


Well, let's be fair. Civilization owes a lot to running a short ways away and flashing our genitals at each other.

fondue with cheddar

"She takes up eye contact with the male and runs away a short bit, then flashes her genitals. If the male shows interest (which does not always occur)..."

Really? It always works for me.


I prefer the bonobo approach, personally, but I can see this working too.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

A LOUSE TONGUE????? noooooooooooo


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose JINX

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@iceberg Hahahaha, you owe me a Coke.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

fondue with cheddar

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I just had to come back to say that if you have become a regular follower of WTF, Evolution as I have DO NOT PLAY TODAY'S VIDEO. It is so much worse than louse tongue. SO MUCH.


also nooooooooooooooo the louse tongue noooooooooooo

fondue with cheddar

Welp, my daily list of blogs to check daily has just grown larger.


@fondue with cheddar can i just say, in this thread about strange creatures, that i routinely mistake your icon for a chicken with 3 stringy legs and a skewer in its side? (we are looking at its butt, at an angle. the crust is the comb ((yes i looked that up, it is apparently not a "top-wattle")).)

fondue with cheddar

@breccia OMG I SEE IT!!! But I assure you, the actual food pictured is much more delicious.


@breccia Woah. I saw exactly the same thing, and only now am realizing it is actually fondue. with cheddar.

fondue with cheddar

@Ophelia Haha! Maybe I should change my username to "chicken butt"?



I never knew it was not a blurry picture of a fat rooster! Despite the description being right next to it, and me looking at it all the time.


and here I thought http://fuck-yeah-stefon.tumblr.com/ was going to be my best tumblr find of the week.


@cherrispryte You just made my world a happier place.

fondue with cheddar

Actually, "WTF, Creation?" works even better.


I love this so, so much. It's like Planet Earth if David Attenborough were a comedian.


@olivebee Or, as my husband just called it when I showed it to him, "Best Week Everlution."


@olivebee IT IS AMAZING


A. "once the louse is latched onto the muscle, you can simply use its body as a tongue instead" WHAT NO NO NO NO NONONONO

B. My school's mascot is the Geoducks, and I for one don't see what's so...oh, no, now I see it. (...it's a penis).


It's almost like FU Penguin evolved (sorry).

Also who is getting me a pet seapig?

Miss Maszkerádi

I'm not sure if all this lunacy is MORE proof of God's existence (whatever created that shit had to have a sense of humor) or less. (because WTF.)

frumious bandersnatch

I love evolution. So much.


Hours later OMG. I love this so much!


This is now my new favourite tumblr. And there is nothing funny about geoducks.


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