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Wonderful Sentences About Tourism in Finland

1. "The Finnish tourism brand is stated by the Finland Promotion Board. The brand has four main dimensions beginning with letter C: Cool, Contrasts, Credible, Creative."

2. "In the winter-time Helsinki's northern position makes it dark for most of the day, thus making it a cosy town with much interesting lighting, such as the classic Aleksanterinkatu's Christmas street (Joulukatu)."

3. "During the coldest months of the winter it is very common for Helsinkians to go for walks on the frozen sea, although much caution must be taken."

4. "Santa Claus is commonly known to live on Korvatunturi in Finland."

5. "In the winter there is a large snowcastle with an Ice hotel built every year in the northern town of Kemi."

6. "Walking is quite a popular activity in the summer."

7. "There are no high mountains in Finland, so climbing is somewhat limited."

8. "There are also many places for ice swimming along the coast, some with saunas."

9. "Ice hockey is a popular sport in winter, and it is possible to go ice yachting, or ice skating on the ice."

10. "Most lakes are also frozen, so ice fishing (pilkkiminen) is quite popular."

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maybe partying will help

I just wanna go to the heavy metal bars.


@maybe partying will help Or as the call them in Finland, "bars".


@maybe partying will help It's really hard to get drunk and not smear your corpsepaint--I speak from experience!


@maybe partying will help They also have a great bluegrass festival in the summer.


Hope your day is fabulous@a


Umm the Hairpin is clairvoyant. I am in Lapland right now- sitting next to a frozen lake, about to go take a sauna. Tomorrow I get to meet Santa.
Finland is super pretty in case you were wondering!


@Steph Tell Santa I said hi.

Tuna Surprise

What??? I'm going to Lapland on Friday. I guess that's where the party's at. Please heat up the sauna for me.


@Steph How's the food? I've heard, umm...very mixed reviews.


@Tuna Surprise Where are you going? I'm up in Inari and Saariselka. way way WAY far up. It's actually not that cold!


@parallel-lines Well I've only been here two days but so far it's not bad. Last night I had a meat stew that was stunning, tonight I just had some rice and curry that was meh. More exploration needed.


@parallel-lines The food is actually great! I lived in Finland for two years partly in order to eat the food, and I'm normally someone who thinks spicier=better. It's not like there are NO spices in Finnish cuisine--they just tend to be sort of understated things like dill and horseradish and lovage. There are wonderful pastries, delicious reindeer meat (even in the deli section! Though I also like horse meat, so YMMV), excellent and healthy dishes made with root vegetables, and an enormous variety of berries (blueberries, strawberries, lingonberries, cranberries, gooseberries, cloudberries, etc.) and things you can make out of them (drink concentrate, all kinds of jams and related dishes, desserts, hot soup, cold soup, etc.). There's every kind of porridge if you like that (I don't, but living in Finland got me less averse to it). There are all kinds of delicious rye and oat and spelt bread, there's a fantastic and varied pancake tradition, salmon and herring are comparatively cheap...plus there's been a large influx of new-to-Finland foods in recent years (Mexican food--well, sorta--Thai food, falafel, etc.). The ice cream is good (it comes in a box!), and there's even black licorice ice cream (my favorite). I also noticed that instead of the prevalence of apple flavor like in the U.S., pear is everywhere, which made an interesting change. For May Day my Finnish housemates and I made traditional homemade donuts and a mildly alcoholic drink that involved lemons, sugar, raisins, and a bucket. Anyway, I think Finnish food has an undeserved bad reputation. I wouldn't trust anything Berlusconi (was it Berlusconi?) said, anyhow.


@parallel-lines Sorry, I just saw that you asked someone else specifically! I saw the words "Finnish" and "food" and couldn't contain myself (or finish reading properly, apparently).

Tuna Surprise

I'll be in Rovaniemi and Levi. Doing some downhill skiing in Levi, dog sledding and hopefully some snowmobile trekking for some northern lights/northern hot men.

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I love the Nordic region and this is my first time to Lapland.

It was -20C just last week so it's great that it has warmed up a bit. I'm bringing my bikini and flip flops!


@siniichulok And you just pretty much spelled out my to-do list for the next week- thanks! Love the berries.


@Tuna Surprise Awesome! Rovaniemi is where santa hangs out I hear.
I'm hoping to see the northern lights too but it's been too cloudy so far.


@Steph Oh, I'm so glad! I hope you have a wonderful time--I heard Lapland is awesome!


Different part of Scandinavia, but I once got stuck in a herd of reindeer in Norway on a bus. I was on vacation, so it was lovely. After honking for minutes and trying everything else, the bus driver stuck his head out the window and started barking. They ran away so fast.

Story #2

A friend of mine is a playwright in Finland. He writes plays in Finnish, then feeds them to Google Translate. Then they're performed by actors on elliptical machines.


@Story #2 oh my god i have to know what story #1 is now

Story #2

@melis Eugene Ionesco wrote it.


Ice yachting sounds fucking lovely.


I am part Finnish, my great grandmother emigrated to Minnesota around the time of the great depression, and still have family in Finland. And they are nuts. Absolutely bonkers--drunk, naked, hollering lunatics. Some of them just straight up look like elves, it's so weird. And they could drink anyone under the table. Anyone else have Finnish family that's so, ahem, eccentric or am I just from a line of insane farmers who lost their shit from the lack of sunlight?

As an old Minnesotan saying goes, "You can tell always a Finn but you can't tell 'em much."


@parallel-lines Stubborn as fuck, too. I had a friend once tell me that we have longer faces than the rest of Scandinavia.


@heb GOOD GOD YES. My grandmother became legendary in the nursing home for making people cry. That woman was something!


@parallel-lines Yes!! Also the product of Finnish immigrants to Minnesota two generations back. I have not met any family in Finland, but the ones here were similarly bonkers. If you haven't read it yet, "Popular Music from Vittula" by Mikael Niemi is highly recommended especially for the grandfather character who could absolutely have been related to me.


@spitfire hahaha--I figured I couldn't be the only one! Thanks for the book, I'll definitely check it out!


I thought that was a Wisconsin saying. I am 1/4 Finn, with family based in northern Wisconsin. And yep, we descend from crazy.

George Templeton Strong

@parallel-lines I have been haunted by Finns my entire adult life. I fell in with a group of them when I was a university student in Germany. Their German was atrocious but their English was excellent and oh dear Santa could they drink. I vividly remember one who pleasantly but somewhat forcefully demanded that he (and he wasn't a dwarf; he was very Viking-like) be allowed to pop the beer caps off with his teeth. My sister's mother-in-law is Finnish and my sister's daughter inherited the Finnish grandmother's eyes so they are very blue and suited to Finnish light and darkness. When my sister took her daughter to the eye doctor for the first time he was like "Hmm, this in interesting, could you come over here Mrs. [my sister's married name.]" My sister and her daughter started freaking out but it turns out that this exceptionally recessive optical condition had manifested itself in my niece and the opthamologist had never seen a living case of it, just read about it, so it was high-fives all around. Until this got reported back to Nonna, who was pissed off at being singled out as a member of a very small minority group. She was of an age that didn't celebrate diversity.

Johanna Tuominen@twitter

@parallel-lines Aaahahaa, I love this so hard! Also, whenever I tell people in the US that I'm from Finland they go "...like, Minnesota?". No, like actual Finland.

Pariah Carey

Also, I heard that Finland girls are the best.


@Pariah Carey And after you marry them you can participate in a wife-carrying contest (seriously, I have no idea why this exists, but it does, and in Finland: link!)


Finland is wonderful! I spent an excellent long weekend there in May a few years ago. Once we survived our six hour wait on the border on board a weird little van(I was coming from Russia), everything was beautiful and surprisingly cheerful. Every Finnish person would start speaking to us in Finnish and switch to flawless English upon seeing our baffled faces (Finnish is NUTS), and apologize PROFUSELY for speaking their native language in their own country.


@ellochka I am trying to learn Finnish (for funsies, to be able to chat with my boyfriend's Finnish relatives)and I can attest to the fact that it is, in fact, NUTS.


@HeckYes What are there, like, 16 cases? I thought Russian was bad until I found that out. And so many vowels! Leave some for the rest of the world's languages, Finnish!


@ellochka So many vowels! And it's so unlike any other language I've ever studied. My vocabulary is like.. 10 words. But I can say "there is a red fire truck" like nobody's business.


@HeckYes Well, as long as you have the important stuff down!


I used to love listening to my grandpa speak Finnish. The language is so strangely musical. I can count to ten, and say "happy birthday","happy new year", and "the sauna is ready".


@dreeski All useful things! I also enjoy listening to other people speak Finnish - it really is a neat-sounding language - but it's just so hard to learn. My boyfriend's dad told me that the only way to learn Finnish is to be reincarnated as a child in Finland. Which is probably true.


@HeckYes Siellä on punainen paloauto! ;-)


Aah! I work for a nonprofit that presented something called "Finnish Accordion Wrestling" last summer and got OBSESSED with Finland in preparing for it. Its tourism website is so friendly! Want to go to there.


Hell no, Santa's from Canada. Finland isn't anywhere near the North Pole. They're not even the furthest North in continental Europe. Nope.


@gobblegirl Nope nope nope, Korvatunturi is where he is. You can visit him year-round (My brother did a few summers ago while hungover from Juhannus festivities)!

/stubborn Finn


My friend was a WOOF-er in Finland and her job was to take care of a short, hairy pony. We found the farm on Google Earth and she could see where the pony lived but not the pony (he must have been inside right then). When she was leaving she explained to a new travelling farmer worker how to care for the pony but upon turning her back caught him trying to ride it almost immediately. You cannot ride the pony.


Only in Lapland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXtx9jPPsEo&feature=youtu.be


I'm American (with Finnish parents) currently living and working in Finland, so this cracks me up. These are all true things, although I still don't know what ice yachting is. Trying to encourage people to visit Finland in winter is pretty much the definition of positive thinking though. (Well, I suppose Lapland has perpetual darkness and northern lights, if you're into that sort of thing.) Don't suppose there are any other Helsinki 'pinners out there?


@sisu I have a pair of cheesy shorts that say "SISU" across the arse (Juicy Couture-style). I'm very proud of them!

I'm Estonian (American) and I think I have a Finland inferiority complex. My Dad could basically understand Finish though - a lot of shared language, culture, history. Finland just seems so much...cooler.


@sisu I'm not in Helsinki, but I am a fellow American with Finnish parents. I have a cousin in Helsinki? We visited him in winter of '09 and I had all the fun (I'm the weirdo that loves super snowed-in places, probably because I live where we never get snow).


@Legal Estonia is cool too! I was lucky enough to make some brief forays into Tallinn before the cheap ferry from Helsinki was shut down....There's also this nice documentary series on Finnish TV that we watched some of in my Finnish class in the U.S. about Finnish-Estonian connections called Kamraat Eesti (Comrade Estonia). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rEhOlBQgJU


@siniichulok Ooooh. I totally wanna watch that!


@sisu I'm in Helsinki! (Well RIGHT NOW I'm in Spain and will be for about 6 weeks more, but Helsinki is where I'm mostly at.)

Blackwatch Plaid

This is filling me with an overwhelming urge to visit Helsinki, although I'll admit that everything I know of the city comes from the Cabin Pressure episode of the same name.


when I was a kid, my dad was a member of the rotary club in our town and for some reason, there was a foreign exchange man program. my dad didn't go anywhere, but we ended up playing host to this lovely, crazy guy from lapland who spent all summer running around our backyard/pool area in a speedo and guzzling SO MUCH beer that my poor dad was doing daily beer runs to keep up. other than the beer an the speedo I remember that his name was marku and he had reindeer in his backyard at home.


FINLAND! That's where my entire extended family is, as I'm a first-generation Finnish-American, born to two lovely Finns who said "bah" to the cold and ice and came to the Southern USA. And then loved it so much they became naturalized citizens. You know, if you were ever wondering which party of Scandyhoovia I might be from ("Scandyhoovia" being a goofy family joke).

Having been there in both the dead of winter and the heart of summer, I would heartily recommend the heart of summer. SO many lakes. SO many gorgeous lakeside cottages. And everyone loves a good makkara (summer sausage) over a fire pit or grill. And the berries are the greatest berries in the history of berries (seriously: I have never met a better strawberry than a Finnish strawberry. And I have a stomach with what you might actually classify as a strawberry obsession).


...that's not to poo-poo the dead of winter, of course, it just means you need twice as much luggage on account of all the clothing you have to wear to keep from freezing.


@Scandyhoovian Actually, I was wondering! (What part of Scandyhoovia you were from, I mean.) Finnish summer is THE BEST! I think it's the greatest kind of summer in the history of summers. Though I also really liked the dead of winter there once I learned to take vitamin D pills.


@Scandyhoovian Where are you from in the south? I'm from Alabama myself, which is always a random combination to explain to people. It's especially confusing here in Finland since I have a completely Finnish name but speak Finnish with an American accent. Apparently other people in my company more or less think of me as "that Finnish girl who's secretly American."


@sisu I'm in Georgia! Oddly enough, my Finnish apparently doesn't have an American twang to it -- I was certain it would, but my cousin in Helsinki was like "woah, freaky" when I spoke to him in Finnish because he was apparently expecting an accent and there wasn't one. It's probably because I didn't learn English until it was necessary to be able to go to school here in the states, and even then we spoke Finnish in the house until well into the school years.

I do, however, have this problem where since I was born here and have lived here my whole life and slowly swapped to nearly full English by the time I was in high school, my Finnish vocabulary is very juvenile. I can't hold serious business adult conversations in Finnish to save my life because I just don't have the vocab to do it. It's crazy frustrating to not be able to tell people what you've studied or what you do for a living 'cause you just don't know the Finnish words to do it!

miss buenos aires

Has anyone else here seen the Finnish movie "Rare Exports"? I watched it this December and it is possibly the strangest, best Xmas movie ever. It's on Netflix Instant, check it out!


@miss buenos aires i saw bits and pieces of it when mr. core watched it for his horror movie blog. it is strange as fuck, but not terrible.


@miss buenos aires And the Japanese-Finnish movie (Japanese, shot in Finland) Kamome Shokudo (Seagull Diner) is also great!


OH AND it's a lifelong dream of mine to stay at an ice hotel. Or an exotic theme hotel in general.

Dr. Iris Puffybush

For some fantastic Finnish street fashion, I recommend Hel-Looks. Also, the final sequence of the movie Night on Earth takes place in Helsinki, so that's something I generally think of when I think of Finland. Does anyone else know that movie? I feel like whenever I mention it to anyone I get blank stares. It's a really great movie.


Finland, Finland, Finland the country where I want to be...

Faintly Macabre

French five-year-old I babysit is doing a puzzle
Me: Did you get the puzzle for Christmas?
Child: Yes
Me: Oh, look, it's made in America!
Child: What? (she can't really read or speak English)
Me: See, the box says it was made in America.
Child: No, it was made by Santa's elves.
Child's older brother, giving me a look: You're right, it's from Santa.
Me: Oh, yeah, right, sometimes Santa has some elves in America make stuff, since the northern parts of America are really cold.
Child: Yes, and he lives in Lapland. That's what my book says.


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