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Wherefore Art Thou, Sex Scenes?

"The 10 Best & Worst Movie Sex Scenes To Keep You Company On Valentine's Day."

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fondue with cheddar

OMG that scene on the stairs in A History of Violence. So good. ("good") I have that movie on DVD and I feel dirty in a bad way every time I watch that part.

maybe partying will help

@fondue with cheddar

Yeah, I love both the scenes listed there from History of Violence. The cheerleading costume one is so cute.

fondue with cheddar

@maybe partying will help It is! So adorable. And like they said, such a sharp contrast to the stairs scene.

What about that scene in Enemy at the Gates where Jude Law and Rachel Weisz perform filthy (literally), frantic, desperate mutual masturbation in a room full of sleeping fellow revolutionaries?


Yes, I would argue this movie for best sex scenes of all time. They're all so perfect.


@fondue with cheddar THAT FUCKING SCENE. And when she dresses up in the little cheerleader outfit! I love them so much.


I immediately disagree with this list because I looooooved the sex scene in the Matrix Reloaded.


oh man, I am still traumatized by that scene in "Munich," which, of course, I saw with my mom.


@thisisunclear I watched Basic Instinct with my mum. Also traumatised.


Amazing, beautiful and timeless - this is perfection.@y

Judith Slutler

Mulholland Drive is many things, but hot? I get too nervous to enjoy sex scenes in Lynch's films.


@Emmanuelle Cunt That one was definitely written by a dude

Barry Grant

@Emmanuelle Cunt

I think Lynch is an actual genius, but Mulholland Drive showed its genesis as TV-move-turned-real-movie when it went off the rails about half way through. Although the scene of the script reading was masterful. And yeah, maybe the whole thing was an excuse to film too hot chicks in bed.

fondue with cheddar

Also, I'm thankful for this list because my boyfriend is going to be working tonight. Maybe with this I can stay up until he gets home.


My first exposure to sex was Showgirls. I thought it was awesome and couldn't wait to have sex. My first time, I flopped around a little thinking I was supposed to act like Jesse Spano, but I stopped right away when I realized that's not what you do. Damn you Showgirls!


I was waiting for the "shark attack" scene from Showgirls to pop up. Enduring classic.


** Yess The Room. Best sequence w/r/t audience participation. You just register your disgust as loudly as possible and describe Tommy Wiseau's body as outlandishly as you can.

Judith Slutler

@Danzig! dear god that blowjob scene from The Room...! I'm dying here.


@Emmanuelle Cunt During that scene you yell BLOWJOB FACE!! and continue to loudly question who in the hell these people are because they aren't introduced and they are having sex in someone else's empty apartment


@Danzig! Ugh, it's like melted wax over congealing instant mashed potatoes.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I don't care what you say, SHOWGIRLS FOREVER! (This sentiment brought to you by a Showgirls drinking game I loved in college.)


HA! The Watchmen sex scene. I laughed aloud during that sex scene. My friend described it as "two Jeeps humping".


@yrouttasight Watchmen is legit one of the worst movies I've ever seen and that sex scene bothered me the most. LEONARD COHEN IS UNCREDIBLY UNSEXY TO FUCK TO.


@cosmia One of us is doing fucking wrong. I have a guess about which it is. Agree it's not for all ocassions, and definitely not all songs, but "I'm your man" is great. Also a preferred striptease song.


happy v-day Pinners https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UpVQwslHdSo

(sadly, not a good sex scene)


Whoa, really, Don't Look Now is at the top of the "Best" list? The couple are pretty unhappy and trying (unsuccessfully) to get over the recent death of their small child. Maybe the sex itself looks good, but it's in the middle of such an emotionally rough story, it woudl be pretty hard to get into it unless you just watched it as a clip.

Less Lee Moore@facebook

That is the best description of that SHOWGIRLS scene I have ever read. I refer to the WATCHMEN sex scene as "slo mo pump action."


Wait, no I Am Love? I don't understand, that scene was AMAZING.


At least they mention My Beautiful Laundrette, but it's way hotter than the sex in Brokeback Mountain (which is a great movie but that sex scene is so sad).

Blackwatch Plaid

@Lucienne Agreed on the sadness factor. Out of context, the Brokeback scenes are hot, but the movie itself is waaay too heartbreaking to be sexy. Laundrette, on the other hand- it sure managed to do a lot with a waist-up shot and some champagne.


@Blackwatch Plaid Will anything ever be as hot as that champagne swap? I feel like if I met DDL I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye.


This list is clearly incorrect, because it leaves out the bathroom sex scene in Unfaithful.


@TheRobyn It leaves out ALL the sex scenes in Unfaithfull


Once my roommate in college and I bought Wild Things at a garage sale (as a joke, though I do have a fondness for it if only because it is the first movie I saw with a sex scene LIKE THAT), and it was on VHS, and the part of the tape where the threesome is was like, super worn down.

We giggled a lot everytime we walked past the house where we bought it, especially because the residents were in their 70s. Healthy sex lives for all!


I'm pretty sure Y Tu Mama Tambien was the first movie I ever masturbated to.

Vera Knoop

My main takeaway from this is that I've been conflating Mulholland Drive and Mulholland Falls for many years.


Yeah, I love both the scenes listed there from History of Violence. The cheerleading costume one is so cute.Jetstar khuyen mai

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