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What Your Bag Says About You

You carry your junk around in:

a. A tote. You probably got it for free or for donating to some charity. It holds everything, but not always because you can't close it, so some things end up on the floor of... wherever.

b. A fancy leather handbag you got as a gift. Actually holds everything and sometimes starts conversations with strangers.

c. A not-fancy leather bag, usually a hobo, that you got at the J. Crew outlet because it was nice and cost less than $200.

d. A really not-fancy but good looking and useful pleather bag from Urban Outfitters or Target.

e. A backpack? 

f. One of these canvas and leather tool bags which should be popular given the price and how nice they look.

g. A combination of your pockets, glove compartment, and a wallet you remember to use every-so-often but eventually end up taking your ID and credit card out of and just putting those in a pocket because you don't really need everything else until you finally have spend that Subway gift card on a party sub and then you carry the wallet around for a few weeks after that, but only a few weeks.

What your selection says about you: Not much!

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Is this in response to Refinery 29's bag post a few weeks ago that said (more or less) "Unless you carry it in the crook of your elbow you are very timid and unworldly"? If not, I am pretending it is anyway--crossbody bags are FUNCTIONAL!


@mayonegg Seriously - having full use of both arms is pretty great.

Jane Marie

@mayonegg oh no, no!


@Jane Marie I trust you. I generally adore R29, but as a staunch crossbody-er, I took offense to their "body language expert" saying that I lack confidence just because I like my bad to be easily accessible!


@mayonegg My bag AND my bad!


@mayonegg What my cross-body bag says about me: You carry a lot of stuff, enjoy having free hands, dislike red welts in your elbow crook, and have the tiny, sloping shoulders of an anole lizard.


@mayonegg I like cross-body bags (free hands, yay!) but the straps always bisect my chest in a really weird-looking way.


@mayonegg Cross-body messenger bag from army-navy store! I love it so much, and I hate shopping or otherwise walking around with anything balanced on my shoulder or in the crook of my elbow! Yes, I have a few "normal"-style bags but I do not take those with me to traipse around malls and such. And... if (or, more correctly, WHEN) I spill my coffee on or in it, into the washer it goes!


@Verity Yes to the shoulders comment! All straps fall off my shoulders into the crooks of my arms unless my head is in the way.

cashmere velvet candy cane

@mayonegg I can't wear cross-body bags because I could never deny the world the portion of my chest the strap would cover.


@cashmere velvet candy cane I discovered a new back muscle to work out. Ladies, you'll thank me come tank top season.

the angry little raincloud

@mayonegg I can't even deal with Refinery 29 anymore (it used to be mildly entertaining fluff, now it's just poorly written drivel), but for some reason I did see that post about body language. R29 posts stupid things but that was one of the stupider I've read in a long time.

cashmere velvet candy cane

@sandwiches Leonard likes this post.


that was so freakin beautiful@n


A canvas messenger bag that seems to be mostly for carrying pocket sand and getting everything you put in it mysteriously dirty?




@large__marge It's actually skin. No, I don't know and now I've icked myself out. Apologies.

Judith Slutler

That tool bag is pretty cute.*

*a multipurpose sentence


@Emmanuelle Cunt
Ride it and hide it!


@Inkling I don't really understand what that means but I lol'd anyway!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Inkling I am unsure how I've never heard that phrase before and am now obsessed with it.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose
Thanks! I made it up while on the Hairpin. It's when you have sex with someone who is embarrassing, and you pretend like you're not having sex with them to your friends.


h. There is a gorgeous leather Cole Haan bag that was gifted to you by your generous sister-in-law sitting in a chair in your bedroom; it only needs a little saddle soap or something to clean a few stains off the side, and you know you could do it, but you're petrified of attempting to clean anything after the disaster that left your favorite cotton/canvas tote blue.


@area@twitter Attention, Jolie!


A vintage Coach bag gifted to your by your mother in law (but seriously, I worry about having the same taste as my mother in law).

Being an outer borough New Yorker, I must sometimes carry several of these bags at once. I find that having the weigh distributed among several bags instead of one large bag makes my neck ache less.

I'm still trying to find my spirit animal purse. The one that doesn't fall off my shoulder, has enough pockets that I don't have to dig in an endless cavern for chapstick. One with just the right weight distribution. The closest I've come is the Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Terri but the leather on his purses is kinda crap. Someday I will find you spirit purse!


@parallel-lines OMFG I have a Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Tina from when they first came out in 2007 and I have been trying to remember the name of it for a MILLION YEARS because the leather on the strap has basically flaked away from 6 years of continuous use and I'm trying to figure out if it's cheaper to take it to the Leather Spa or look up/buy one on eBay. But as soon as I read the name of yours I remembered it!!! THANK YOU.


D, always D, D for my whole life. Every year or so I swear I'm upgrading to C and going to an outlet to spend some actual money on an actual leather purse, or at least looking at the Marshall's name brand ones with the theft protectors on them, and then I end up back at Aldo, spending $45 on a cute houndstooth satchel which will fray along one of the seams within the year.


@sophia_h Me too, me too! I actually got my current 'option D' purse from a Pinner I met at the first Austin Pin-up two years ago, who is now a good friend.

Actually, I coveted her purse the instant that I saw her. It's this really plain, classic-looking purse that's a lovely shade of blue-ish purple. I told her how much I loved her purse, and then when she traded up about a year later, she gave it to me! That is a true friend.


@sophia_h My favorite bag in all the world is a D, even though the cross body strap broke and I cannot for the life of me get the inside clean, so everything I put in there ends up covered in graphite and charcoal. The zipper broke a few years ago and when I took it to get repaired, the guy was like "...are you sure you want this fixed?".


@sophia_h Same. Always, always D. Usually from Target (they have such cute ones!). But my main reasoning is that I don't wear or use leather products, so pleather is one of my very few options and luckily very cheap. However, the strap breaks off the point where it attaches to the bag almost like clockwork after having the purse for around a year or so. I either need to stop carrying so much shit that weighs down the bag, or somehow find a sturdier, more expensive pleather. Neither of these options is likely to ever happen.

polka dots vs stripes

@sophia_h Spend the extra $20 and get the $60 bag at Marshall's! I've done this twice and haven't replaced either bag yet, and they're both going on 3 years now with near-daily use for 6 months at a time.

Judith Slutler

@sophia_h Yeah, except mine is nylon and I bought it at the Gap on sale. I really hate replacing things I carry every day, and yet I still haven't found the right actually nice leather purse for my bag needs.


@olivebee --Yup, me, too, only not Target. Usually Marshalls or a cheap accessory store near me. But the other day my friend turned up with a really well designed, top-end designer purse that someone had given her and I admit I was a little envious of it. Especially because I'm vegan and it was a leather bag that didn't even need to be leather. It didn't look like leather! Where's my vegan Prada, people? Oh, never mind, I don't have several thousand to spend on a bag.


@olivebee p.s. have you tried Matt + Nat? Unfortunately, I'm not as crazy about their recent designs as their past ones, but they are having a sale on their site right now, or were as of last week!


@Lu2 I have not tried that brand - I will go check it out now. Thanks!


@olivebee You're welcome! I'm looking at the red Taxi bag right now. Sale is still on! http://www.mattandnat.com/


@olivebee where do you and Lu2 get your shoes? I'm fairly newly vegetarian, my leftover leather shoes are crapping out, and I want to replace them with non-leather. Fun shoes are easy, but where do you find decent quality office wear shoes?


@themegnapkin --The million-dollar question. :) I don't really have a great answer. I basically just try one thing after another, usually from Payless. At the moment I'm in a Dansko phase; upon the strong recommendation of other vegans, I tried their coated-canvas clogs. They look and feel great, but they were trashed after a year of daily wear--the coating on the canvas just wore out, cracked, and peeled. I sprang for a pair of their fabric clogs recently, on sale at Zappos. They're like a gray tweed. They're good, and fine, and I can wear them every day in my office. But I don't know if you have a less casual office than mine. I also have a pair of vegan Doc Martens from way back when, and those are cute and sturdy. I would also recommend searching Zappos on "vegan." Good luck!


@themegnapkin I have really good luck at DSW. It's not like every other pair of shoes is vegan/non-leather, but maybe 1 in 10 to 1 in 15? Most of my shoes come from there because they're affordable. Some brands at DSW that usually have non-leather (but cute) shoes are Madden Girl, Kelly & Katie, and diba.


there's also this shop near me: http://www.sudoshoes.com

i get shoes there from time to time, and didn't realize for the longest time that everything was "vegan." they've got pretty and functional stuff, and plenty of things formal enough for the office. bags, too. online store coming soon.

Faintly Macabre

@olivebee Kelly & Katie is actually Liz Claiborne in disguise! And I don't know about their non-leather stuff, but I have a pair of leather booties by them that were inexpensive and have held up to a lot of abuse.


this guy

but i'm on my second one because I filled it too full (as always)and the straps gave way :( (like, came unstitched from the bag)


@iceberg Those are so pretty! Thank you - off to see about shipping charges :)


@stonefruit and they're made from recycled plastic bottles, yay environment! AND and they're sort of bubbly and padded to protect your precious ipod, phone, receipts and sand.

they're GREAT as long as you're not a chronic overstuffer like me.


A distinctive yet stylish and elegant bag bought at a local purse boutique for a reasonable sum of money given its quality, which has no label on it, and which perfectly fits all of your everyday belongings and has a Kindle/paperback-sized slot in the top, and which you've gotten compliments on from many professional colleagues, and which you can't find another one of and OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN THIS BAG FINALLY BREAKS I AM SO DESPERATE I'M LIKE MARGE SIMPSON AND THAT FANCY CHANEL SUIT AAGH.


I feel like almost a grownup because I have graduated from (d.) to (c.) with (b.) for important job interviews.

But always (a.) for my lunch.


A Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag that should have been $300 but you got it for one million billion percent off at one of those flash sale websites because you had a ton of customer appreciation credits, whatever those are, even though you'd only ever bought like three things from them previously. It ended up costing something stupid like $49 and the hour you spent refreshing the page waiting for everyone else's carts to expire was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Creature Cheeseman

Yeah, actually the j.crew outlet one :( I was considering it a "fancy leather bag" but apparently it is not.


What's the option for "quadruple-sacked plastic grocery bags to carry a bowling ball"?


A combination of e and g? Phone and small wallet and sometimes iPod go in my pockets, and if I have to bring more stuff, it goes in my 10-year-old messenger bag that is super-comfy and still waterproof.

This is one of the ways in which I am not an adult, although I am proud of myself for recently upgrading to an actual (novelty) wallet after using a rubber band as a money clip for the last couple years.


B! I finally got B! It carries everything I need, plus a bottle of wine, is kiiiinda stylish but kiiiiida classic in a laid back way, and is made of thick, solid fantasticly soft leather. I have been waiting years for it.


A canvas tote bag from a Seven Sisters school says that you are willing to be accosted on the street, in the subway, at the grocery store, or even at the Fenway Park souvenir store by other Seven Sisters alumnae who want to have deep conversations about the women's college experience on the street, in the subway, in the produce section, or in front of the glass case that holds the signed baseballs and stuff.

the angry little raincloud

@pinecone 100 Years of Women on Top Soil?

RK Fire

Tote bag user here. This one hits me in the feels though because through a serendipitous confluence of events, I manage to lost my car key this weekend and spent most of the weekend unable to use my car. And apparently it costs $200+ to get a new car key. My car also spent 48 hours in metered parking, but fortunately it was a Sunday through most of that so I managed to not get a ticket. I did, however, have to get it towed to a non-metered spot.

My family is sending me the spare through overnight mail. sigh


@RK Fire You know those magnetic hide-a-key thingies? I have one with a spare car key in it hidden in one of the wheel wells. I live in a large, sparsely populated state and there are times where if I lose my keys I'd be screeewed.

RK Fire

@laurel I may consider this, but it also costs $210 to copy a key. I think I'll be getting one made anyway so my husband can have one, but I am really starting to see the value of having multiple copies.


@RK Fire It cost, like, $5 to copy my primary car key. Did they mean that it would cost $210 to come to you and create a new key from your locks or some such magical process? 'Cause otherwise that sounds bonkers.


@laurel Maybe it's $$$ because her car has remote central locking? IDK, I don't have a car.

RK Fire

@laurel Well, it does take $210 to create a new key from my locks. Unfortunately, because I drive a Volvo, my car key is pretty unconventional and looks more like this, so it can only be cut by dealers.

Princess Gigglyfart

e. backpack.

And not even one of those cute purse ones, it's a filthy blue jansport with a half inch of glitter and dirt on the inside. Hands free, holds all the books. i am going to be 11 years old forever.


Various bucket totes (that can be worn cross-body) with many pockets so I can fit my entire life in them (or at least a small child). But my current one was seen on New Girl, so there's some cred?

But my school bag is the Pan Am Orion (in the royal blue) that I got as a Christmas present 2 years ago. It's great because it holds my computer, plus notebook and textbooks. I always get complements on it. Plus I've seen another girl around campus also carrying a Pan Am bag, so I am clearly a trend-setter. (My mom also picked up an actual vintage of the white Trendsetter bag at a flea market for me, but I devastatingly spilled nail polish on it and broke my own heart).


A cheap fabric shoulder bag that's big enough to carry multiple books and an umbrella and a spare cardigan and a lunch box, and is falling apart (possibly because of all of the stuff shoved in it).


Am I the only two-purser? I currently have a small crossbody + large tote combo. Wallet, cell phone, small things in little purse and big work things and lunch in big purse.

Unfortunately, my big purse right now is an 8 year old Longchamp that I've used so much the handles are stretched and there are holes in the corners of the bag. But so durable and trusty!


@Rosielou I know I'm coming to this thread a day late, but: If you're near a Longchamp store (or I imagine a Nordstrom or the like) they'll totally fix the holes in the corners of your bag for free! I don't know if they can do anything about the straps, but I had holes in my corners that were big enough for pens to fall out and now they look as good as new.


Vintage handbag, generally of cut velvet or other fabric; right now a floral chenille one in autumn brown/black, late 50s/early 60s. Or a vintage designer bag; I am very very patient about shopping for them like an 18th-c. angler and POUNCE. I love the 60s/70s Ferragamo or Gucci leather ones. I had a butter-soft quilted black Chanel with the chain strap that I wore until it was in shreds, pretty much. A brown nylon quilted Prada one, how I loved that bag. Sometimes a box bag from the early 60s, but always either fabric or leather, never the plexiglas or wood ones.


"A Longchamp tote like LITERALLY every other girl in Boston, plus a reusable grocery bag on days when you are carrying extra shoes or a big lunch."

Champagne and potato chips

Sooooo I have always been a D, meaning every 18 months or so I would find an inexpensive bag just big enough to hold what I needed (read: one size bigger than the last one, because my belongings expand to fill the space available to them), and carry it everywhere with me until a strap broke.
But I just received the B bag of my dreams this past Christmas, and I can't bring myself to use it out there in the world where it might get dirty or wet or break a strap! It is sitting in my room and I have more than once moved my cell phone and wallet into it before chickening out at the front door. Meanwhile my current D purse has a hole in its fake-patent and I keep carrying it every day because I am ok with it picking up bus germs...but I am kind of unhappy and dissatisfied that there is such a better option waiting at home.
Guys I think I might be kind of neurotic.


@Champagne and potato chips I have a solution for you! Call your local cobbler (a shoe guy, not the dessert) and ask him to have it waterproofed. They have a ton of products for just this use and as long as the bag isn't suede, they should be able to make it pretty weather proof. I have an inexpensive but actual leather bag that I just doused in the same stuff I use to waterproof my hiking boots and it's held up great. With a more expensive option I'd say hit the shoe/leather expert, but there's still a lot of options to protect your leather bag so you can actually use it.


Ugh I had a giant amazing Iron Fist purse (the cream/black baroque skull pattern) which I loved even thought it was not a shoulder purse (hand/elbow only) and one of the strap ends popped off. Last time I shell out money for one of their purses.

Right now I'm using a cheap hot pink canvas purse from Target that desperately needs to be washed and possibly replaced as it is quite small for my needs. My big issue is 90% of purses made have dark lining and I think that's really impractical because it makes finding things in your bag quite difficult.


@cupcakecore@twitter YES Lining color!! My PERFECT bag was a Target satchel in the perfect purple with a light green lining that made it so easy to find stuff like my (black) phone which now gets lost daily in the mire of my current (black-lined) purse. I used that thing WAY past when it looked cute -- it was faded and stained and yikes, and I faithfully carried it everywhere because it was the best. And then the straps started to fray, and then I was sad. I just want exactly that bag again forever.


@cupcakecore@twitter IRON FIST! *shakes uh, fist* I bought this fancy silvery black skull print tote from them for a decent sum and that bastard didn't even last six months. Never again! I don't care how subtle your skeleton print is, Iron Fist, you have done me wrong.


@cupcakecore@twitter Check out The Container Store. I know they have a line of bags that are not always the most beautiful (by no means ugly though), but they are functional and have brightly colored linings for the exact purpose of finding your stuff in your bag.


a gorgeous DVF bag of leather, patent and suede i treated myself to. what this says: i am too old to be reading the hairpin.


@roaringkitten I have no idea how old you are but some of the fashion content here makes me feel that way too and I am 27 and not insanely wealthy or anything. I just don't have that gene that makes you buy cheap bags and lots of quirky shit all the time; I buy expensive stuff when I can afford it and nothing when I can't afford what I really want.

Miss Kitty Fantastico

@Titania I am 25.5 and I'm the same way. I only buy nice things, and I generally wait for them to go on super-sale. My crowning achievement is a pair of $350 shoes that I'd been lusting after for almost THREE YEARS. Right before Thanksgiving, I randomly found a pair in my size on the sale rack at Nordstrom 75% off. They are on my feet now and they feel amazing.

the angry little raincloud

@roaringkitten I'm older than all you guys by a lot (well, at least Titania and Madeline Shoes). I'll go get my walker and slowly crawl out of here.


@the angry little raincloud I'll be 42 at the end of this month, and damnit, I'll read and comment on the Hairpin as much as I want.


A SkipHop diaper bag that I got for $4 at a yard sale. As a bonus, it came with a mini tube of aquaphor and some antifungal cream still tucked in one of it's 47 pockets! Before I had a baby, it was option A. The best thing about having a baby might be that now my purse always has wetwipes in it.


D, but A for my lunch, but I really want to be a buys-a-purse-from-a-funky-Etsy-shop person but am so overwhelmed by the choices. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF CUTE FABRIC PURSES ON ETSY. THOUSAAAANNNNNNDS.


C forever, a brown Banana Republic satchel that I found at Ross for like 1/3 the price. I looked for the perfect bag for three years, and it's lasted me five. And the lining is blue and brown pinstripe!

Pretty sure the Klein Tools bags on the site linked in f were featured on a few style blogs a while back.


@kingstitcher And it has a cell phone pocket, a larger pocket, a zip pocket on the other side, and an interior tab with a snap to attach my keys. <3


My mom bought me a glorious large pleather bag from Modcloth for Christmas. But I also carry a tote bag to work for my lunch and work papers and extra sweater and I'm a bag lady, I know.


Lesbo here so I just carry my wallet in my back pocket, keys on a belt loop, and other stuff in other pockets. Used to like cross-body's but come on: nothing beats not carrying a bag.

fondue with cheddar

@Perham Small, cross-body purses are the only kind I will use. I would LOVE to not carry a purse, but the clothes I wear never have useable pockets. Sometimes I go without in the cold weather because of coat pockets.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Perham I'm with you on not having to carry a bag in general (wallet in pocket, phone in pocket), but for work I have so much stuff I need to have at all times that my Timbuktu bag works beautifully and has lasted years of mistreatment.


@Perham I am a tote bag lesbo but I must admit, when I ditch the stuff and just stick my wallet, keys, phone, and chapstick in my pocket it feels amazing. My problem is, I always want a book and an apple so tote bag it is.


I've had the same purse for seven years now, and I got it at REI, so if it does eventually wear out they'll replace it. But who am I kidding, I never use my purse. Pockets or backpack (if I have my backpack with me)


This! https://www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk/buy/the-classic/ is pretty much the first proper bag I've ever had, after years of free/cheap cotton totes that are just a soggy rectangle for stuff to get lost in. Keeps belongings and various collected papers dry in Manchester, fits my laptop in, goes with everything whilst not being too boring!


@Fissionchips I waaaant one of those, but I'm in the US and with the shipping and all I just can't justify spending that much on a bag.


@yrouttasight Yeah they aren't cheap, but are so versatile that you merely divide the price by 365 thereby justifying it! (mine was a very generous present though so I can't talk)


@Fissionchips Oooh, I just ordered the mint one from ModCloth and I have never before been so excited about a bag. I want to waterproof it.


@Fissionchips Nice! I'm using one of the oilcloth Cath Kidston bags (would link but it appears they don't sell it any more) for similar rainy Manchester reasons. *shakes fist at sky*

fondue with cheddar

Aren't those tool bags really stiff, though?

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@fondue with cheddar heh. HEY-YO!

fondue with cheddar

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I meant that literally, but I knew someone would jump on it. You're right on top of that double entendre. ;)


@fondue with cheddar Hey-yo indeed! But I also want to know if someone knows if they're really stiff, because I'm about 2 minutes away from buying one. I might buy one either way, actually.

fondue with cheddar

@Killerpants I don't know for sure, but I've seen similar bags and they're made out of that really heavy canvas, like sailcloth maybe? Worst case, you can use it as a super durable travel bag.


A cambridge satchel that you bought for yourself for your birthday, and that starts numerous conversations with strangers, usually gay men??


I guess mine is (a), but it's really a Lululemon bag I wear crossbody that carries my gym clothes, water bottle, shoes, lunch, iPad, wallet, and other assorted junk (lotion, contact solution, sunglasses, lip gloss) I can fit in the many many pockets of the bag.

If it's not a "go to the gym right after work" day, I carry a gray Belen Echandia purse that would fit under the (b) category. I can wear it crossbody if I use the extra strap, but it was a gift to myself for finishing grad school in 2009. Back then BE did "bespoke" bags so I picked the leather, the color, the lining, the placement of the zippers, and the color of the hardware. LOVE!

poke the peacock

This is my first comment although I have been a forever-lurker.  I just couldn't handle not replying on yet another post that READ MY MIND. I spent (lost?) hours last night trying to unearth bag treasures on eBay/Etsy.

I have been a b for almost five years. Unusual for me as I am a Destroyer of All Nice Things.

 Recently, I horrified the staff at the high-end store where my bag originated from. The judgmentally immaculate saleslady looked at me with accusing eyes as she inspected the ripped pocket linings...numerous stains on the inside and the torn-off strap. Then she quoted me a repair price that was exactly a third of my rent.

Now, I just want a classy looking leather bag I can love and abuse for years....


@poke the peacock welcome! I am also a Destroyer of Nice Things.

poke the peacock

@iceberg Thank you! I knew I would find others like me one day :)

- sent from my Nicephone with freshly cracked screen

oh! valencia

@poke the peacock bleh, I have one of those too. :(


I just bought my first "nice" bag (and I am old enough that this is kind of a sad thing). BUT! It was an insanely good deal - a leather Ralph Lauren bag for a quarter of its original price, spotted on a clearance table on my way out of the mall after I'd spent like two hours with a friend searching for a decent leather bag in my price range that didn't have A. big gold tacky hardware B. tons of logos and other gewgaws C. FRINGE or TASSELS or D. I don't know, a curse on it that would cause my tongue to fall out, become sentient and kill my family. I now have to figure out how to carry a "nice" bag and not lose it somewhere, throw it down onto surfaces inexplicably composed entirely of sandpaper-eque concrete, or spill liquids into it (all common ways previous purses have died). I am violently hard on handbags for reasons I do not understand. This is going to be interesting.
But it's so soft and perfect! It feels like baby skin! That's creepy, right? Yeah that was creepy.

poke the peacock

@Ialdagorth Congrats on your first Nice bag!

If you are anything like me, you will love and cherish it for a few months and then the honeymoon will be over and instead of carrying and using one of those attach-to-table purse holders (much to the amusement and ridicule of friends and family) you will defiantely fling it under the table and kick it/put your feet ontop/spill gin & tonics into it


I finally just came to terms with the fact that I am a big northwestern dork and bought a bag by Keen (http://www.keenfootwear.com/us/en/bags/). It's not even their coolest bag.


I swear by the Baggu Canvas Duck Bag. Washable and versatile. And there's a cell phone pocket inside, which makes it 100% better than most tote bags.

the angry little raincloud

@mannequinhands They're awesome! I have one of those, too (when not carrying the Filsons). I got hit on by a sexy art dealer while carrying mine. He had one, too, and I think he was amazed to see someone roaming around who was not carrying the it bag of the season.


@the angry little raincloud Yes! Baggu colors are great, too, and they currently have a fantastic nautical stripe version and a polka dot version. I'm trying to decide which one to get. (Both?)


I got a JW Hulme Legacy bag as a gift over the holidays and it is so perfect, it makes me want to cry. Big enough for everything, but not huge, pockets everywhere inside, and a strap that's easy to adjust to whatever length. It is the nicest thing that I own, which means that I am CONVINCED that something bad will happen to it/I'll destroy it/it'll get stolen.


h) A Cath Kidston crossbody messenger bag your sister bought you, that you love so much you bought in a second pattern, to be seasonally appropriate. You love them both an awful lot and never want to carry another bag as long as you live, for they are perfect.


I carry a monogrammed LL Bean tote. So I guess A, only like a half-step up from the unhinged bag lady look? It zips and stands on it own!

Queen Elisatits

B and a slight variation on B because I bought it at a Buffalo Exchange for super cheap. Also once you go crossbody you can't go back, I've tried and yeesh its terrible.


A really overpriced waxed canvas satchel you bought on Etsy that claimed it would adequately, if uncomfortably, hold your laptop and notebooks and Ms. Bento, which it does not. As a consequence it gets griped at regularly.

However, I am getting a Timbuk2 backpack as a belated Christmas present, which I am excited about! May it actually hold all my things so that it won't receive a daily helping of aggravated scorn.

the angry little raincloud

No love for Filson? I guess that makes me a cross between A and F. I get compliments ALL the time on my Filson zip-top tote and my new open-top black waxed tote. They're indestructible fuckers, too, and will survive Pompeiian-like explosions of curdled chocolate milk that may have gotten tucked into an outer pocket, forgotten for days, until disgusting curdled horror sprayed everywhere.

Anyway. Uh-hum. I really need the Clean Person book to come out really soon, because I am disgusting.

the angry little raincloud

Also, helpful hint: many of Patagonia's backpacks are perfectly sized for 6-packs of beer. Great if you rely on your bike for transportation to/from the grocery store!


"Not much"? "Not much"??? Someone please tell me who I am! If my choice of purse won't do it, perhaps we can talk about the lipstick colors I hoard in the bottom of my makeup drawer? Please??


Jane, I think a West Elm buyer is peepin' your columns for style inspiration so they can overcharge ridiculously for affordable stuff.

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