Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Viceroy's "This Is How We Do It" Remix

It's not an improvement on the original, because the original is transcendent and unimprovable-upon, but San Francisco producer Viceroy updates the Montell Jordan classic for summertime, which is right around the next four or five thousand corners. We last saw Viceroy doing the same for Mark Morrison (and a bunch more). The song is available as an MP3 in exchange for a Facebook "like."


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Roxanne Rholes

...thank you. Thank you so, so much.


I LOVE the Mark Morisson remix from last year, but this one sounds... exactly the same. Except not as good. Montell Jordan doesn't work as well with the incredibly similar samples Viceroy used for each of these remixes. Kinda disappointed, but I'll check out his other stuff.

Roxanne Rholes

Oh hey, also - am I just a dummy, or is it difficult to figure out where the volume control is on these things? I don't see it...


many thanks, Edith.


Remixing the whole thing is good. That seems to be a pretty good idea to have right there. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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