Thursday, February 21, 2013


Universal Book Titles

Princess Angry Needle. Final answer. No. 16 is good, too.

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Number 12, tho.


@stonefruit The best one!


Oh, I'm terrible at these.

"Like A book and lots of sparkles!"

"Wave at the Can-can dancer!"


@JanieS True story: I could not get Watership Down even after I said "Water boat down" to myself.


@JanieS I thought #4 was "Runaway Bride," and I was like, "was that a particularly popular novelization?"


@OhMarie I thought "sea boat down" to myself and then was really proud when Watership Down came to me.


@OhMarie Wave ship down, here.


This is heaven@n


I have an Android phone and reading that article brought back the same feelings I got when I was 14 and my mom said I couldn't have JNCOs. Forever not fitting in with the cool kids.


wut about umbros, tho?


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Definitely among the Umbro uninitiated. We shopped at Mervyn's.

sarah girl

@Emby You can get 3rd party texting apps that use Emoji!


I will never ever get tired of jokes about Brideshead Revisited.

Creature Cheeseman

I mentally read the second one as " grape grape grape WRATH"

Vera Knoop

@Creature Cheeseman My favorite new party game


I love these. The answers I came up with sounded like movie titles that were altered for foreign markets and then translated back into English. "Lady Dragon Gets Muscles", "Flower Girl Baby Monster", "Alien SARS Death", and "Hello Dancing Lady" were my faves--and of course everyone's new favorite super hero, "Bunny Man".

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