Thursday, February 21, 2013


Tiny Apartment Joust

It's interesting when a tiny home has a bed that needs to be pulled or folded out each night (or at least on a regular basis), especially when the rest of the home is so fancy.

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Did anyone else see the story on the Awl yesterday about the UK's Shed of the Year contest? SHEDS!!!

Angry Panda

@Amphora Did you look at the slideshow? The sheds are amazing. All I want in life is to have my own Tiny House/shed one day.


@Angry Panda The funniest one was the picture of the greenhouse and the shed made to match the greenhouse.

fondue with cheddar

@Angry Panda I want one really badly, too! My boyfriend and I talk about it all the time. He actually used to build sheds for a living!

His mom has a large swath of as-yet-undeveloped land in rural Canada, and she's given him permission to build a house on it. And you can bet it will be a Tiny House!

Angry Panda

@fondue with cheddar I tried to convince my parents to let me build a shed when we'd finally move in to our own house when I was a child, but by the time we did move, I was ready to leave for college.
@Amphora Yes, the lonely greenhouse that needed a companion shed! :-)

fondue with cheddar

@Angry Panda Aww, I'm sorry you never got the chance! I never outgrew forts, and a shed or tiny house is the perfect grownup version of one.


I want one.


Thanks for sharing@y


Ok, does anyone else want to be Ms. Horowitz? Because while most of the stuff outlined in the slideshow would come off as absurd and out-of-touch if her pied-a-terre were a 6-room on the park, it comes off as kind of awesome because she was [presumably] semi-logical with her real estate spending and just filled her tiny house with beautiful things. I want to keep my "city clothes" in the closet there and have a SHOE PANTRY and gorgeous chairs upholstered in Belgian linen! And then, I still like her because I COULD have that lucite coffee table from CB2 and a tile backsplash from Home Depot (but seriously, I want those Belgian linen chairs).


I have a friend who owns a studio condo in the Back Bay neighborhood in Boston. Like these folks, he did a total gut renovation of it (unlike these folks, he lives there full-time). What he's got in there is a Murphy bed, which is actually pretty ingenious.


HA! I lived in a 250 sq ft studio with a boyfriend in NYC-no amount of clever renovations makes these seems as spacious as a nice magazine spread. HELL.


@hotdog Was it in the Bronx right off the 1 train and did you have a loft bed with a desk underneath it? Do I know you???

Quick Brown Fox

You guys!!! I think I might have convinced my fiancé to build me a tiny house. Oh please please please. Fingers crossed!

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