Thursday, February 14, 2013


Thursday Medley

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,–
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."

Good morning! Pulling from the cauldron today: news that American Airlines and US Airways have become a couple; a James Blake remix that's pretty good but not as good as the regular new James Blake song; an enchanting compilation of love and marriage statistics; a Bloody Mary recipe with sriracha (right?! oh my god); several nautical-pun e-Valentine cards; and Sarah Hepola's tale of love and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

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And now I'm earwormed with that sing-songy 'Double double toil and trouble' from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...

Also, sriracha!! IN EVERYTHING!!


@Scandyhoovian "Barspoon" of sriracha is just fancytalk for "as much as you want," right? Just like "one ounce" of vodka?


My husband just told me that he read in a trade magazine that their market share has skyrocketed over the last couple years.

Sriracha. It's so hot right now.

Pun not intended, but I'll stand by it.


@Scandyhoovian A friend of mine made sriracha-candied bacon recently.


OH MY GOD. Best idea ever, or best idea ever?


holy shit, thank you for putting these up!@a


1) Not into JGL, sorry, just don't get it, but
2) I get this: It’s not that I actually believed those celebrities knew me (that would be nuts), but it’s more like: If we did happen to meet, through some quirk of the universe, we would definitely get along, and
3) This is just great: We talked till midnight. Time was a sinkhole; I had no idea so many hours had passed. By this point, I was about 40 percent sure it wasn’t really Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I admired the performance, and I wanted to make whoever it was felt like he was doing a good job.
4) the ending to that story is so goooooood.


So of course the question is, which celebrities would totally be your friends if you met them through a quirk of the universe?


@PatatasBravas Kyle MacLachlan just seems pretty rad. Otherwise maybe I could probably hang with Kristen Bell and just cry about sloths?


I'm sure I have better answers than this, but I immediately thought that Rashida Jones and I could have some epic nights with a movie and a few beers.


@PatatasBravas It's probably really trendy to say Jennifer Lawrence, but I think she'd be fun to hang out with. Also, Mindy Kaling.


@Melis and Kstew, duh.

raised amongst catalogs

@NeverOddOrEven When I become friends with Amy Poehler, maybe the four of us can hang out!


@raised amongst catalogs I really, really would love to be friends with Rachel Maddow. Really, really, really. We could drink together! She does COCKTAILS on her NEWS SHOW I just. Hearty-eyes.


@PatatasBravas I am totally in love with JGL (we are close in age and I was also in love with him as a preteen when he was on 3rd Rock) and this was the greatest story.

The collective casts of Parks and Recreation and Downton Abbey all seem like they are really cool and have a lot of fun together.

Hot Doom

@PatatasBravas I think Connie Britton's hair and I would get along famously, but maybe more like in a mentor-protegée type of "thing".


@PatatasBravas I can't even think about who I would be friends with due to the fact that everyone I WANT to be friends with is infinitely cooler than me (basically everyone already named on this thread).


@PatatasBravas Andy Samberg. Especially since I recently found out he's been dating Joanna Newsom for years. It solidified my long-standing belief that we could totally hang out.


Sriracha is indispensable, but what really changed the bloody mary game for me was pickle juice and bacon salt. I'll never look back.


It's gross on it's own, and in concept, but the best recipes always have a little Clamato.


@hallelujah Horseradish vodka for me.

Bacon salt I can envision, but please say more about the pickle juice.

dj pomegranate

@hallelujah You are correct about the pickle juice!

Now I want a bloody mary.


@TheLetterL Ooooh I believe that. Just add a splash (or a shit ton, if you're me) right from the jar, it makes it so refreshing!


@dj pomegranate I never don't want a bloody mary.

Hot Doom

@TheLetterL Horseradish vodka, oh my! That sounds amazing.

My favorite bloody mary maker always makes it in a pint glass and starts by muddling a couple cloves of garlic in the bottom of the glass and then removes them before adding all the other stuff.


@hallelujah Excellent. Next time, pickle juice it is.

@everyone If horseradish vodka seems like your thing, it could not be easier to do. It is literally the only fancy cocktail thing I do: Wash, peel, chop, pour, cover, sit for three to five days, and strain. Tasty!


@NeverOddOrEven Using Clamato instead of tomato juice pretty much makes it a Caesar, which I did not know existed until I moved to Canada


How magical were these@y


Hot off the Twitter: Idris Elba wishing you (yes, you!) a Happy Valentine's Day. Or as he puts it, "Happy Love Day, ladies."

Judith Slutler

@area@twitter well HELLO THERE sideways Idris Elba!


@Emmanuelle Cunt Sideways, tiny video, in a baseball cap. And yet. That VOICE.


@area@twitter ...Idris Elba is on twitter!? How did I not KNOW?


@area@twitter DAY: MADE.


@area@twitter *swoon*


@area@twitter He should always have facial hair.

Neve Garrett

I really hope I get one of those nautical valentines today.


@Natalie Eve I love these so much I'm sending them to Mr TARDIStime even though in the Antipodes, V-Day was yesterday.


"Love" wins out over "making a lifelong commitment"??? That's kind of stunning. 28% is also a startlingly high percentage of people who believe "that each person in the universe has only one true love". What else do I not understand about fellow Americans' opinions and attitudes?

fondue with cheddar

@Sallymander Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me. "I would like to get married for the purpose of being married?"

Actually, do I know of people who have done that. It's kind of sad, really.


@Sallymander Maybe think making that commitment to a specific person is the important thing? Presumably your level of love doesn't change post-marriage, but it is a way of making a commitment. It's pretty confusingly worded though.


So now four airlines control 83% of the US market share, but my loyalty will always be to Porter, the ONLY good airline on this continent.

polka dots vs stripes

@Amphora where's the Trust Buster Teddy Roosevelt when you need him??


@polka dots vs stripes Glad I'm not the only one who immediately thinks of Teddy Roosevelt upon reading of a corporate merger!


@Amphora Can the new name for the mashup airline be Us, Americans?


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