Monday, February 25, 2013


Things of Dennis Hopper's You Could Have Owned

...had you been quicker on the draw to peruse his estate sale, hosted by One King's Lane. The sale ends Tuesday, but most of the good stuff has already been snapped up.

So, you know, death comes for us all. And then people go through your things. Sobering.

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fondue with cheddar

Poetic Works of Michael Madsen? Poetic Works of Michael Madsen.


@fondue with cheddar Apparently, it was a bargain. The book is going for $24.99 on Amazon with only 2 left. "This 10 year Anniversary Special Edition of Michael Madsen's poetry is six books in one: The Complete Works includes previously unavailable books: "Beer, Blood & Ashes," "Eat the Worm," and "Burning in Paradise"--plus, now out of print "A Blessing of the Hounds" and "46 Down: A Book of Dreams & Other Ramblings," in addition to new selections from "When Pets Kill," with over 50 photos."

fondue with cheddar

@WineRanger I am strangely intrigued.


$19 for an old copy of Vanity Fair? Does that mean we should've sold my grandfather's NatGeos instead of throwing them away?


Thank you ! I'm gonna try this tonight.@n


I saw this pop up on my One King's Lane emails, but didn't check it out! Now I really really wish I had though because that Las Vegas cookie jar is PERFECTION. I feel like I've discovered some new but excruciating form of buyer's remorse.


@pterodactgirl Then again, I would not have been able to afford $75 even for the most perfect cookie jar ever created so maybe it's all moot.

Nicole Cliffe

Oh, thank God you get those emails too. I once bought this adorable old-timey picnic set with all the little containers and thingies, and I got a good deal on my kitchen buffet and an etching. I would totally have bought Dennis Hopper's cookie jar.


@Nicole Cliffe One King's Lane is so effective at getting me to buy things. Maybe it's because a lot of the things seems so cheap before I remember about shipping? I'm not sure how they do it, but so far somehow over the past 6 months they've convinced me to purchase: 2 throws (at different times), a mortar and pestle (because this is something I will obv use every day), a tablecloth, lasagna dish, eight (wee) ramekins, a cutting board (this is legit awesome), and most unforgiveably a side table that was the wrong height because I measured lazily. I have a problem.


Dennis Hopper died?


I go to tag sales and estate sales almost every weekend (because I am a voyeur in regards to people's stuff/houses and also love cheap old things) but nothing I have ever seen compares to the glory of Dennis Hopper's things.

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