Thursday, February 21, 2013


Thin Mints Popcorn and Other Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

What! This lady is talking madness. There is one with fish.


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Step 1. Open box of cookies.
Step 2. Take out a cookie and put it in your mouth.
Step 3. Chew and swallow it.
Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until box is empty.

There! All done.


@Emby Step .5: Freeze box of cookies.

Seriously though, frozen Thin Mints and Trefoils are MAGICAL.


@cei-face Frozen Thin Mints ice cream sandwiches!


@cei-face I've never heard of anyone freezing trefoils, but I have exactly one sleeve of Girl Scout cookies left, and they are trefoils, so I will have to try this!


@KeLynn They just do this delicious melty-cold thing that I can't even begin to describe. YOU GOTTA DO IT

or Elsa!

@Emby Or, if somebody [*cough, cough, my husband] ordered Mango Cremes with NutriFusion INSTEAD OF THIN MINTS WHAT THE HELL without thinking about the enormity of that act:
Step 1. Realize third box is NOT GODDAMNED THIN MINTS WHAT THE HELL.
Step 2. Confirm with The Fella that this is not a sad mistake, that there are in fact no Thin Mints coming, not now, not ever, not for another year.
Step 3. Open box, sniff suspiciously at cookies.
Step 4. Tip these atrocities into the bin. Eat half a box of Caramel DeLites.
Step 5. Wait a whole year, starting today.


I was excited about thin mint popcorn but that is not a real recipe people. That is also a very poorly edited fake recipe, it doesn't even say what to do with the thin mints beside roughly chop (one assumes mix into the sugar with the popcorn).

side not: had white chocolate peppermint popcorn during christmas season, it was amazing.


@Onymous That sounds amazing. Did you buy it, or make it? And if you made it, recipe pleeeeeease?


@Es I bought it, which is why I was excited about a possible recipe.


@Onymous I am going to have to make one up then, because now I've heard of it I cannot rest until I've tried it.


i see, it's fake.. oh well...


Something to learn from these@n




oh my god noooooooooo


@christonacracker If I imagine your avatar saying this, it makes sense.


@christonacracker swordfish and oreos

raised amongst catalogs

@christonacracker Marshmallow Pinwheel-encrusted salmon.


@raised amongst catalogs chips ahoy stuffed tuna steaks


@christonacracker Oysters Keeblerfeller


@PistolPackinMama : Nutter Butter Snapper. Catfish Milano.


@collier oh, ish to the Milano one.


@PistolPackinMama : I really think "Oysters Keeblerfeller" is pretty unbeatable.

And oddly, I am totally craving both fried fish and cookies right now. But not together, because I am not FUCKING INSANE.


@collier Anchovy Doubl-Stuf. Zebra Fishcake.


While the bourbon balls, don't sound very good (but much less horrifying then cookie stuffing), I am now tempted to find a way to combine booze and Samoas. And then become a alcoholic version of the Cookie Monster.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@LacunaKale "CooooOOOOkies! Me love *hiccup* cookies. I should call ex and tell how much I love coookies and ex...*sob*"


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Me think Elmo is a dick. Me go to his house and *passes out*


@LacunaKale See, and now I'm imagining Duck Philips!Cookie Monster trying to take a shit on Elmo's chair. Except it's Oscar the Grouch's chair.


@LacunaKale Smoosh up a few Samoas (some big chunks, some crumby bits), mix into vanilla milkshake (ideally homemade because, c'mon, let's do this shit right), also mix bourbon and (if you're really into a sugar coma) some (homemade!) salted caramel sauce into said milkshake. BOOM Bourbon Vanilla Samoa Milkshake that probably deserves a catchier name.
Alternatively, you could just use them as a garnish for a Manhattan, instead of the Maraschino Cherry.

Dirty Hands

@Jinxie waaaaaaaant


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Remember, Cookie Monster, like cookies, exes are a sometimes food.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@PistolPackinMama (Delicious.)


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yeah, and they makes it easy to Let's Move. By heading in the direction of the kitchen/bedroom.


I thought this was another one of those how-to-bake-Girl-Scout-cookies-at-home things and was wondering how you work fish into making Samoas, so my relief is palpable.


@frigwiggin This also reminded me that my friend's mom probably has some cookie boxes for me to pick up! They keep raising the prices and shrinking the cookies, but the Scouts are a pretty rad org and I'm happy to support. (Although I guess I could do that with an actual donation, instead of giving them cookie money which probably gets shaved off by the cookie manufacturers, but whatever. *hugs Do-si-dos*)

Coal Tar Epoxy

@frigwiggin I'm not sure how it's broken up in the States, but in Canada the individual units keep about a third in profit from cookie sales. Provincial and National also get a cut, which goes towards program and to help covering registration for girls who couldn't otherwise afford it. So keep buying cookies and ask how much the units get to keep in profit, the costs should be transparent.

Nellie, the Dickensian Factory Urchin

Some poor kid out there is all "Ughh mom do we have to go to Auntie Doreen's for Thanksgiving every year? she makes me eat her weirdass girl scout cookie stuffing and her bourbon balls have RAISINS in them."


Nnoooooooooo. Not even if I could still eat Girl Scout cookies. Noooooooooooo.


@JanieS These are not recipes. These are horrible things that happened in the mind of someone who has lived too long in some really scary corner of suburbia.


@JanieS pinterest via NPR


@JanieS Right?! I was horrified by the first few, and when we got to bourbon balls, I thought "Oh, those might be okay. How does one screw up bourbon balls?" And then I saw she added raisins, and I went "Oh. So that's how."


mmmmmm bourrrrrbon


@whizz_dumb Bourbon is for drinking, not for tainting with RAISINS.


@JanieS "I received a really expensive bottle of bourbon as a gift. I was told, 'Drink it. Don't use it in any of those crazy recipes you make.' You can use an inexpensive brand for this recipe, but know I'll be using the good stuff." YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE GIFT OF BOURBON, CRAZY LADY.


@JanieS Her misuse of bourbon is driving me to drink even more bourbon than I was driving home to drink anyway.

the roughest toughest frail

@JanieS The vanilla sandwich-cookie encrusted fish raised red flags, but that anecdote tipped her into the "certifiable" category.


@JanieS *gives hard side-eye to article writer*
*pours bourbon*
*does not put raisins in bourbon*
*pours more bourbon*


@JanieS Where does she live? I feel like we should gather a posse to rescue the good bourbon from her house.


I think I'm gonna have a Girl Scout Lemon Cookie Tilapia filet with a Girl Scout bourbon ball chaser. And then I threw up inside my stomach.


They wouldn't even do this on Chopped.

Atheist Watermelon



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