Tuesday, February 5, 2013


"They said they tied balloons NEAR the truck."

Right when this starts to get good, it gets better, and then it gets weird, and then it lifts off into space, it is too strange and perfect to exist. Goodbye, video about feuding neighbors.

More info here.


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Ah, Virginia Beach, don't ever change.

Oh, squiggles

@katiemcgillicuddy Is this supposed to be typical of Virginia Beach? Because I grew up there, and I'm not sure I remember this...


@Absurd Bird
never been to virginia beach, what's it like out there?


@Absurd Bird There are some really nice spots down there, but I've also experienced some particularly colorful places/people down around that way, more generally the eastern part of VA/MD. My shot was a little too general, sorry about that.

Oh, squiggles

@katiemcgillicuddy Oh, I wasn't offended or anything, I just wanted to know if I was missing out on more crazy than I realized!


Oh, my god...@n


I think this reaches the next level when there's some sort of something about someone moving a grotesque troll lawn ornament near someone's property line. What is even going on.

fondue with cheddar

@TheBelleWitch Passive-aggresiveness at its best!


So what have we all learned here today?

That reacting to someone's assholery with your own brand of assholery greater than or equal to their own, just makes you all a bunch of assholes.


Your description has me convinced that I'm about to watch the entirety of Big Man Japan. (Anybody? God, that was a weird movie.)


Wenger said she has no plans to remove her sign. Joanne and her husband have no plans to move.

So, STALEMATE!, I guess? These people, just, wow.


Funny how Joanne's husband was not interviewed in any of this and I'm assuming he's the instigator of much of the swearing, feuding, golf balls, etc. Joanne, DTMFA.


@phipsi Yeah. Disputes between a couple of families are one thing, but if your whole neighborhood hates you at that level, it's time to check yourself. And dump him.

We had an unbelievable neighbor when I was growing up. We lived in a very hilly neighborhood and our backyards ran down into a canyon. This neighbor was downhill from us. Over the years (in no particular order, but in my my memory starting about when I was 3) he:

1. Planted a 60 foot tall butt-ugly banana tree to block the view from my house.

2. Set up a ladder on his side of the retaining wall that defined the property line between the houses and spent hours staring into our windows, and at the side of the house, forcing us to keep the curtains closed if we wanted any privacy. Because of the steep hill we lived on, those were the only windows in the house. This was the early '70s. If he's still living, he's probably got much better surveillance gear now.

3. Beat the crap out of my grandfather (cops were called, neighbor was arrested).

4. Over several years literally undercut our property in the canyon with a wheelbarrow and a pickaxe, causing the foundation to crack. By the time I was in high school there was a two inch wide crack in the ceiling in my bedroom from where the back half of the house was falling into the canyon.

The lawsuits started when I was a child and continued until I was in my twenties. My parents couldn't sell the house because of the lawsuits and no sane person would buy with what we had to disclose.

To her credit, his wife left when I was about 5. She and their kids did continue to live in the neighborhood and were always friendly to us. He got worse.

My father was suicidal for a good portion of my life because of all the stress.

I have nothing but empathy for those neighbors. It's been 25 years since I lived there, and probably 5 since I even thought about him, but I'm in a murderous rage right now just thinking about it. OY.


i can't watch the video, but i read the linked article. it makes little sense.


Can we talk about how someone tying balloons on your truck is actually ...not a terrible thing at all? I mean, even if the neighbors had meant that as a "cruel prank", in Joanne's place, I would have been like "Sweet. Balloons!". Or I would have just cut them off my car and given them to like, neighborhood children. I just...balloons tied on a car should not a civil suit make, ya know? Some of us have bills to pay.

fondue with cheddar

She is right about one thing: she shouldn't have to be belated.

Judith Slutler

oh my god

I am never going to buy a house

Imagine living on this street!!!


"It's hate speech."


SMDH at everyone involved, including the reporters.

Lumpy Space Princess

Oh man, did you see this in the comments? Of course it's hard to verify truthfulness from "Anonymous" commentor, but it sure does make the story richer/juicier/way more terrifying (especially the part about the kids. ergh.)

"You have no idea. The Ingalls moved into this neighborhood about 10 years ago and within a year they started targeting a family that lived across the street from them, not the Wengers.
The family had a little girl, I think 9 years old at the time. Mr. Ingalls started photographing her when she was outside playing. Then he started photographing all of the children at the bus stop. When the police were called we were told that he was not breaking any laws because it was public property/view.
Then the Ingalls mounted a big spolight on the front of their house and pointed it at the family's living room window to shine all day and night. Then came a camera with ultra sensitive sound recording
pointed at the family's home, not for protection of their property but for harrassment.

The Ingalls never achieved the retaliation they were looking for. They then went to the VB magistrates office and swore out approx. 7 warrants( unfounded ) for the mothers arrest, to be exacuted on Christmas Eve, she was taken to jail in front of her 2 young children for Christmas. They continued the judicial harrassment until the judges at the courthouse refused to hear any of the Ingalls cases.
The family had no choice but to move from the place they had lived for 20+ years.

Other neighbors tried to intervine. One man was jailed and lost his job and house (also 2 children in the home).
People from all over the neighborhood went to a meeting at the police station, (we were all scared and potential targets), to see what could be done to stop these people. We were told there was nothing that could be done, that the Ingalls were walking the razors
edge of the law and that they had done it twice before and made a substantial amount of money by sueing.

Other harrassments that I am aware of: Trying to have the mail carrier fired for stopping to talk to people on his route.
Trying to have the lady next doors dog euthanized.
The list goes on and on. We as a neighborhood have turned the other cheek so often that we have whiplash. On the surface, Janine's actions may seem petty, but I am sure that this is just the straw that broke the camels back and she is just trying to cope with some sense of humor."


@Lumpy Space Princess ...holy shit.


She got me thinking when she tearfully asked "how you would feel, coming home and seeing...that". I thought I wouldn't give a shit. And that would be once I'd noticed it, which would take at least a month.

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