Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The World Has Spoken

In Monopoly news, the iron token is out, and a cat token is in, although neither changes that it's a miserable, endless game for lunatics.


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I'm upset by this. Now we have two house-pets and they throw the whole balance of the pieces off.


this basically defines my life@n


My mum has a vintage Italian Monopoli set with wooden pieces, most of them are missing, but there was a mushroom and a chianti bottle. Wasn't there also a vintage car piece in the regular set?


*Grumpy cat rolls his eyes and crawls into a box*


Noooo, not the iron! It has such a cute little handle! Great for moving!

fondue with cheddar

@xx-xx-xx Seriously! Why would they remove the iron and leave the thimble? Nobody wants to be the thimble.

fondue with cheddar

And the stupid wheelbarrow always falls over!


@xx-xx-xx Right? Or get rid of the top hat. Who uses top hats these days? EVERYONE uses irons.

fondue with cheddar

@Ophelia My friend wore a top hat to senior prom!


@fondue with cheddar But I like the wheelbarrow for being able to do the imaginary-wheeling movement around the board.

I would support getting rid of the thimble, it's a totally boring shape... although a little fun to wear on your pinkie finger. And same with the top hat! Pinkie hats forever! Damnit, I need all the original monopoly pieces! Never change anything from my childhood ever!!!


@Ophelia I wear a top hat during sex.


@Slutface In that case, you win.

Heat Signature

@fondue with cheddar Um, I love being the thimble. Or at least, I did when I was ten, which is the last time I played Monopoly.


@Ophelia Instead of using an iron, I put things in the dryer.

fondue with cheddar

@xx-xx-xx I stopped liking the thimble when my pinky got too big for it.


@Ophelia I LOVE THE TOP HAT. I don't mind the thimble.


@Ophelia how dare you. the top hat is the best!

maybe...the cat could WEAR the top hat?!

fondue with cheddar

@narwhalsandwich ...while riding in the wheelbarrow being pushed by the racecar?!


@fondue with cheddar I love the thimble! I breathed a sigh of relief when I read "iron" & not "thimble"!! (notthatIeverplaythisgame&Idon'tknowhowIevenrememberwhatpeiceIpreferred)


@fondue with cheddar PERFECTION

fondue with cheddar

@narwhalsandwich And then the dog shows up wearing the thimble on his head, distracting the cat and making him crash into the battleship, and they all go flying. The officer cowboy comes and puts the boot on the battleship because it's illegally parked.


@fondue with cheddar then the cat with the top hat wins $10 in the beauty contest, obvi.

fondue with cheddar

@narwhalsandwich That is one dapper feline.

fondue with cheddar

I still have my family's old set that was probably from the seventies. I was always disappointed that there was a dog but never a cat (we had a cat). I would usually play the dog, and any time my dad moved my piece for me, he would make a high-pitched "woof" for each space as he counted along. I suppose if it had been a cat the meowing would have been less cute and more annoying.


@fondue with cheddar Aw, that's adorable. MORE FAMILY STORIES PLZ

fondue with cheddar

@frigwiggin My dad is adorkable. When engrossed in something, the rest of the world would completely cease to exist, so you could talk to him (and about him) without him realizing it. I can recall numerous occasions when he would be on the recliner, watching TV, and my brother and I would watch his feet. Because when he was engrossed and something happened that he particularly liked or amused him, he would wiggle his feet, like they were doing a little happy dance. So my brother and I would watch his feet and try to predict when his feet would wiggle.


Not gonna lie, the best thing about this morning has been A Clean Person's twitter rage about removing the EMINENTLY USEFUL iron and replacing it with a REVOLTING CAT.


@anachronistique That is such a good point.


@anachronistique Also cats have been known to steal board game pieces and hide them under couches. Why would board games pander to them?


@anachronistique Irons are useful, yes, but irons don't lick my face and curl up in the crook of my neck to go to sleep at night. I'll just be over here being revolting in my own little corner.

Though I will say, it would make more sense (and be more adorable) if all the pieces were random inanimate objects and none of them were living things. Other board games use living things (mainly people) as the pieces - Monopoly should revel in it's uniqueness.

Faintly Macabre

I have had multiple people here ask me if Monopoly exists in America.

"Yes, it's American. It's from New Jersey." *blank stares*

Also, dog all the way!


@Faintly Macabre I actually got into an argument with an English friend about the origins of Monopoly. He was convinced it was a British game because the property names were places in London. INCORRECT, SIR.

fondue with cheddar

@Faintly Macabre Monopoly: the original Boardwalk Empire.


How did stupid shoe stay over iron, which you could use to pretend to iron things? Also, robot was so much cooler than cat. This is what's wrong in America.


This is what happens when I don't vote.


I am a terrible cheater in Monopoly bc I hateeeee it. I like to think of it as my one woman stand against capitalism. everyone else thinks I'm an asshole.


@cd Fun fact: Monopoly was originally created to illustrate the evils of capitalism, more or less. So you're not cheating, you're doing your patriotic duty!


Shoulda been a chicken.


I am not surprised by any of these developments.


The addition of the cat throws off my whole Wizard of Oz interpretation of the pieces:
car - auto industry
thimble - textile industry
wheelbarrow - agriculture
iron - domestic workers
boot - Army
battleship - Navy
Scottie dog - Country Gentry

What does the cat represent?? Without the domestic iron piece, you lose the balance between the governing class and the proletariat!


@Amphora What about the horse? ("Cowboy", I guess, but who cares who's riding the horse?)


@Amphora What about the horse? ("Cowboy", I guess, but who cares who's riding the horse?)


@Amphora Cat represents the internet, obvs.

ayo nicole

I HATE THIS! I love the iron!


If you play by the actual, honest-to-betsy rules as laid out in official rule book, it's actually not very endless and lasts maybe an hour or so.

happy go lucky scamp

@Emby i played monopoly last christmas with my boyfriend, his sister, and her fiance.
all three families played different rules, and it was crazy discovering what they thought were actual rules.
They then realised that may have been the reason all my boyfriend's family monopoly games ended in rage and someone tipping the board over.


The robot token was so awesome. I'm a fan of cats, but really America? You choose making meowing noises with every move over making robot noises? Weak sauce.

fondue with cheddar

@LacunaKale ROBOT CAT.

Also when was there a robot?!


@fondue with cheddar Robot was one of the new choices, but cat got chosen

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg I see. That's a tough choice. Of course, you could always just use silver spray paint on any tiny thing and make it a Monopoly piece. Problem solved!


has anyone watched the Monopoly documentary? it's crazyyyyy.


No fewer than two people have alerted me to this news. They either really love Monopoly or know that I really love cats.



This seems like an appropriate place to mention to Baltimore-area 'Pinners that you should come drink and play board games this Saturday.

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