Friday, February 1, 2013


The Week of January 28 - February 1

In case you missed it...

- Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet.

- So you're at singles yoga...

- Hello, Dante.

- "Why do we suspect our boyfriend might be fake?" An analysis.

- Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work.

- "See if you can decipher this abbreviation: OMG IWUIM."

- So We're Not Going to Live Happily Ever After.

- Memories of Pride and Prejudice.

- Eight days alone in London.

- Nicole Cliffe, who smells like the low tide, often reads the Times' Sunday Styles section. (JUST KIDDING, she smells wonderful!)

- "Remember how pre-apocalypse, everyone was talking “helicopter moms”? That’s not true here; you’ll never find two more relaxed moms than Lori and Carol."

Enjoy the weekend, the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, Groundhog Day, and everything else, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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Is that really a corn stalk?! I'm not incredibly scientific, but those cells look like fat cells to me...

raised amongst catalogs

@wee_ramekin I can find out for you, if you want. I have a field full of corn stubble and I also have a microscope. Just say the word and tomorrow when the sun comes out, I will bring in a piece of cornstalk and Run Some Tests on it.


@raised amongst catalogs THE WORD!

raised amongst catalogs

@wee_ramekin Ha! Ok, I just put a reminder in my phone for the morning. It says "Cornstalk microscope," which sounds like a T.Rex lyric.

She got a cornstalk microscope hay-lo...

raised amongst catalogs

@wee_ramekin An unexpected houseguest yesterday kept me out of the corn stubble. I did not forget about you! Even though actual sciencey people have commented below, I am still going to do my experiment and report back to you about what I saw.


@raised amongst catalogs Hahaha, you're so cool! You are also fulfilling the dreams I had as a wee-er_ramekin: living in the country and having ~*~my very own~*~ microscope :).


LOL, fat cells, that's just hilarious!


@mcleodglen ?

Here's what fat cells look like:

They look alike to me! However, my anatomy class was two years ago, and other Pinners have pointed out that those are definitely corn cells. But! The similarities are there.

Edith Zimmerman

@wee_ramekin Uh oh. The place I got it from called it "maize - microscopic view of stalk 1" so that's what I went by, but also I am an idiot and have no actual idea about any of this! I am sorry if it is wrong!


@Edith Zimmerman Do not fear! @ama identified it definitively as corn down below :).


That picture.@n

Lost penguin

I think that is cellulose staining blue (not cellulite) so vegetable rather than animal.


This is definitely a cross-section of a monocot: which corn is. The reddish cells are the xylem and phloem. Oh my god, I'm the nerdiest!


@ama I remember xylem and phloem! but this just looks like pretty bubbles to me.

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